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  • Is banana good for psoriasis?
    25 Sep 2019

    Are you embarrassed and fade up using so many cures for psoriasis relief but in vain? Then you are not alone. There are many people with psoriasis finding a sustainable way to treat their psoriasis conditions. You already know that both the online and offline market is flooded with so many products conducting the disease. Most of them are not up to the mark.

    The whole world is turning back to the natural cures for curing diseases. Having a little to zero side effects, people across the globe use natural remedies. Managing psoriasis may be a daunting task to many but controllable. This health condition can blow your self-esteem, as well. It is mostly seen on the elbows, knees, and scalp, and sometimes it can affect other parts of your body, including legs, trunk, and nails.

    Banana as a natural cure can be one of the best options to deal with your psoriasis problem at home. Uncover the cure is such a place where you can get in-depth insight all about psoriasis and its treatment as well.

    I want to tell you about the disease, psoriasis before I delve deeper.

    What Psoriasis is

    Psoriasis can be a chronic, genetic, shared, and systemic inflammatory disease found mostly on your skin. You will find elevated itchy plaques that are raised red skin on the affected area. Psoriasis is found mainly on the elbows, scalp, and knees. Also, it can affect your legs, nails, and trunk. You will feel itchiness and plaque on the affected area as its symptoms.

    Keeping your affected area moisturized is more important when you suffer from this chronic skin disease. When your doctor confirms you that you have psoriasis, you need to take measures to manage it. You should not let it spread on your whole body.

    How Banana peel is suitable for psoriasis

    Banana peel contains a high amount of antioxidant that keeps your skin moisturized. It is one of the most widely-used home remedies for skin conditions, including psoriasis. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure your skin conditions. Psoriasis makes your skin dry and develops a feeling of itchiness most times. Its extract soothes your affected area of skin, resulting in relieving psoriasis.

    Clean the affected area and rub the banana peel

    At first, you will need a banana peel. Smaller pieces are more convenient to rub, so make small pieces of banana peel. Once you have cut them into small pieces, start rubbing gently over the affected area. Make sure you are massaging the inside of the skin.

    At one point, you will notice that the inside of the peel will go brown. When you see the brown color of banana peel, stop. The process may take not more than 10 minutes.

    After knowing the process, it will take less time to prepare for the next day. Applying the healing process twice a day can improve your skin condition day by day.

    As I have mentioned above that banana peel is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps your skin soothe and relieve pain also.

    Banana peel paste is also useful

    With a butter knife, scrape off the white part from the banana peel. When you are done with sufficient white part from the banana peel, mash it with a blender to get a soft paste. Now it is time to apply the paste over your affected skin area like an ointment. You should leave it not more than 2 minutes and clean properly.

    This banana peel paste needs to apply on the affected skin area twice a day for better result. It is an alternative natural cure to using an ointment for psoriasis. The paste also helps to soothe and hydrate your affected itchy skin.

    Banana peel and honey combined

    To make this preparation for the treatment of your psoriasis, you need one banana peel and two tablespoons of raw honey. You can prepare it within 5 minutes or less. The process of making this paste is similar to the previous one. When you are done with making a soft, smooth paste of banana peel, add two tablespoons of pure honey with the dough and shake well.

    After blending the paste and honey correctly, you are ready to apply it over your affected skin area. For a good result, you have to leave the paste on your skin at least for half an hour. After the time finishes, rinse the applied area just with lukewarm water. Using the paste of banana peel and honey twice a day will be helpful to cure your psoriasis.

    Like banana peel, honey also has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help your skin keep moisturized for a long time.

    Banana peel along with coal tar

    Using coal tar is a universal remedy for treating psoriasis. It helps reduce the redness of your skin and itchiness feeling. Besides, coal tar helps to slow down the speedy growth of your skin cell. The combination of coal tar and banana peel assists your skin keep hydrated.

    To prepare the combination of the banana peel along with coal tar, you need one banana peel and one tablespoon of coal tar. Mix them well and shake before you are going to apply it on your affected skin area. Five minutes are enough to prepare this combination. Allow it at least two minutes on your skin and then rinse with cool water.

    Final Thought

    Apart from other so-called treatment for psoriasis, banana can be a good thing to consider as a natural remedy to treat your skin problem. Banana peel has many medication values, especially for the skin. You can use banana for other skin diseases. It is practical and works better. Although psoriasis is a painful skin disease, proper treatment can help you get rid of this skin problem.

