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  • Shrewsbury named as one of the best places to live in the UK
    17 Apr 2019

    Shrewsbury has once again been named as one of the best places to live in the UK by The Sunday Times.

    Rubbing shoulders amongst the likes of York, Bury St Edmonds, Dundee and overall winner, Salisbury, Shrewsbury was highlighted as one of the best places to live in the Midlands region.

    Shrewsbury was described as “an exceptionally attractive, defiantly unaffected town with an award-winning market and sweeping views” by the judging panel who used their own expert knowledge alongside statistics, including house prices.

    Seb Slater, Executive Director of Shrewsbury BID (Business Improvement District), which promotes Shrewsbury, represents business and delivers innovative projects to support and enhance the town centre, said it was great news.

    “Anyone who visits Shrewsbury cannot fail to be charmed by its blend of historic architecture, independent shops and vibrant atmosphere,” he said.

    “Everyone who lives and works here is understandably proud of Shrewsbury, so it’s lovely to have that rewarded on a national stage.

    “Judges highlighted the excellent array of independent shops, bars and restaurants, the high quality schools, community events and the award-winning market hall as being integral to Shrewsbury’s appeal.

    “The Sunday Times guide to the best places to live in the UK is a respected publication, so it’s a real boost for everyone connected with Shrewsbury to be included in the list.

    “Shrewsbury was also named in the list last year, so to be included twice in a row is fantastic.”

  • What Will Be The Day Exactly?
    25 Apr 2019

    That’ll  Be The Day

    Theatre Severn

    Thursday 25th April


    Well this show promised to be full of Rock and Roll Music laced with hilarious comedy. Hilarious? Very bold indeed. The music was almost faultless, the hilarious comedy? What a subjective claim. To say it creaked like a rickety staircase is being unfair to the stairs. The comedy was incredibly obvious and unfortunately really quite weak, more of that later.

    The real ingredient of the show is the skilfully played music. The band , the Starlighters, are great they are tight and on the money. As was the singing, it was very hard to fault, but it did fall down on its comedy. It just isn’t strong enough and when five minutes is eaten up with silliness that’s five minutes less music.

    One would imagine that as they change this show as they do yearly, maybe they will have a new script writer that has actually identified with the 21st Century and moved away from their racist North American Indian sketch and the Mick Jagger on impotency. You’re getting the picture I am sure.

    Most of it was a groan at best and at worst, well. Isn’t doing a stereotypical native North American with a Pakistani accent just wrong territory? It was embarrassing. As was the Mick Jagger. When the two lead singers and purveyors of this comedy got together one felt it was reminiscent of Don Mc.Lean and Peter Glaze doing the awfully unfunny sketches on Crackerjack! (Crackerjack…sorry you have to shout it back)

    The dancing and singing was great. Voices like the artist? Elvis was particularly good but one found the homage to Cliff just a little too much to bear as did the singer, with his first song. The edges were flattened at times and those big notes stayed in the van tonight as they just weren’t there. The Rolling Stones was also highly unappealing.

    However, to balance this review I would say those that found the comedy amusing were lapping it up. Good. Those that didn’t in one’s opinion had every right not to, but they were in the minority! 

    There is something missing. They play well, they sing well and they communicate well, but maybe long medleys of little bits of song are just really irksome? It was like, “Stars on forty five,“ from back in the Eighties, A Jive Bunny sort of thing going on. But there was no need for that. Drop the hilarious comedy and do the full songs that might fix things a little.

    From the stage came the announcements that this was their 33rd year and they are just about to devise the next show for their 34th year. That’s incredible but I am not reviewing longevity, I might advise that they really need to bring this thing on into the 21st Century.

    The lighting show  was great, mood and atmosphere are so important in a revue type show and it was excellent. One loves seeing Theatre Severn being made to do what it can. Its always appealing. The back projection was a great addition and the clips of film were certainly very interesting and of course, relevant. Very pleasing a cleverly done little devise.

    Costumes were flawless the ladies looked glamorous and the boys did too. Managing hectic changes but seamlessly reappearing in the role of the artist whose work was to be performed.

    Now then. To keep this show relevant they really seriously need to look at the comedy. Saying stupid things in silly accents isn’t funny. It takes a whole lot more than they are giving if they want the comedy to bring in new people. Currently it simply isn’t strong enough.

    Calling yourself hilarious always thrusts you under the microscope and if it can’t stand up to scrutiny, then you look  foolish. Let the audience decide what’s hilarious and when they do, when they really do, you might be able to lose things like borderline racism. One hopes so. It scraped along the iceberg of unacceptable and that iceberg might just sink the whole thing one day.

