New Year, New You! Get Pro-active in 2013!

New Year, New You…Get pro-active in 2013!

Forget about any disappointments you may have had when job hunting in the previous year because a new year means a new slate and it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat and make 2013 a much more successful year for you.

It may be that you don’t know where exactly to start from; well here are some tips into getting motivated, focused, organised and prepared for the job hunting and job securing process in 2013!

7 tips on landing a job in the New Year:

1. Keep your CV updated – During the holidays you may have done some voluntary experience or even took up a new hobby/interest or learnt a new skill, if so, make sure to record it on your CV as these elements will help add variation to a CV and showcase some of your personality to the employer. If you want to see examples of effective CVs just click here

2. Make a list of places to job search – Write down a number of websites and agencies that you know of, have been recommended to or have found so that you can more effectively conduct your searches. If you’re not sure of where to search check out our useful links page on our blog here

3. Keep organised with your searches – Remember to note down which websites for job searches you’ve visited and when to revisit depending on when the site gets updated with newer vacancies. You may even be signed up to job alerts (if you’re not, you should be!) so make sure to visit them regularly.

4. Track your applications – You may have applied to job positions over the break so make sure to follow up on these and any applications you’ve made previously on whether you’ve been successful and if not why. Feedback on why you may have not been successful is very helpful for improving on an application for next time.

5. Getting connected online – Using social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook is always going to be a very helpful step in your job hunting process whether it’s making new connections or existing contacts recommending a vacancy they’ve come across or those in employment mentioning a vacancy that may have opened up in their company, networking and building relationships with employers and businesses online can be a handy tool to utilise.

6. Getting connected offline – It’s not all about being online, yes most people tend to be online nowadays but there’s still room for networking with groups of people face-to-face. So check to see if there are any networking events near to you and whilst this may seem a little more daunting, the results can be even more rewarding as a face is more easily memorable than an online profile! Just remember to bring your CV and information about yourself as well as your own questions you may wish to ask.

7. Build up your experience – If you’re suffering from job searching blues or unsuccessful applications don’t let it bog you down with negativity! Why not get out there, meet new people and learn new skills. Any experience is a good thing! So get yourself motivated by carrying out work experiences or internships and this can usually be a foot in a door to something more permanent. Even if it’s in an area you hadn’t previously considered, give it a try, you may find it to be another direction to go down.

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Yazmin Hussain Yazmin Hussain
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