    Pete White
  • Peace Lily - children's author event
    19 Oct 2018

    Shrewsbury Bookfest invite families and children aged 6+ to Button & Bear Bookshop, 28 Castle Street, Shrewsbury. SY1 2BQ to join author Hilary Robinson as she introduces her new book ‘Peace Lily’ which tells the story of Lily, a young girl who becomes a nurse and follows her childhood friends Ben and Ray to the battlefields of France. ‘Peace Lily’ is beautifully illustrated and with a touching rhyming text - another excellent book to give young children a real sense of the First World War.

    EVERY TICKET entitles you to £3.50 off one of Hilary's books on the day.  Children will also be able make two poppies - one to take home & one to display in the shop window for the Remembrance season.  Tickets are available from Button & Bear Bookshop tel: 01743-341407

    Hilary Robinson is an award winning radio producer, broadcaster and the author of over 40 picture books including the bestselling Mixed Up Fairy Tales (Hodder). She produced Private Peaceful for BBC Radio 2 narrated by Robson Green.

    SHREWSBURY BOOKFEST has collaborated with the St Chad’s Music Festival, the Imperial War Museum, the Wilfred Owen Society and local and national war experts to present a series of events every November since 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the First World War under the name of BOOKFEST REMEMBERS.

  • WR Partners offer Free Workshop to help businesses plan for the return to work.
    04 May 2021

    WR Partners are thrilled to announce, in partnership with Salt Solutions, they are   offering a free 90-minute virtual workshop to business owners who are now considering how their businesses will continue, post pandemic, and how they can successfully integrate employees into potentially a new working world.

    Hosting the virtual event will be Jenna Tarry, HR Consultant at WR Partners & Heather Noble Managing Director of Salt Solutions.

     With over 12 years’ experience working within HR, both in an internal HR capacity for a large agricultural manufacturer and retailer, and as an experienced HR Consultant, Jenna brings a wealth of experience in supporting businesses, in a wide range of industries, to ensure their people practices are effective and compliant.

    Heather set up Salt Solutions in 2009 after more than 20 years in the corporate world where she worked across a wide range of business sectors, largely at a senior level. Salt Solutions offers Training & Coaching Management, Communication and Mental Health Consultancy.

    The workshop will provide tips on the key considerations as you reopen your business and or reintroduce employees to the new way of working which may include flexible working solutions, including a hybrid working environment. The workshop will focus on understanding and addressing any concerns or fears held by employees surrounding the change in working practices, from their now normal environments and approaches.

    The free workshop will take place on Wednesday 19th May, on Zoom, from 10.30am to 12 noon and is limited to 50 participants, so sign up early to avoid disappointment! If you would like to attend, please complete the registration form at

  • 3000 Pumpkins Head to Park Hall Countryside Experience
    20 Sep 2021
    Pumpkin Alley

    Park Hall Countryside Experience is preparing for its Halloween themed half term event with an order of 3000 pumpkins.

    The farm attraction got through over 2300 last year, and they expect demand for their Pumpkinfest tickets to be higher than ever.

    Every paying child will receive a free pumpkin to carve in the huge pumpkin shed, which they can take home at the end of the day.

    The Halloween activities include Pumpkin Alley, The Witches Cavern, The Little Scare House and singing pumpkins. There will be lots of fun and games every day of the event, including ‘Pass the Pumpkin’ and wrapping Daddies in toilet roll to turn them in to spooky mummies!

    There will be a daily Halloween fancy dress competition, so visitors are encouraged to come wearing their best costumes.

    The event at the Oswestry attraction will run from the 15th to the 31st October, giving Shropshire families some entertainment over half term and Halloween. All tickets must be pre-booked so numbers on site can be limited to aid social distancing.

    Richard Powell, joint owner - director at Park Hall, said, “We hope families will join us for some Halloween fun over the last two weeks of October. Our Pumpkinfest event aims to provide the perfect level of spookiness, that isn’t too scary for youngsters.

    “Grown-ups can join in the fancy dress competition and lend a hand carving the pumpkins, and they can enjoy leaving all the mess behind for us to deal with!

    “All of our usual farm activities are included in the ticket price. Meet the farm animals, explore all the play areas, ride on our barrel train, see the pig race, and lots more. We hope you will join us!”

    Tickets for Pumpkinfest must be purchased in advance at

  • 10 Artists Who Make Music on Martin Guitars
    04 Sep 2018

    Many people base their guitar choice on the guitar that their favorite artist plays. This definitely helps one become more inspired and motivated to practice and play. Who knows, maybe one day you can become as good as - or even better than - folks like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat and of course, Chris Cornell, who is sadly missed.

    Today we’re putting the spotlight on Martin guitars and the artists who play them. The artists mentioned above have all made music on a Martin. Ed Sheeran even has his own signature acoustic-electric guitar, the compact LX1E Little Martin Ed Sheeran Edition. 