    So great music, fun singing, questionable comedy and way too much talk. One was thinking at times, one was attending, Prattle be the Day!

    This is a Two Star Review

    Owen J Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • Adam Rowe to headline the Old Post Office Comedy night
    23 Apr 2019

    Adam Rowe is to headline the Old Post Office comedy night on 29th April at 8pm.

    Widely regarded as one of the most exciting, young comics in the world; Adam Rowe has risen from a prodigious newcomer to an international headline act, since his debut in 2010. He is one of the most sought after acts for all of The UK’s biggest comedy clubs & festivals, whilst he has also performed in & headlined clubs in The Middle East & The United States.

    His natural, laid back persona combined with brutally honest, opinionated stand-up and his phenomenal ad-libbing ability make each of his performances unique, gloriously unpredictable and, most importantly, always hilarious.

    February 2019 saw Adam make his TV debut, on The Stand-Up Sketch Show (ITV2). Most of his stand-up has been viewed online, with a staggering 50 million views racked up across various platforms  such as his YouTube channel, his social media pages and viral-sharing pages such as 'LadBible', 'UniLad' and 'Live At Hot Water Comedy Club'.

    Adam Staunton and Danny McLoughlin will also be appearing.

    Tickets can be bought online from or from the Old Post office directly - 01743 236019


  • Shropshire activity centre makes room for more guests
    23 Apr 2019

    Leading Shropshire contractor Morris Property has completed a £720,000 project to deliver additional guest accommodation at a residential activity centre near Shrewsbury.

    The new two-storey building at Condover Hall, which is owned and operated by JCA Adventure, will provide dormitory rooms for 72 pupils and eight teachers, to meet increasing demand.

    Some 30,000 people a year, many of them primary school groups, enjoy a range of outdoor activities there, from canoeing to climbing, abseiling to archery. The centre is popular for sports tournaments and for community groups and families looking for a different kind of short break. Indoor facilities include a pool and a cinema room.

    Centre Manager Richard Williams said: “We needed more space to accommodate guests and to give us more flexibility, especially at busy weekends. We chose Morris Property because it is a local, long established Shrewsbury firm and we’re delighted with their work. The new accommodation looks great.

    “The Morris guys have been excellent on site; the whole process went very smoothly.”

    Condover Hall already offered 560 beds before the expansion. The new building, which is clad with stained larch timber, was designed to be in keeping with the Hall’s grand setting.

    Morris Property Contracts Manager, Ian Carswell, said: “We carried out the work in two phases to minimise disruption. The second phase was scheduled during the winter months when Condover Hall was closed. We took account of the client’s needs and delivered the project on time and on budget, ready for the new season.”

    External works to provide paths, landscaping and a turning area were also carried out.

    Morris Property is part of a fifth-generation family business group working in property investment and management, new build residential and commercial developments and restoration schemes.

  • Shrewsbury's nomadic antiques shop has a new home!
    05 May 2015

    You may have visited It’s a nomad life on Wyle Cop in Shrewsbury, where you would find antiques and collectables from around the world. If you have spotted the shop looking a little empty recently, fear not! Owners Sam and Victoria Handbury-Madin are delighted to announce that, in true nomad style, they have moved on to pastures new.

    It’s a nomad life has now relocated to join Belle Vue Antiques at their showroom on Green Lane, just off Upper Road. ‘We are very excited about the next chapter for It’s a nomad life, after a fantastic three years on Wyle Cop’, said Sam. ‘While we have moved, we are very much the same business, selling unique decorative and collectable pieces for your home’.

    Specialising in Tribal and Asian Art, you will now find It’s a nomad life’s unique pieces amongst fantastic high quality antique furniture, home furnishings and decorative items at Belle Vue Antiques.

    ‘Belle Vue Antiques really is a hidden gem in Shrewsbury’, said Sam. ‘We love the way our pieces fit into the showroom. We believe together we offer customers a great experience, with a lovely eclectic mix of good quality items available’.

    Everything at Belle Vue Antiques is sourced by proprietors Peter Grady and Edward Handbury-Madin, who are also experienced furniture restorers, operating their sister business Belle Vue Restorations from their workshop on site.

    There will always be someone there to offer a helping hand, and the showroom is managed by Nicola Madin, who has over 20 years’ experience in the antiques trade. There is ample free parking at the showroom, so it loading your car with all your lovely new pieces won't be a problem! Opening times are Monday–Friday 8.30am–4pm and Saturday by appointment (at present!).

    A map and directions can be found here. 

  • Galliers step in to help with pathway project
    23 Apr 2019

    A leading Shropshire building company has stepped in to help a village cricket club with a pathway project.

