My Tonight from Shrewsbury: The Book

Eighteen months ago we were delighted when local author Pauline Fisk chose to include our shop, It’s a nomad life, in her blog entitled My tonight from Shrewsbury. You can read the post here!

If you have never heard of My tonight from Shrewsbury then you have a lot of reading to catch up on! At the start of 2013 Pauline, an award winning children’s author, who lives in Shrewsbury, decided to embark upon a blog, which would run for a year, giving a snapshot of our town. What a snapshot it was! The blog covered everything from the closure of Shrewsbury Prison, The Big Busk, The Flax mill Maltings, Shakespeare and Shrewsbury, and so much more, including local people and businesses, like ours. 

The blog was wrapped up at the end of 2013 but that was not to be the end. It was exciting news when Pauline revealed the blog would be turned into a book, including all the posts from the year. Pauline edited down her 200,000 word blog into a 75,000 word book without losing a post. Many of the original photos are also included.

Along with many other interviewees we attended the launch of the book last week at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, where we found a fabulous cake and were supplied with drinks aplenty to celebrate. We were all excited to get our hands on the book, entitled: Behind Closed Doors in an English Country Town (the My Tonight from Shrewsbury blog).

Pauline was keen to make the book affordable. Published by Merlin Unwin the book is available in paperback, priced at just £9.99. It is a great read and a lovely reflection of life in Shrewsbury! Who knew there was so much to talk about?!

To get your hands on a copy (which would also make a great gift!) head to Pengwern Books on Fish Street in Shrewsbury. The book is also available from all other good bookshops, including online.


You can visit It’s a nomad life at 14 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, SY1 1XB (opposite the Lion Hotel).
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Vicky Vicky

Vicky runs local antiques business It's a nomad life with her partner Sam Handbury-Madin. The shop, which moved from Wyle Cop to Green Lane in 2015, sells Tribal and Asian art and collectables from around the world. Vicky is a Shropshire lass, who moved back to Shrewsbury in 2008 after time spent in Italy, London and St. Andrews (where she studied archaeology and ancient history). She met her husband Sam on her return and they opened It's a nomad life in 2012, combining their love of travel and old things! Vicky also works as a Freelance Fundraising Consultant.

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