    Aside from Ed, John, Colbie and Chris, here are other notable Martin guitar players. We’ll save the ukulele players for another day.

    1. Eric Clapton - Eric has used a great many Martins over the years and has partnered up with Martin on several occasions for his limited edition signature models. The first one, the 000-42EC of which only 461 guitars were made, sold out within days. The next, 000-42ECB, also sold out as quickly as it entered the market. The third one, the 000-28ECB, were made from the last pieces of Brazilian Rosewood that the company had in stock. Eric continues to collaborate with Martin and now has seven acoustic signature models.

    2. Aaron Nigel Smith - this artist’s Martin guitar of choice is the D-15M, a beautiful mahogany solid wood acoustic.

    3. Elle King - Elle describes herself as a gypsy. She just keeps on moving. Well, we’re sure that wherever she goes, her OMCPA5 Black guitar will always be there with her.

    4. Brandy Clark - Brandy has always wanted to be a country singer. We’re pretty sure her preferred Martin guitar, the OMJM John Mayer, helped her achieve her dream.

    5. Anderson East - Anderson considers his Martin 000C Nylon 12-fret guitar as his companion. Not only that, he also says it’s his constant source of inspiration and his teacher. 

    6. Ben Howard - Ben plays a D-28, aptly described as the dreadnought guitar by which all others are judged. This guitar has also been a favorite of American country music icon Hank Williams Sr., Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and of course, The undisputed King of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley.

    7. Band of Skulls - Martin guitars used by this British rock trio (who we’ll count as one unit, and who have been playing together since they were 12 years old) include the Grand J-28LSE, CEO-6 Sunburst and D-28 Marquis Sunburst.

    8. Cody Simpson - Cody recorded with two Martin acoustic guitars on his record Free and he also performs with them on stage. His Martins of choice are the OMJM John Mayer and the D-35 Johnny Cash. The D-35 is Martin’s first guitar that sported a polished black finish, and Johnny’s stage favorite for almost two decades.

    9. Seth Avett, The Avett Brothers - You can always find Martin guitars in the instrument arsenal of The Avett Brothers. Martin collaborated with Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers to come up with the D-35 Seth Avett custom signature edition. Seth designed the copper snowflake inlay on the fretboard himself.

    10. Brett Dennen - Brett says he has always been a Martin guy, and considers Martin guitars “works of art made by hand.” It’s no surprise that, like many music artists, his preferred Martin acoustic is the D-28.

  • Ffion's new bed is fit for a princess
    27 Nov 2014

    A brave little girl who defied doctors to survive a life-threatening infection is set to have her dream of a ‘big girl’s bed’ come true thanks to two businesses from Shrewsbury and Welshpool.

    Ffion Rudman, of Llansantffraid ym Mechain, was just two years old when she was rushed by ambulance to Birmingham Children’s Hospital with pneumonia and severe streptococcal A toxic sepsis following what began as a simple cold and simple throat infection in January 2013.

    Her heart stopped for 13 minutes during the journey before doctors managed to bring her back.

    But despite her parents Frank and Helen being told to prepare for the worst, Ffion managed to defy medical opinion and survived, spending many weeks in hospital where she even had to relearn how to hold her own head up.

    Now aged four and still with a long and slow recovery ahead of her, she has lost the sight in her right eye and suffered extensive damage to her left leg, including the amputation of her foot.

    Now family friends Laura and Andy Jones who own handmade housewares company Mr and Mrs Jones Make Lovely Things, have offered to build her a unique “big girl’s” bed with a special princess theme.

    They have been supported in their project by Alan Ward furniture in Shrewsbury, which has donated a £100 mattress for the bed and Boys and Boden builders’ merchant in Welshpool, which has donated the rest of the materials.

    “Ffion is one of our little girl Lily’s best friends and Andy and I really wanted to do something special for this remarkable little girl,” Mrs Jones said.

    “After learning she is desperate for a big girl’s bed, we decided to make one for her with a special princess design.

    “The bed has been specially designed with Ffion’s needs in mind, so it is low to the ground to make it easier for her to climb in and out of and is based on the bed Andy made for our own daughter, which Ffion has always loved.

    “We approached both Alan Ward and Boys and Boden for help and they immediately agreed when they heard about Ffion and what she has been through.”

    Helen Rudman said her daughter was making fantastic progress and dealt with every hurdle of her ongoing recovery the way she always had - with a smile and without complaint.

    “She recently got her new prosthetic leg and loves it; already running around all over the place,” she said.

    “She really is quite remarkable, nothing phases her and she just gets on with it. She’s incredible.