    Galliers Homes, which is developing 29 new properties at Bomere Heath, north of Shrewsbury, has linked up with the local cricket club to solve an access problem.

    Andy Mcilroy, vice chairman of Bomere Heath Cricket Club explained: “We have great facilities and a fabulous area for our community to enjoy but, being situated 400 yards outside the village on a very busy road without a footpath has meant that many people have not been able to walk to us.

    “However, we approached Galliers and they were only too keen to help resolve our issue, agreeing to build a footpath on the inside of the hedge, away from the road, providing a safe access for the local community to visit the ground.

    “The results are absolutely fabulous. The Galliers development is bringing much-needed new blood to the village and hopefully will increase the number of people enjoying the cricket, rounders, football and potentially a new bowling green.

    ‘We cannot thank Galliers enough for their help - they are a developer who clearly wants to support the local community and we hope that this will be the beginning of a long term relationship that will benefit both the cricket club and the village.”

    Sharon Taylor, marketing executive of Galliers, based on Shrewsbury Business Park, said that the firm was happy to build the new footpath and hoped that it would give a big boost to the cricket club and the village.

  • 4 Reasons to Advertise Your Business with Custom Postcards
    15 Jun 2017

    When you check the mail and notice that there’s a business postcard present, you probably have to do a double take - that’s how seldom this form of advertising is being utilized anymore. And while you might be able to reach a large volume of customers by sending out emails, you won’t be getting that high of a click through rate. The fact is that consumers respond best to advertisements when they aren’t expecting them. This is why you still see billboards up along the highway and some companies still send out holiday cards during the winter. If you are going to make your own postcard for business purposes keep reading for four reasons why it’s a good idea.

    1. Making a Direct Connection

    With any form of advertising there is a correct and incorrect way of doing things. Send out personalized business postcards that are addressed to your clients directly and you will get a highly favorable response. On the other hand, if you just send out generic postcards that don’t have catchy text, you won’t get any increased sales at your place of business.

    2.  Doing More of What Works

    Send a postcard to your customers that enables them to get a discount on a product or service, and you will see many of them coming in the day after they receive them with the postcards physically in their hands. If you encourage your customers to consider postcards that come from your business as important, they will start to expect them. In other words, this is just a very effective form of advertising that has been around for over one hundred years.

    3. Keep Your Customer Contacts Up to Date

    So, how exactly is a business to know when it has valid contact information for an existing or prospective customer? Email is the most convenient method, but it is also not all that reliable. In fact, most people have several email accounts that they might not check regularly. You can also call consumers, but that will cause a lot of confusion in most cases if they aren’t expecting your call. Remember that people check the mail when they feel like it, so they’re rarely irritated when receiving a piece of mailing from a business that they are familiar with.

    4. It Actually Works

    You might be sending custom business postcards to clients to remind them of appointments or to offer them additional savings on their next purchase. Whatever the reason is, you can anticipate a higher response rate with customized mailers than with emails or a website alone. Consumers know that you have to go out of your way to design a business postcard, have an appropriate number printed up and then spend money to mail them out, and they also appreciate the personal touch.

    Regardless of the size of your business budget, postcard mailings are affordable. Even if you can only send out a few dozen at a time to satisfied customers, you can enjoy an immediate return on investment if you are methodical. So, stop sending out email after email and do something for your customers that will inspire real engagement.

    Pete White
  • Shropshire Real Ale Trail
    21 Feb 2019

    Shropshire Real Ale Trail is a one day moving Real Ale Festival. Taking you off the beaten track to rural real ale pubs, without worrying who's driving! 

    Our dedicated bus service arrives every 30 minutes at each pub between 12noon and 10pm. Start and finish anywhere on route!

    Participating pubs:
    Bricklayers Arms, Shrewsbury
    The Bull, Rodington
    Ugly Duckling, Long Lone
    The Tiddly, Ellerdine
    The Bear, Hodnet
    Fox Inn, Wem
    Dickin Arms, Loppington
    Red Lion, Bomere Heath

    Tickets are £15 in advance, £18 on the day. Tickets available online at and at all participating pubs.

    P.S. Our events are for persons 24 & over. Sorry Stags and Hens this event is not for you.

  • Award winner Jemma qualifies with Wace Morgan
    07 Apr 2016

    An award-winning law student has qualified as a solicitor with leading local law firm Wace Morgan.

    Jemma Gilligan, a former pupil of Llanfair Caereinion High School, joined Wace Morgan Solicitors in 2012, shortly after completing her law degree at the University of Chester.

