Shrewsbury set to feature on ITV Storage Hoarders

Shrewsbury has been filmed for a brand new series of ITV Storage Hoarders. An episode sees local resident Diana Johnson seeking help from the team to streamline her home and learn more about some of her belongings. “My house was filled to the rafters and I really couldn’t see anything. It was great to rediscover so many things,” said Diana.

The team enlisted the help of Shrewsbury antiques shop; It’s a nomad life, where owner Sam Handbury-Madin was on hand to offer some expert advice on one of the items Diana uncovered. Diana had collected the unusual Tibetan piece over 30 years ago and was keen to find out more. Luckily Sam was on hand at his Wyle Cop shop to help her do just that. “I was delighted to be able to share my knowledge of the piece and thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the show,” said Sam who specialises in Tribal and Asian art.

Storage Hoarders is presented by Aggie MacKenzie, who returns in the second series to meet the people who are still clinging onto things they never see or use. Alongside a team of antique experts she helps people go on a clutter-busting journey to seek out hidden treasures in locked up storage units, garages and even the odd garden shed!

In each episode they’ll be challenged to sort through their stuff and say goodbye to the things with no value. Experts Tom Keane, Paul Hayes, Perry Field and Tracy Martin will help seek out any hidden gems and turn their forgotten collectables into hard cash at the auction.

Along the way Aggie will explore the emotional reasons why people struggle to let go of the past and enlists the help of a long-suffering partner, friend or relative to help them break the habit. At the end the hoarders hope to be happier, richer and clutter free.

To find out all about the item and how Diana faired with her de-cluttering challenge tune into Storage Hoarders on Tuesday, 27th August at 2pm on ITV1.

Pictured: Diana Johnson with Sam Handbury-Madin of It's a nomad life in Shrewsbury. 


Vicky Vicky

Vicky runs local antiques business It's a nomad life with her partner Sam Handbury-Madin. The shop, which moved from Wyle Cop to Green Lane in 2015, sells Tribal and Asian art and collectables from around the world. Vicky is a Shropshire lass, who moved back to Shrewsbury in 2008 after time spent in Italy, London and St. Andrews (where she studied archaeology and ancient history). She met her husband Sam on her return and they opened It's a nomad life in 2012, combining their love of travel and old things! Vicky also works as a Freelance Fundraising Consultant.

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