    “The bed is a surprise but Ffion recently told us out of the blue that she wanted to ask Father Christmas for a ‘princess bedroom’ so I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally gets her new bed.”

    Kathy Lesser, marketing manager at Alan Ward, said they did not hesitate when asked for help getting a mattress for the bed.

    “When we heard what Ffion had gone through and all the challenges she still faces in her recovery, there was no question we would help by donating one of our mattresses - one that is specially designed for a softer night’s sleep to make the bed as comfortable as possible for this little girl,” she said.

    Pete White
  • County High Sheriff Supports Small Charity Week Event in Shrewsbury's Market Square
    14 Jun 2016

    Rain failed to dampen spirits yesterday as The Shropshire Rural Communities Charity welcomed Shropshire’s High Sheriff to its Open Day in Shrewsbury Square.

    The event, organised as part of Small Charity Week, saw a great turn-out from the public to enjoy a Tai Chi demonstration as part of the Charity’s “Wise and Well” group of services. There was also a cake stall; a bric-a-brac stall; a tombola, and information stands representing the wide range of services offered by The Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, both to a variety of individual members of the Shropshire community, and also to small charities and other community groups. The High Sheriff was introduced to “Hearing Dog” Harley, who provides hearing assistance to Tom - one of the Charity’s Effective Hearing Programme tutors.  Harley sat obediently for photos and seemed to enjoy the attention.

    Small Charity Week is an annual event to celebrate and raise the profile of the small charity sector (charities with a turnover under £1.5million) and the amazing work they do.  It is a week-long event comprising a series of activities and initiatives to support and raise awareness of the thousands of small charities that, every day, make a huge difference to vulnerable communities across Shropshire, across the UK and the rest of the world. Shropshire Rural Communities Charity proudly provides advice and support to small charities and other community groups on issues such as volunteering, trusteeship, training volunteers and funding advice.

  • How to recycle your plastic film
    04 Feb 2013
    plastic film for recycling

    Did you know you can recycle plastic carrier bags at the larger supermarkets in Shrewsbury such as Co-op, Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons?  Well you can. And the good news is they are now encouraging shoppers to use these in-store recycling bins for a wider range of plastic too - so you can also add any thin stretchy plastic (polythene) film including things like: - 

    • plastic wrappers from bakery goods
    • plastic breakfast cereal liners
    • plastic toilet roll wrappers
    • plastic bubble wrap
    • plastic bag-for-life bags
    • plastic bags from fruit and vegetables
    • plastic bread bags
    • plastic freezer bags
    • plastic magazine wrap
    • plastic shrink wrap
    • plastic courier bags (without paper labels)
    • plastic dry-cleaning garment covers

    The average household gets through 25 kg of plastic film every year.  This may seem a small amount but it adds up to over 1,000 tonnes of the stuff across Shrewsbury!  Help keep it out of landfill by taking it back to the supermarket next time you go shopping.  This will make a big reduction in the amount of rubbish which ends up in your bin and help cut your carbon footprint.

    James Thompson
  • Get Your Wigle On invites you our guest!
    14 Nov 2012
    Ellie Growmadski-Owen as Belle.

    With autumn well and truly in place and Christmas is, (dare we say it) on the horizon it seems only too right that some some well deserved magic be brought back into Shrewsbury's theatre.
    And who better to bring it, than the ever popular theatre company Get Your Wigle On as they invite you to 'be our guest' as they present to you Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

    Magic will be in the air as we see some of our favourite Disney characters come to life, with professional costumes and scenery in tow and a cast of over 50 members, Get Your Wigle On is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with!

    Leading the way in this hit of a show, is Ollie Daly-Smith who has been lucky to land the role of the beast. Since joining the company in 2010, Ollie has grown in both confidence and as a performer, even deferring university for a year due to his unrelenting commitment to the show.
    'There really is no-one else that could've played the beast.' says co-director James Broxton, so it seems his first starring role has been well deserved.
    Having recently opened up their own studio, the company directors Ross Wigley and James Broxton, have been able to offer the opportunity to perform on the main stage of Theatre Severn to over 30 of Shrewsbury's finest young talent.
    Tickets are limited, so get yourselves down the Theatre Severn pronto and book yourselves a ticket to some first class talent from Shrewsbury's most promising theatre company!

    **The show will be running from Wednesday 14th-Saturday 17th November with a matinee on Saturday too!

    Kerri Jones
  • Shrewsbury centre celebrates successful birthday
    23 Aug 2016

    A Shrewsbury natural health and wellness centre is celebrating after a successful open day which also helped raise cash for charity.

    The Centre for Integral Health staged the event at its base in St Austin’s Friars last weekend to mark its third birthday.