    She then went on to study the legal practice course, alongside her training contract, at the University of Law in Chester, gaining a distinction and receiving the ‘Knights Award’ for the student obtaining the highest mark in the advanced property paper.
    Jemma has now completed her training and has joined Wace Morgan’s commercial and civil litigation team, specialising in property issues, including boundary disputes and landlord and tenant matters; business and contract disputes and contentious probate.  

    She will now be dividing her time between the company’s Shrewsbury and Newtown offices.

    "I have gained invaluable experience with Wace Morgan in a number of specialist areas during my training here and I really look forward to starting my career as a qualified solicitor with such a prestigious firm," Jemma commented

    In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, swimming and running.

  • Shrewsbury’s original and most popular night club venue will re-open next week as Trade following a £100k re-fit
    21 Nov 2014

    Formally known as Tiffinys, The Fridge, Park Lane, Liberty's, Liquid & Diva and most recently, Onyx and Blu, which closed over a year ago, the venues at Raven Meadows Shrewsbury have been through many names changes but their function as the town’s most active nightclubs over the last 30 years has remained the same.

    The venues originally closed due to a planned re-development of the Riverside Shopping Mall, but due to re-analysis and delays with the project, a window for new social projects and shops to occupy the empty space has opened up. The re-opening of the nightspots is set to create more than 50 full and part time jobs and support at network of thousands of people.

    The venues have been named Trade and Niche, with Trade - the larger of the two venues featuring four rooms, opening Friday, November 28.

    Under new management, a Community Interest Company (CIC) has been established called The Shrewsbury Arts and Communities Collective. The CIC will focus on what has been popular in the past and combine the new image with new ideas and experiences, including a focus on social enterprises.

    Club Manager, Dene Edwards said: “What is set to be unique and exciting about Trade and Niche, is the social mission we have set out to achieve during the daytime. The project will offer up a space for community groups and musicians alike to meet, work and rehearse.

    “A wealth of groups are also collaborating in this project, including many charities and major events such as Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival, which has brought a wealth of artists to the town including Tinie Tempah, The 1975, Zane Lowe, Maximo Park, The Charlatans, Faithless and the venue itself has hosted historic artists such as The Stone Roses.

    Trade is and inviting all over 18's to come and celebrate its opening with a bubbly reception on Friday. It will be open from 8.30pm for invited guests and to the public from 10pm with free entry before 11pm and normal opening on Saturday 29.

    Niche, the sister venue, will open up at later date yet to be announced and will provide a space for more 'genre free' musical events such as live bands and 'niche' music projects.

    Mr Edwards added: “We are really excited by this project. In the evening we are providing a re-invented vision of the traditional nightclubbing experience with a few new concepts put in for good measure.

    “But what is truly great about this project is that the nightclub in the evening will help fund social enterprises in the day, which should not only help nurture the local creative scene but also provide a space and opportunity for many outlets and community groups to collaborate in a networked environment.

    “We have already invited in local artist Tasha Dale to create some original artwork for Trade – which has of course undergone a total image overhaul, and many more projects such as this are planned.

    “A few surprises are planned for Trade’s official opening which will offer a broad musical palette catering for tastes across the board across the rooms.”

    For more information on working at Trade and Niche, collaborating as a promoter or community group or to guarantee your space at the grand opening of the nightclub on November 28, visit

    Pete White
  • Shropshire school tennis centre wins award and will be replicated
    16 Feb 2018
    Representatives from Tennis Scotland and Ellesmere Tennis Academy with year 5 pupils Adam and Thomas Jacques at the award winning Tennis Centre at Ellesmere College

    A new state of the art tennis facility at a Shropshire school has been served an award for innovation and will be replicated across the UK.

    The Tennis Centre at Ellesmere College, which houses four full-size acrylic performance courts and changing rooms, won builders Rocklyn an Award for Excellence from the Sport and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) this month (Feb 8).

    The company, based in Scotland, fought against planning officers at Shropshire Council to stick to the original designs for the LTA standard centre.

    Gareth Howe, sales manager at Rocklyn, said: "The Ellesmere College project is the largest of its kind we've completed in England and we're absolutely delighted to have picked up the SAPCA Award for it.

    "One of the challenges we had was that the local planning officers wanted to change the plans by initially insisting on an opaque roof.

    "We immediately arranged a meeting, explaining how a translucent roof ensures the centre benefits from natural light and has a positive effect on the playing environment and sustainability of the facility."

    Rocklyn beat 17 other finalist to be handed the award for the fabric-framed structure.

    The project also included the design and installation of an LED lighting system in compliance with LTA specifications and the possibility to open the side and gable walls to a height of 3.8metres, allowing air to flow through the building.

    The centre took around nine months to complete last summer and was opened by Annabel Croft.

