Gifts can be green!

When I think about what it means to ‘Be Green’ I think about walking rather than using the car, buying recycled paper products and turning lights off (although this in part comes from my father’s reiteration that our house was not, and thus should not resemble ‘Blackpool Illuminations’!).

But do you ever think about how ‘green’ the decorative items are in your home, the clothes you wear or the gifts you buy? It may not be something that readily springs to mind.
I must admit it has not previously been at the forefront of my mind. But since opening It’s a nomad life (pictured) on Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury last year, I have started to think about the impact that buying an item with age can have.  I like to think of antiques as a piece of history, with a story to tell, and that is what draws me in. However, antique and vintage items can also play their part in helping the environment.

There is even a special campaign set up to honour this fact. The Antiques are Green campaign aims to ‘get antiques recognised for their genuine green credentials as sustainable, re-usable and re-saleable’ and states ‘antiques are a perfect way to take the green movement into our homes’.  In a study in 2010 they discovered that a new chest of drawers had a carbon footprint that is 16 times higher than an antique equivalent.

There are so many lovely antiques and vintage shops in Shrewsbury located on St. John’s Hill, Roushill, Frankwell, Dogpole and, of course, Wyle Cop, to name just a few.  So,  dare I say it, with Christmas a mere six weeks away why not vow to do your bit for the environment and local businesses and spend some time visiting Shrewsbury’s vintage and antiques shops whilst shopping for the festive period? It may even earn you some brownie points; giving somone a gift that is unique really shows you have put in that extra bit of thought. That’s always a winner in my book.


It’s a nomad life, 14 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury
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Vicky Vicky

Vicky runs local antiques business It's a nomad life with her partner Sam Handbury-Madin. The shop, which moved from Wyle Cop to Green Lane in 2015, sells Tribal and Asian art and collectables from around the world. Vicky is a Shropshire lass, who moved back to Shrewsbury in 2008 after time spent in Italy, London and St. Andrews (where she studied archaeology and ancient history). She met her husband Sam on her return and they opened It's a nomad life in 2012, combining their love of travel and old things! Vicky also works as a Freelance Fundraising Consultant.

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