    Centre founder Ben Calder said the open day attracted big crowds, with many people visiting the centre for the first time.

     “We had around 30 new visitors along with lots of loyal customers, all talks were attended and enjoyed and the opening chi kung class and closing Gong Meditation were thoroughly enjoyed by all,” Ben said.

    “There was lots of great food, some provided by local baker Holly Robinson of Timeless and Tasty, a gluten free and paleo baker.

    “It was a very special day and all who attended felt healthier and happier by the end of it. We also managed to raise a three-figure sum for the charity we were supporting.

    “We took donations to help the daughter of one of our practitioners travel to Malawi in September with Progressio ICS (International Citizens Service) to spend 12 weeks volunteering on development projects supporting poor and marginalised people, especially women in local communities. 

    “It is especially pleasing to be able to help such a worthwhile project and we are delighted with the support we received at the open day.”

    The centre was the first in Shropshire to recognise the need to combine the most effective elements of conventional and non-conventional complementary approaches to health and has since gone from strength to strength.

    Therapies and techniques available at the centre include kinesiology, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, counselling and reflexology.

  • Planet doughnut lands in Shrewsbury
    10 Jan 2018

    If you’re on a new year’s diet at the moment, then we can only apologise for what were about to talk about.  Because there’s a new Independent Doughnut company in Shrewsbury and everything we’ve seen on the social media looks calorific but amazing!

    Planet Doughnut is a family run business which started off small but has quickly gathered a loyal following of doughnut lovers in Shropshire.  They are currently only online doing local deliveries and at selected local markets where their doughnuts sell out fast.

    Speaking to owners Duncan & Sam McGregor they said there’s plans in the pipeline to offer delivery via the popular local food delivery app Zoom and there’s plans to open a shop in Shrewsbury town centre to allow people to pop in and buy doughnuts whenever they fancy.

    On the menu at the moment there’s a range of classic doughnuts like Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cherry Bakewell, Reeses Pieces, Toffee Crisp and other chocolate bar inspired creations. 

    Sam told us that they don’t skimp on the fillings either and literally jam pack them full of flavour.  Sam mentioned that they will be a rotating range of seasonal flavours, as well as new classics popping up every month alongside a range of premium doughnuts that will be out of this world.

    Once the planned store opens there’s plans afoot for doughnut decorating classes, as well as regular monthly evening taster sessions where you get to try out the latest doughnut creations give feedback or even suggest your own flavours, and who knows it might be on the menu later that month.

    If you want to try the doughnuts that are causing such a stir then head over to the Planet Doughnut website to buy some for yourself, but be warned they sell out fast on the days they deliver.  If you just want to see what all the fuss is about then follow them on Instagram @planet_doughnut

    Pete White
  • Shropshire Rowers Take On The Amazon
    10 Feb 2015

    A group of rowing enthusiasts from Shropshire have decided to stretch themselves to their limits by embarking on an epic journey of adventure. In November 2015, the ‘Row the Amazon’ team will become only the second crew to row the navigable length of the Amazon River, a challenge which will be done completely unsupported and in aid of a range of charities.

    The five man crew is made up of Simon Furnival, Stuart Manley, Stephen Harpin, Martin Berry and Andy Griffiths. Their aim is to accomplish the row in 30 days or less. Their vessel will be a 28 foot ocean-going rowing boat named The Bishop, which is just big enough to carry all team members. The length of the Amazon, from Nauta in Peru to Belem in Brazil, is a total distance of 2077 miles. This is clearly no mean feat.

    Making the task even more challenging is the fact that the crew are by no means athletes; for most of them, their first experience of rowing any significant distance was in 2011 when they decided to row across the Irish Sea.  Two crossings later, with a host of other coastal and inland rowing races and experiences under their belts, they decided they needed to raise the bar and ‘Row the Amazon’ was born.

    As with most expeditions of this magnitude, the team are seeking sponsorship support – with 100% of funds raised going directly to charity. Further information on the various packages and options available can be obtained by contacting [email protected]. Sponsors already ‘on-board’ include Extreme Medics and Wenlock Spring. 

    Logistics lead Martin comments: “Our efforts will hopefully result in some significant charity fund boosting, as well as raising some further awareness to this most incredible environment which is so critical to the wellbeing of our planet. We hope people will enjoy following our adventure and lend their support.”

    The public can follow the crew’s progress on Twitter by following @AmazonRow2015 and on Facebook by searching for ‘Row the Amazon 2015’. Further details of the adventure, including how to donate, can be found on the Row the Amazon website.

    Pete White
  • Shrewsbury shops preparing for ‘Independents’ Day’
    29 Jun 2013

    A group of traders from one of the county’s most iconic shopping streets are joining forces for an ‘Independents’ Day’ event.