    Each court has been named after inspirational members of the Shropshire tennis community – such as Cathy Sabine, President of the LTA from Much Wenlock, and Barbara Goolden, founder of the Tennis Academy at Ellesmere.

    Headmaster Brendan Wignall said: "Ellesmere has a national reputation for its sporting prowess and this is a great development, which will not only allow us to develop our tennis to an even higher standard, but should help more people get involved in tennis across the community.

    “It's an enormous building and a fantastic facility."

    The local community, schools and clubs are able to book the indoor courts for use and have coaching sessions, as well as use the college’s six floodlit, all weather courts and nine artificial grass courts.

    Stephen Welti, director of tennis at the college, said: "We have 120 students playing tennis every week already, it's one of our biggest sports.

    “The hope is that we can grow participation and excellence in our fabulous new facility not just for the students, but also for the wider community.

    “We are already working with the LTA to fit regular weekend tournaments into the

    calendar, starting in April.

    “So much has the interest been in the facility, that on March 17 and 18, Tennis Wales will play Tennis Scotland in a series of matches over the two days hear at Ellesmere.”

    This week Ben Stephenson, commercial director at Rocklyn, visited the college site alongside bosses from Tennis Scotland and the Designer for Tennis Scotland to see if this design should be replicated over the border.

  • How to Get the Most Cheer for Your Change this Christmas
    16 Dec 2014

    If there’s one thing that the internet is good for, it’s the enormous preponderance of money off deals, sales and offers that propagate the neon-lit avenues of the web. As such, in order to entice customers to spend at their sites, practically every e-commerce site online will be running some form of online offer this Christmas, however sorting the good from the bad, finding the best deals, or simply finding the deals in the first place can all be annoying obstacles to finding and getting the top discounted items.

    Codes, Codes, Codes

    Your grandma knew the gist of this one long before you, having spent years cutting out money-off vouchers in magazines and newspapers! Much like the paper-based equivalent, money off voucher codes are one of the primary ways in which online sites dole out those delicious deals. Websites will either display the codes via banners on their sites during sale or special offer periods, but even if codes aren’t displayed there’s a very high likelihood there are ones ready to be used, and it’s usually a safe bet that you’ll be granted a little money off! Head over to a site like hotukdeals, type in the website you’d like to find a discount code for, and press enter!

    Game for Less

    Online gaming and betting sites are everywhere nowadays, having enjoyed a thawing of the public’s perception of gambling. If you enjoy using these sites responsibly, then there’s usually a huge number of deals ran by the sites there to be used, if you look hard enough! Many sites offer bonus deals; Fortunepalace displays for users gaming offers and bonuses from a huge number of online gaming sites, a boon for those that simply want to kick back and relax ever Christmas. Using this site you can play across multiple providers, taking advantage of the different offers and in the process making quite a fair bit of Christmas spending money! The site also shows you how to correctly use betting systems such as the 1342 system; with this knowhow, you can maximise your gaming, turning it from a entertaining stab in the dark to a still-very-merry exercise in winning!

    Event Deals

    They truly are beacons of consumerism, but however you perceive them deals that take place on only one day are a great way to get more bang for your buck. Days like Black Friday, Tech Monday and the like may be known by the ridiculous images of shoppers fighting it out in superstores, but savvy shoppers should stay away from the melee and do all of their shopping online. There will be more stock on offer, more choice, a less stressful experience, and, if the online store is running a free postage and packaging deal, you’ll save the money you otherwise would have spent on petrol!

    Pete White
  • Swansea City Opera Win Again At Theatre Severn
    10 Mar 2018

    The Barber Of Seville

    Swansea City Opera/Dinas Abertawe

    Theatre Severn


    If there is one spectacle you should witness in your life iit should be Theatre Severn working full tilt to create a magical show. If you have already, you will know how wonderful it is to see the orchestra pit open and hearing  live music emitting from within, you will know how it is to see the stage full of activity, you will have seen scenery changing and the space being used to its maximum worth. If you have seen all that that already, the chances are you will have experienced a Swansea City Opera show. You will also have heard Swansea City Opera Orchestra as their instruments bring such beautiful scores to life; thus re-enforcing any previous held views that S.C.O. are the hottest ticket around. Tonight was no exception as their own highly set standards were reached and eclipsed. This company get better and better. How do they do it?

    One reason why may be their ability to find such depth in their characters, bearing in mind convention dictates everything has to be portrayed with music, gesture and song. What’s this, you think, why state the obvious? Well it’s not obvious until you see it done badly, then you start to understand the formula that makes Swansea City Opera  appealing not just in  Shrewsbury but Nation and Worldwide too.

