Tribal Art website launched by Shropshire Collector

Shropshire collector and dealer, Sam Handbury-Madin, has launched a new website, Handbury Tribal Art, selling Tribal Art and Ethnographic Antiques.

Tribal art encompasses the visual arts and material culture of indigenous peoples from around the world, and it is the history behind the pieces, as well as the beauty of the items, that Sam is drawn to.

Sam’s interest in Tribal Art began when he was a child, when his father, who also deals in antiques, allowed him to handle items and told him about the tribes from which they originated. Those first encounters sparked a lifetime of interest and collecting.

‘There are so many different indigenous groups, so I am always learning. That is one thing that really appeals to me’, said Sam. ‘Tribal art is also so varied; consisting of wood carvings, stone carvings, furniture, ceramics, metalwork, jewellery, basketry, beadwork, weapons  and more – the list is endless!’.

Sam has been selling to private collectors and other dealers for over 12 years, but felt the time had come to develop his business with a website showcasing his pieces.

‘Tribal Art is definitely experiencing a boost and the art world is taking a keen interest, so now is a great time to develop your collection, or even start one,’ said Sam. ‘It has always had an important place though - during the early 1900s artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were heavily influenced by Tribal Art’.

The recent Tribal Art London fair, held in September, was testimony to the growing interest in Tribal Art, where David Attenborough and Boris Johnson both visited to admire the pieces.

Sam is very excited about taking Handbury Tribal Art to the next level and hopes to be exhibiting at such fairs in the future. In the meantime he is available to meet by appointment and welcomes enquiries about any of the items on his site, which are available to purchase. The site will be added to regularly. 

The new website can be found at 

Sam also runs It’s a nomad life on Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury, alongside his wife Victoria, where they sell antiques and collectables from around the world. 

The image shows a Bamboo Offering Cup from the Naga Tribe, India. 


Vicky Vicky

Vicky runs local antiques business It's a nomad life with her partner Sam Handbury-Madin. The shop, which moved from Wyle Cop to Green Lane in 2015, sells Tribal and Asian art and collectables from around the world. Vicky is a Shropshire lass, who moved back to Shrewsbury in 2008 after time spent in Italy, London and St. Andrews (where she studied archaeology and ancient history). She met her husband Sam on her return and they opened It's a nomad life in 2012, combining their love of travel and old things! Vicky also works as a Freelance Fundraising Consultant.

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