    The shop and business owners from Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury have announced that they are now working together to help promote the diverse companies located on and around the famous hill.

    Their first promotion is launched on July 4 – American Independence Day – when many of the shops will have sales and offers for visitors.

    “We think it’s a fantastic way to start our joint initiative as there are so many unique and quirky businesses here,” said Stacey Hill of Oberon, which sells women’s clothing and accessories and is amongst the street’s longest-established retailers.

    “Wyle Cop is one of Shropshire’s most historic roads and provides a striking entrance into the town. We have always been proud of the thriving independent shops and businesses here and we thought it would be good to act as a unit and support each other in a cohesive, pro-active way.”

    Jenny Goodman of Enjoy, which sells organic and ethical products, added that it was hoped this would be the start of a long-term campaign.

    She commented: “There has been a really positive response from a large number of the businesses on the Cop who are all keen to work together and give people even more reason to visit this beautiful shopping street in Shrewsbury.

    “We always aim to give great customer service and provide a helpful, local service so the Independents’ Day will be yet another incentive for visitors to come here.”

    Attractions starting on July 4 will include discounts, refreshments and fun competitions.

    Pete White
  • Whitchuch psychic evening planned for Creative Days fundraiser
    09 Feb 2014

    Bethphage, which provides services for adults with learning disabilities in Shropshire, has organised an ‘interesting’ fund raising event for early spring.

    The Archibald Club, Castle Hill, Whitchurch, will be the venue for a psychic evening on Friday 14 March, with special guest and well-known international medium, psychic detective and spiritual life coach, Alan Drew.

    Alan, who is also a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, has provided readings, spiritual guidance and psychic detective work for over 18 years to the public, private clients and celebrities. He is a member of the SNU (Spiritualists National Union) and OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids), as well as a minister and ordained member of the clergy for The Church of Spiritual Humanism. He hosts a radio show called ‘Bridging the Great Divide’ on Psychic Choice Radio and is currently working on Psychic Today/TV on SKY’s channel 886 and Freesat channel 652. He will also be joined by experienced spiritualist mediums Glenis Wilkinson and Karen Price.

    Explaining the way in which he works Alan Drew said: “I'm a very sympathetic, compassionate, caring and understanding reader. I'm here to help not to judge, so the audience can feel free to ask me anything and there's not much I haven't heard or experienced myself. I work directly by connecting with my guides, spirit, the angelic realm and ascended masters on a deep, emotional and loving level.”

    Commenting on the event Emma Bishop, service manager at Bethphage, said: “We wanted to provide a different yet entertaining fund raising event to which the general public could also attend and the idea of a psychic evening came up – which certainly fits the bill! I’m sure it will be an interesting evening with Alan.”

    Doors open at 7pm and the psychic evening commences from 8pm at The Archibald Club, Castle Hill, Whitchurch on Friday 14 March. For more information or to book a ticket, contact Bethphage on 01743 272880 or The Hollies (Whitchurch) on 01948 804901. Tickets are also available to book online at

    Pete White
  • Saxonby co-founder nominated for 24housing award
    09 Sep 2016

    James Wood, a co-founder of Shropshire construction company Saxonby, has been nominated for a prestigious industry award.

    Wood hopes to secure the 24housing Awards’ Housing Professional of the Year at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, 06 October. Described by the organisers as a ‘big category’, the judges are looking to find one individual who has made the greatest difference to social housing and who has gone far beyond the call of duty to make the sector that little bit better.

    Saxonby was established in 2008 and Wood’s vision the company has resulted in the design, development and delivery of 230 innovative, affordable homes throughout the West Midlands. Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance are now embedded into Saxonby’s business ethos and practices. His constant dialogue with housing associations on how to innovate has led to the successful completion of developments such as the one at Kinlet on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border. Part funded through Shropshire Council’s Community Led Grant scheme the project used off-site manufactured structural insulated panels, the first for a social housing development in the county. It was championed by David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, who described it as ‘brilliant’.

    Wood has confronted and found solutions to key business challenges facing the sector including the loss of public grant funding, competing for land with large housing developers and skill shortages.

    Drawing on his already significant private sector experience and business acumen, he has held or been appointed to many important housing organisation posts including chair of Shropshire Housing Alliance, Shropshire’s biggest homelessness charity, board member of The Wrekin Housing Group and committee member of Shropshire Association for Sheltered Housing. He is also the co-founder of Reviive, a household recycling and resale community interest company and social enterprise.