    Obviously the drama is character led and the plots are never really too challenging as the beautiful singing is what you really want to concentrate on. But that’s not to say the story isn’t important, far from it, Swansea brings every text to life with their strong characterisation, sublime singing, soothing music, beautiful timing and pure comedy.

    This opera does have a few golden opportunities for comedy and each and every one was identified and nailed to the wall by Artistic Director Brendan Wheatley. The whole thing was punctuated by comedic situations, close on Brian Rix’s bedroom farce of it's day this one delighted the eager audience.

    The central character is difficult to isolate as everyone’s character was totally justified in the narrative. One is of the opinion however that  for noticeability, Håkan Vramso’s is a name that belongs in opera he has an incredible voice and he made a treat out of the part of Figaro. William Wallace’s Count Almaviva was memorable too. However all characters found who they were and like pieces in a beautiful machine they all worked together to bring this hilarious opera to a 21st century audience. Quite a challenge for a story that first features in a play by Beaumarchais , written in 1816.

    For pure comedic gold the character of Don Bartolo, played by Brendan Wheatley, was so well observed and rounded. Brendan not only directed but found time to perform too. He built up a beautiful veneer of character that really appealed to everyone and the audience were relieved when he turned out to be a goody.

    In fact there are no baddies, rare? I know, but this is just an innocuous story of love and wealth. There was a bit of a struggle as to who was going to marry the beautiful Rosina but there was no blood shed and everyone ended as friends..

    The part of Rosina was absolutely nailed by the adorable soprano sounds of Jessica Robinson. Gorgeously crafted notes that leave her mouth so powerfully, land excellently on the ear. She is great!

    With simple scenery, flats suggesting outdoor and indoor scenes,  and an uncomplicated lighting plan,  the true focus is on what this incredibly talented bunch from over the border are capable of musically. The logical question presents itself as,  what next from these guys? This is at least S.C.O.’s third time to Theatre Severn and each time they steal just a little more of everybody’s heart.  Naturally one waits with bated breath.

    An ambition or goal of S.C.O. is to engage youngsters and get them to connect with Opera. Well let’s face it if the young don’t interface (as they may call it) with this art form the performers will get less and less until they are all gone. Heaven forbid that appalling notion.

    So keeping accessibility to the fore, making sure that families venture out together to catch the shows and  by making sure they are beautifully played and sung every time ensuring  the audience goes home entertained are all critical variables.

    S.C.O. understand all of that and respond beautifully, again and again. Pure Welsh wizardry!

    This is a Four Star Review

    Owen J.Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • Celebrations all around as Newport Show marks two milestones and main ring attractions are revealed for this year's event
    21 Apr 2019
    Crowds at the 2018 Newport Show

    The ‘kiss of death’, ‘heel clicker’, ‘lazy boy’, and the ‘Superman seat grab’ are just a few of the incredible aerial tricks awaiting visitors to the 110th Newport Show this year.

    Show Manager Sally Western, who celebrated one year in the position earlier this year, has revealed the stunts will be performed by the Bolddog Lings, this year’s main attraction.

    And the show on July 13 is looking up to be bigger and better than ever to mark the special anniversary.

    Sally said: “We have plenty of new attractions this year and all the favourites too.

    “We will be marking the 110th show and want people all over Newport and beyond to join us.

    “On show day our agricultural roots will be well represented but it is also very much a show for the whole family.

    “Alongside the gripping freestyle motocross display team Bolddog Lings, who keep the audience on the edge of their seats, we’ll have camel racing and a chance for visitors to meet the camels.

    “There are a few other new aspects of the show that I can’t quite reveal just yet so watch this space.

    “But once again we’ll have the live bands playing in the early evening, unique to this show, and hundreds of trade stands, competitive classes, livestock, horses, the Festival of Food area and the Education Hub.

    “Back by popular demand, the Mountain Bike Aerial Display (M.A.D.) team from Kent will once again be performing their stunts in the Village Green area.”

    The event will take place at Chetwynd Deer Park and tickets can be bought online at

    “To have been involved for a year now is a special occasion for me,” Sally added.

    “The people of the town are a huge support and I have been able to listen to feedback from last year and use it to shape the event for July this year.

    “I am really looking forward to it and having been involved in the planning right from the end of last year’s show, it’s a special one for me this year.”

  • Not Completely Blonde!
    13 Sep 2012

    It all started with an idea. We came together for a school concert, knowing that singing was each of our passions, to perform a song together. However, something awesome happened too. Our voices blended, harmonies soared, people cheered and we thought we sounded pretty darn good. After that, nearly every song we knew and loved was experimented with, from the classic Beatles repertoire to modern day Taio Cruz club hits.

