UFO Incident North Shrewsbury

Local Ufologist Darren Perks gives us further details of last nights UFO incident.

Between 2315 and 2340 hours on 21/11/2012 North of Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK. There was a UFO incident that was witnessed by myself and 14 other people. The object moved around unawares to the RAF and civilian authorities before disappearing over countryside approx 7 miles North of Shrewsbury. This object was slow moving and made no sound at an approx altitude of 2000 to 3000 ft.

I made queries with the various channels as to what this was and if it was known, I contacted the RAF, NATS, CAA and MoD. None of them know what it was or who it belonged to. Below is a copy of an email confirmation form our the local airbase RAF Shawbury. After that is my brief email report to the various channels makiing and enquiry. The image is what I drew straight after witnessing the object:

My brief email report sent to RAF,NATS,CAA and then the MoD:

"Dear Sirs

I wouldn't normally contact you over unknown aircraft or objects, but I have have received 14 witness reports of the same object from yesterday evening in the Shrewsbury, Baschurch, and Wem areas. I think it may be of interest to you, and if you can shed some light on this that would be great. I witnessed this one myself along with my partner so I think it's worth looking at etc. Attached is a map to help you understand where this aircraft or object moved and a diagram from myself of what I could see through the binoculars and with our own eyes when it was over my location.

Yesterday evening at approx 2315 hours, I was made aware of an object moving from south to north over Shrewsbury at an altitude of approx 2000 to 3000 ft. These initial reports came from members of the public who emailed me and called me whilst they were observing this object, to say that it was unlike any fixed wing or rotary aircraft they had seen and the nav lights were 'strange'. I went outside to view this object through a pair of 10x50 binoculars and my Pulsar 550 night vision monocular, shortly after 2315 hours.

Moving overhead in clear sky from south to north, were two rectangle shaped solid white lights with another light that flashed irregular just in front of them but central to the two solid lights. Inbetween the lights I can only describe it as a 'mass' of some sort, as I could see no defined structure but it was dark in colour. There was no engine noise and the object was slow moving. There were no other aircraft in the immediate area and in fact the nearest aircraft was a civil airliner moving way to the south at a much higher altitude.

The object moved away from the north of Shrewsbury out towards the Harmer Hill area, where it banked to the left and moved across west of Harmer Hill. The two solid white ligths remina whilst conductiing this turn but the irregular flashing light which was white and blue in colour, seemed to move to the back of the two other lights. The object then moved in a north west direction at the same altitude, before conducting another turn to what I deem as the Grinshill and Clive area. It then moved in a north east or easterly direction before it ascended slightly then blinked out and disappeared.

I observed this object through my binoculars and night vision device for approx 20 minutes.

I contacted NATS and the CAA and then the Military Low Flying Line, to report this which I did at approx 2345 hours. This morning at 0705 hours I spoke to Ops at Shawbury who said that no reports had come in but that they needed more information on this and this was 'concerning'.

Here is a link to my Google map showing the are of movement: http://goo.gl/maps/0lX33

I have experience of aircraft and this was not any fixed wing or rotary aircraft I can think of especially with strnage nav lights described above. If this was civilian, then surely they should have reported the fact that they were traversing the area at that altitude and be sqwarking? This was not a satelite as it was too low and certainly no blimp, glider, microlight or ultralight.

If you could look at the NATS/CAA recordings and the Clee Hill radar tapes then hopefully something will show up there. If not then this is cleary an unidentified flying object freely moving around unauthorised in British airspace.

Please let me know how you get on and if you can update me that would great.


Darren Perks


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You State:

"I observed this object through my binoculars and night vision device for approx 20 minutes."

Well, this is a turn up for the books!!! The NEW GENERATION of UFOLOGISTS appears to have already screwed up!

You claim to always carry Photographic Gear with you. You were in a position to WATCH the object through your NIGHT VISION OPTICS and BINOCULARS.

You're telling me that during a TWENTY MINUTE SIGHTING you did not have presence of mind as an EXPERIENCED AND RESPECTED INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCHER to LAY hand to a CAMERA?? Funny, I thought you have an Iphone.... No Camera?

If I'm not mistaken you're well on your way to the bottom of the heap. Instead of investigating, you lodge a report with MULTIPLE AGENCIES?? Investigator. I think not!!!!!

This bloke commenting here is the muppet that was on the UK UFO website trying to riducle Darren. Love Shrewsbury take no notice if this guy has any sense he would have read why he Darren did not have access to a camera and why his iphone could not capture this object. Some people are just jealous, seems like G Mander is feeling left out...

Darren does a great job, ignore the idiot comments from people like G M. Just another idiot preaching their own gospel trying in the hope of ruining another. It's people like you that no one listens too pal.