    In 2013 Saxonby was awarded a Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Business in the Community award for its work with local charities and grass roots organisations. Wood has raised money for youth homelessness and Barnardo’s by sleeping rough, encouraged and helped young entrepreneurs – Shropshire Born & Brewed – and was the keynote speaker at the Shropshire Young Enterprise awards 2014.

    Commenting on his nomination, Saxonby co-founder and director Andrew Copson said: “James Wood has developed a very recognisable brand in Saxonby and is now leading the changing face of delivery within the sector. Whether building homes or providing indirect support through his numerous benevolent activities he is a true champion of social housing. Well done James and good luck!”

    Picture: James Wood, co-founder, Saxonby.

    Neville Street
  • Live music night in Shrewsbury to boost Crossbar Foundation
    23 Nov 2016

    Local singers will perform at a live music night in Shrewsbury next week to raise funds for The Crossbar Foundation, a charity launched earlier this year to support communities across Shropshire through sporting initiatives.

    The Foundation's vision is to engage with local children and young adults - and to make a difference in deprived areas across the county.

    Andy Smith, the Foundation's development manager, said he's delighted with the impact the charity has already made and hopes lots of people will support the live music night at The House of the Rising Sun, in Butcher Row, next Tuesday, November 29 (7.30pm).

    Dave Busby, Robbie Jones and Andy O'Brien will play acoustic sets and tickets are on sale now, priced £10, with all proceeds going to the Crossbar Foundation.

    Andy said: "We're really looking forward to it and it will be a good chance for us to get together and promote the Foundation outside of what we normally do, within sport, and it will be nice to tie in with the House of the Rising Sun, who have kindly selected us as their chosen charity for the year.

    "They're pulling out all the stops to support what we're doing, especially owner Sam Taylor, who sees the value of what we're doing in deprived communities."

    It will be the latest fund-raising venture for the Foundation following the success of 33 coaches and apprentices from Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport taking part in a 10K mud run at Weston Park in aid of the charity.

    Money raised through sponsorship is expected to bring in around £5,000.

    Andy added: "There was plenty of mud, a lot of obstacles. It was wet, cold and we were climbing barrels, going into swamps, all sorts. It was good fun and as well as raising money for the Foundation, it was a really good team bonding exercise. The money raised is absolutely amazing for the Foundation to help us go into communities and set up new clubs."   

    Tickets for next Tuesday's live charity music night are available from the House of the Rising Sun or from the Crossbar Foundation on (01743) 362368.
    Pictured: Gavin Cowan, the director of Crossbar Coaching Eduction in Sport, helps Crossbar apprentice Kara Thomas complete the final stages of the 10K mud run at Weston Park in aid of the Crossbar Foundation.

  • Germinate! - Flaxmill Maltings Community Arts open exhibition
    04 Aug 2014

    12th, 13th and 14th September 2014.

    Building on the success of past events we will be hosting an open art exhibition at the Flaxmill Maltings Heritage open days again this year.

    The exhibition is being arranged and managed by the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings Community Arts Group (FMCA). The exhibition will be staged in the Dye House and Cross Mill at the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of September. This will form part of the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings Open Weekend, which attract up to 1,500 people. A private viewing will be staged on Friday 12th of September, which all artists will be invited to attend.

    For more information and an entry form please email [email protected]

    Pete White
  • Local people get online with Severnside’s help
    24 Oct 2014

    13 – 19 October was National Get Online Week and Severnside Housing, based in Shrewsbury had an array of events to help people do just that!

    A Pop up Advice Shop was opened temporarily in the Riverside Mall in Shrewsbury Town Centre and a regular influx of visitors called in wanting help and support on how to get online, complete online benefit and housing claims and tips on how to look for work and apply for jobs online.

    Severnside’s Digital Den in Meole Brace, delivered through a social enterprise partnership with Social Telecoms, was open as usual with a fantastic programme of fun activities for the whole family to get online, including the weekly Job Club.

    The Cyber Café in Castlefields offered its regular Job Club, helping people look for work online, and a Skype Quiz was held including residents at the Cyber café and from Severnside’s sheltered housing schemes in Greenacres and Moston Green, ensuring older people had the opportunity to involved and get online too.

    Wendy Brookfield, Head of Community Development at Severnside said, “At Severnside we know it’s vitally important to help people of all ages get online, which is why we offered such a wide range of activities at different locations across Shrewsbury during National Get Online Week.

    We were able to do this thanks to our partners, Social Telecoms, who delivered activities at the Digital Den in Meole Brace and Councillor Jon Tandy who helped us secure the shop unit for our temporary Pop Up Shop which proved a great success.” 

    Charles Wainwright a Severnside resident, who visited the Pop Up Shop and is currently training to become a Severnside Digital Champion, said “I have been helping out at the Job Club at the Cyber Café in Castlefields for a number of months and really enjoy helping people with limited IT skills get online to look for work.  It’s great being able to give something back to the community.”