    We were recently Radio Shropshire's Song of the Month for June with our original track "The Coffee Song" and subsequently we released a music video for the same track filmed in the Shrewsbury Coffee House. We also have a music video for our track "The Moment", both of which you can find on We also have a selection of cover videos on another channel which we are always adding to.

    We were Oswestry's O Factor winners in 2011, made it to the area finals in Open Mic UK 2011 and were finalists in the Rock the House 2012 competition. We are constantly writing and recording our own material and in the next few days will have our first EP released entitled "Two Sides of the Atlantic." We gig around our hometown of Ellesmere, Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry and Chester and are playing our first festival, Cockshutt Music Festival on 15th September and the Black Country Boat Festival on 16th September.

    Here are some other links:

  • Love your Shrewsbury business?
    03 Jul 2012
    Love Shrewsbury business directory

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  • Oxbridge success for Shrewsbury Sixth Form College students
    07 Mar 2014

    Shrewsbury Sixth Form College Principal Martin Ward has, this week, hosted a celebratory lunch with the colleges' successful Oxford and Cambridge applicants.

    Seven students have been successful this year in their applications to these prestigious institutions with four students being offered places at colleges at Oxford and three at Cambridge. The subjects are wide ranging from Civil Engineering at Magdalen College, Oxford and History with French at Worcester College Oxford, to Geography at Churchill College, Cambridge and Maths with Physics at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

    "We are delighted that the hard work and ability of these exceptional students has been rewarded with much coveted conditional offers of places at colleges at Oxford and Cambridge." said Principal Martin Ward "They have taken advantage of all the support on offer and deserve every success".

    Steve McAlinden Assistant Principal Student Support adds "we are passionate about providing every student with the appropriate support to help them achieve their ambitions after leaving SSFC. The Careers and Progression programme at the college aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to access expert advice and guidance and this includes offering a specific programme of events for those students who aspire to study at Oxford and Cambridge."

    Pete White
  • Ironbridge hotel launches search for 'mum of the year'
    25 Jan 2018

    A Shropshire hotel is starting the search for their ‘mum of the year’ this spring.

    Staff at the Best Western Valley Hotel in Ironbridge are launching the competition this week, in order to crown the winner in time for Mother’s Day.

    Lisa Snape, sales and marketing manager at the Valley Hotel, said the hotel was excited to highlight the excellent work of local mums.

    “We have successfully held a range of events over the years, such as weddings, parties and mother's day celebrations, and have met many fantastic mums throughout that time,” she said.

    “We wanted to find a way to recognise the hard work and achievements of mums all over Shropshire, and thought this competition was the perfect way to do so.

    “It is clear that there are supermums all over the county and we’ll be looking at what they have achieved.

    “It could be within their family, work or community life, and we want to celebrate those achievements here at The Valley.

    “The hotel itself has always been a family run business and so we know first hand how important a supportive mum is.”

    The winner of the competition will be treated to a delicious Mother’s Day lunch for two in the award winning Chez Maw restaurant, which has recently celebrated holding its AA two-rosette status for 15 years.

    Lisa added: “With only 10% of venues across the UK receiving one rosette or above, we are proud to offer the ‘mum of the year’ and her family the opportunity to experience our high quality, innovative food and fine dining experience.”

    Set in the heart of Ironbridge, The Valley Hotel boasts fantastic views and an idyllic setting, alongside being only an eight minute walk from the famous World Heritage site, the Iron Bridge itself.

    Anyone who thinks their mum deserves to be crowned Shropshire ‘mum of the year’, can email [email protected] and say in under 500 words why their mum, or a mum you know, should win the title and the prize - the competition closes on February 19.

  • Global security firm celebrates 35 years at Shropshire HQ
    22 Apr 2019

    An internationally renowned security company based in Shropshire is celebrating 35 years in business - and continues to go from strength to strength.

    Bulldog Security Products is now based in Much Wenlock but started life as a one-man band when company founder Ray Jordan created a caravan stabiliser in a shed at his home in Bridgnorth in 1984.

    The company has grown and evolved over the years and has maintained its position as an industry leader in producing high quality security products which continue to set the benchmark in the fight against crime in what has become a truly international operation.

    Bulldog remains a family business with Mavis and Ray’s son Ian now at the helm as managing director, after spending all his working life with the firm, his brother Neil is a director, Ian’s wife Yvonne is company secretary and the next generation of Jordans is also well represented with Lucy and Andy employed by the company.

    The firm now employs 16 people, with the majority of staff having given many years loyal service - something Ian says has played a major part in the company’s continued success.

    “We are immensely proud of our team and the long service element means we have a wealth of experience to draw on, our people know what the company is all about, what is required from our products and really buy-in to the whole Bulldog ethos,” he said.

    “People buy into people and the personal customer service is at the heart of everything we do here at Bulldog. 

    “We may have been forced into a digital world in recent years but people - fantastic employees - are most certainly the key to success.”

    Ian says the family history is important and the success his father founded.

    “Dad was an engineer and created a caravan stabiliser in his shed back in 1984 after deciding the dangers of towing caravans was so serious something needed to be done about it.

    “The idea took off, he ended up forming his own company. He moved his operation to a Nissen hut in Church Lane, Bridgnorth, and then to Much Wenlock. That Nissen hut is still there, by the way, and being used today!

    “Dad’s company was called Leisure Craft and is still in existence within the family business but he then formed Bulldog Security Products - a nod to Winston Churchill, someone he had always admired.”

    Ian said the company’s first employee still works for the firm as a robot technician, who was joined later by his brother Lee, who is also still with at Bulldog as a production and manufacturing operative.

    “The loyalty of our staff is truly amazing and in an ever-changing world where staff turnover seems to be taking place at a mind-boggling pace, it’s reassuring to know that we are bucking this trend, and are proud to do so, with the benefits this brings to the company. Our staff don’t retire from Bulldog until they want to!”

    Ian said the company journey is important.

    “Our company moved to a unit on the Stretton Road Industrial Estate in Much Wenlock in 1988 and within a short time we had three then a fourth. In the early days we made everything then we had a spell where most of it was produced off-site, but these days virtually everything is made on the premises which is great for all involved.

    “We have always been known and respected for making tough, high quality products that are helping people keep themselves and their property safe from attack. As thieves have become more sophisticated so has the need to keep developing, upgrading and providing new products to stay one step ahead.

    “Bulldog products are highly sought after and we export to destinations all over the world - while still being proud to be a part of the Shropshire business economy. We source all of our products from the UK, an important factor in helping us to maintain the highest level of quality and service.

    “Our Bulldog brand is stronger than ever and covers every kind of security product across a number of different areas like cars, quads, motorbikes, caravans, trailers buildings, plant equipment and equestrian. We also supply a comprehensive range of GPS tracking systems,” Ian said.

    “We have solutions for areas including leisure, domestic and commercial, have state-of-the-art equipment like our laser-cutting machine, a robot that welds products and a test rig which ensures all our products conform to the highest standards. We are also able to provide an extensive back-up service with all relevant spares.

    “After 35 years in business Bulldog is still leading the market, we are able to move with the times but our objectives remain the same - to continue providing the best security product to protect our clients, something we will be striving to continue for many more years to come.”

  • Luxury travel agency launches in Shrewsbury
    06 Dec 2016
    Emily Soden, Leighann Morgan and Lydia Darby of Opulent Travel Services

    A new luxury travel agency has launched in Shrewsbury, specialising in bespoke holidays, corporate business and VIP and concierge-style travel.

    Opulent Travel Services has been launched by Leighann Morgan who has a 20-year background within the travel industry.

    Miss Morgan worked for big industry names such as Going Places, Thomson’s and Baker Dolphin, as well as various independent travel agencies,  before starting her own business.

    “Five years ago I branched out on my own, firstly as a Travel Counsellor and then as an independent agent. Opulent Travel Services is an evolution into luxury travel,” she said.

    “I believe service-orientated business is where the future lies in the industry. Opulent Travel is all about providing customers with high quality personal service, being accessible to the client whenever they need us 24-7.”

    The company has been launched with the support of The Global Travel Group franchise which gives Opulent Travel access to a vast electronic database and full client protection under its ATOL licence.

    Miss Morgan has taken on two extra staff to help run the agency which operates out of offices in Town Walls, Shrewsbury.

    “Nearly all of my business comes from personal recommendation and 85 per cent is repeat business. Many of my clients have been with me for years,” she said.

    “As an independent travel agency we’re not tied to in-house products. Recently we’ve been putting bespoke packages together for high end luxury cruises and a number of luxury group trips to the USA.”

    Opulent Travel also takes care of the travel arrangements of VIPs including CEOs of large companies and works with agents representing sporting personalities and celebrities. Miss Morgan has clients all over the UK and regularly spends time working with clients in London.

    Miss Morgan has won awards in the past, including Mumpreneur UK Best Saleswoman Award winner 2012. She came to the attention of prestigious clients after featuring in the national lifestyle magazine Fabulous four years ago and making an appearance on the BBC Big Breakfast sofa for International Women’s Day.  

    The same year she was invited by prestigious clients to develop connections at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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