    Pete White
  • Local organisations collaborate on visionary Masterplan for Shrewsbury
    29 Mar 2018
    Shrewsbury Big Town Plan

    Last week over fifty organisations came together through a series of workshops to develop the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan.  Project partners Shrewsbury BID, Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council are working with LDA Design to create a new Masterplan which aims to enhance the county town’s appeal as a place to visit, live, work and invest.

    Over the coming weeks illustrative maps, 3D models and artistic impressions will be worked up to form part of a comprehensive document showcasing the shared vision for Shrewsbury.  The masterplan builds on the public consultation in September at which over 5,000 local residents and businesses took part.

    Seb Slater, Executive Director of Shrewsbury BID, said: “We would like to thank all the local organisations and people who gave up their time to contribute and collaborate on the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan Masterplan. These are exciting times and we’re very much looking forward to working up the plan with LDA Design and project partners over the coming weeks.”

    Alan Mosley, Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council added: “It has been a delight to work with the BID and representatives of Shropshire Council over the last six months in a partnership with the intention of drawing up a vision for Shrewsbury. The aim has been to collectively produce proposals which will stimulate and guide developments for the next 10-15 years.

    “The Masterplanning week which LDA managed was a revelation with over fifty participating stakeholders representing interests throughout Shrewsbury. LDA will now work with the Partners to produce a final set of recommendations.

    The work of everyone involved so far means that these proposals will be fresh, vibrant, carefully researched, sustainable, optimistic but realistically grounded. There are challenges in some areas but all can be confident that the Vision will present Shrewsbury with an overarching strategy to make it an even better place to live, work, visit and do business.

    Councillor Nic Laurens, Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth at Shropshire Council added:

    “The positive response to the approach and format of last week’s master planning of the town has been remarkable. Over 50 organisations and businesses engaged with us and that’s in addition to the 2,500 responses to the public consultation last September.

    What the businesses and the people of Shrewsbury need and want has most definitely been communicated to LDA Design, who did an amazing job over the week and I am sure will subsequent produce a great plan for the town that will take us forward. Shropshire Council is proud to have been involved in the work so far and is committed in bringing the Big Town Plan to fruition in the coming years.

  • Aspiring performers take to the stage to perform in Beauty and the Beast Junior.
    03 Jul 2018

    On Sunday 1st July, I visited Theatre Severn to watch the students from Shrewsbury's Stagecoach perform in Disney’s, Beauty and the Beast Junior. The story that is set in a provincial town in France, features a bright young heroine named Belle, her handsome and loutish suitor Gaston, a cursed young prince and an enchanted castle.

    Theatre Severn was the perfect venue to host this spectacle performance, with almost every seat being sold. Impressively this production boasted a professional set and some eye-catching costumes. A series of theatrical clothes were used to switch between locations with ease, including the famous library that the Beast gifts to Belle in a plea to woo her.

    It was clear throughout this performance that each and every student were enjoying themselves and thrilled to be performing in this professional venue.

    As with many performance academies, it is important that each student has their moment to showcase and develop their skills. The director of the performance had clearly considered this and managed to give each student an opportunity to shine, by adding extra Silly Girls, a string of narrators and a few more items of enchanted cutlery.

    As the performance progressed, as did the students' pace, the performance was impressively slick. The entrances and exits of each ensemble member had clearly been considered, eliminating any traffic issues, and ensuring performance that kept the audience engaged.

    The story is accompanied by a superb soundtrack, written by Alan Menken and featuring favourites such as Be Our Guest, Belle and the title song Beauty and the Beast. The Stagecoach students performed the numbers with a great deal of flair and commitment, making the urge to sing along very difficult.

    These budding performers are clearly receiving the coaching needed, they were confident and full of energy on stage. I was most impressed with the ‘Early Stages’ group, who are aged between four to six years old. Assisted by their teachers, they sung and danced without any of the usual waving to their parents.

    I was thrilled to hear the younger members of the principal cast, using their voices safely, articulating and not shouting, which is becoming more and more common.

    Adding to the excitement of this musical performance, the show was also part of a Guinness Book of Record attempt. Two hundred Stagecoach schools across the world, all trod the boards at six o’clock, performing this Disney classic. Up to 6,500 students were involved in this record attempt.

    I truly enjoyed this performance, it was a great showcase of the talent on offer in Shrewsbury and in a time where technology is occupying lots of young people's attention, it was excellent to see all of the performers, and audience fully engaged in simple storytelling.

    Article: Michael Jenkins

    Photography: Steve DeJetly Marks

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