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  • [email protected] presents Kali
    03 Jun 2020

    On a trip to Kolkata, storyteller Emily Hennessey became intrigued by the origins of the Hindu goddess, Kali. Her show takes you on a white-knuckled tuc-tuc ride through sun-kissed palaces, fiend-infested forests and every cacophonous saffron-scented marketplace in between, with Sheema Mukherjee setting the scene with her some exquisite sitar playing.

    Kali is being presented as part of the [email protected] programme of online events. They are asking audiences to enjoy the show from home, by collectively watching it online on Thursday 4th June at 2:30pm. After the show, the audience can log in to a post show live chat with Emily Hennessey and musician Sheema Mukherjee. The arts initiative is designed to provide cultural experiences to communities in Shropshire and Herefordshire whilst theatres and performance spaces remain closed.

    Emily Hennessey has performed at the British Museum, Soho Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Opera House, Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival and Delhi Storytelling Festival, captivating audiences with her stories, myths, epics, folktales and wondertales from around the world. She describes Hindu mythology as, “Illuminating a mind-blowing world of radical transformations, from demure housewife to bloodthirsty goddess, gurgling infant to elephant man, meditating sage to cosmic fire-eater.”

    She adds, “Kali is one of the wildest shape-shifters of all. Demon-slayer, lifesaver, supreme-mother, destruction-dancer - this goddess is truly awesome. When an evil power spreads its clawed hands across the world, Kali’s time has come. So sit back, enjoy a matinee performance from the comfort of your home, and join us for a chat after the show!”

    Kali is suitable for ages fourteen and over. To watch the show visit, select the Kali event and follow the link to the pre-recorded show. Email [email protected] to receive a private link to the live conversation after the performance.

  • Ludlow 10 Race Goes Virtual
    04 Jun 2020

    Ludlow 10, an annual 10km race through Ludlow’s medieval streets, is not able to go ahead this year due to the restrictions in place around the Covid-19 outbreak. The race, which attracted nearly 400 runners last year, would have been the fourth Ludlow 10. However, organisers are determined to keep their runners motivated by turning it in to a virtual experience. They will be awarding medals for 10km runs carried out at any time and place over the weekend of Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2020 when the race was due to take place.

    The event is being organised by BeEndurance, who also run the Storm the Castle duathlon. One of the organisers, Matt Green, is encouraging people to sign up now.  He comments, “We were devastated to have to cancel the event as it has gained such a loyal following over the last few years. Many people are in need of positive goals to work towards right now, so we decided to create a virtual race where the runners’ hard work can still be recognised and awarded with our medals.

    “The beauty of the virtual race is that runners can complete their 10km run anywhere they like – on roads, trails or even on a treadmill. All we ask is that runners abide by Government guidelines regarding travel, exercise and social distancing.

    “This is a great way to stay in shape whilst raising money for a worthy cause.”

    The event is open to all to sign up for, and participants must register in advance. The cost is £10 per person and all profits will be donated to a local NHS charity. Be Endurance will provide coaching plans to help get runners in shape for the 10km, and they will be asking runners to use some sports timing software to track their run, which will collate all of the results.

    For more information and to sign up visit Updates for runners will be posted on

  • Local Care Company takes steps to show their staff how much they really care
    29 May 2020




    Local care company, Bluebird Care Shropshire, have rewarded their staff and their children with care packages and colouring pages to thank them for their continued hard work during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Bluebird Care Shropshire, located in Bayston hill, and operating all around Shropshire and Oswestry, sent colouring pages and thank you notes to the children of their Care staff, to let them know how hard their parents work. Amongst the colouring pages was a “Message from Claire” the director of Care at Bluebird Care Shropshire, also thanking the children for staying home and staying safe.

    Claire Flavell, director of Care at Bluebird Care had this to say about her colourful message:

    “I want to tell the children that they have a very special mum or dad; when he or she goes out to work they are helping people to live safe in their own home, and I am very proud to be able to say I work with them.”

    “I thought the children might like to colour in something to show their parents how special they are and to help me say ‘thank you’ for everything they are doing. I also want to say a big ‘thank you’ for staying home and keeping safe too.”

    That’s not all, however. Sammie Milton, who works in Bluebird Care’s Main office, took further steps to thank the staff by putting together a “care package” for each and every care assistant. Each package includes a facemask, some sweeties, and a “Thank you” bracelet.

    Sammie Milton, Assistant to the director of care at Bluebird Care Shropshire said:
    “We want to make sure that every single care assistant who is going above and beyond during these extraordinary times knows just how much we appreciate and value their hard work.”

    “This is an incredibly challenging and stressful time for all of us. But at a time when lots of people are staying home to stay safe, many of our staff members are out in the community, doing absolutely essential work to ensure each customer is receiving the care they require.”

    Ian Barnes, Director of Bluebird Care Shropshire said:

    “We feel that there has never been a better time to recognise the care assistants in our community and we ask everybody to say a ‘Big Thank You’ and show your support to all of them!”

    If you would be interested in a rewarding career in care, contact Bluebird Care on 01743 874343, email [email protected] or visit



    Bluebird Care Shropshire was crowned Best Home Care Team Award at the regional finals of the Great British Care Awards and is going through to the national finals in October in Birmingham.


    The company recently took steps towards a fairer future by raising their pay to £10 p/h for all care assistants, regardless of age.


    For more information about Bluebird Care call 01743 874343, email [email protected] or visit



    Twitter: @CareShropshire





    Alice Evans, Care assistant, and Jess Hutton, Care assistant, with their care packages.




  • Raw pet food store to open in Telford next week
    29 May 2020
    Raw pet food store to open in Telford next week

    A new specialist shop selling raw pet food will be opening its doors in Telford.

    Owners Keith Murray and partner Ros Crocker had started the move to open their first raw pet food store before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and despite the downturn in the economy they are determined to open their retail shop. 

    Roxy’s Raw Food will be opening its doors at Wombridge Road Shopping Centre in Trench on Monday (June 1st).

    Due to the demand the couple have taken pre-orders for delivery and collection and have a number of orders ready for Monday. The interest in the shop has been so that people have been calling in with their dogs as the shop has been prepared.

    Keith and Ros have completely revamped the shop on Teagues Crescent so it is ready for its first customers.

    The shop will be selling frozen raw dog food and will look to expand its offering for other pets in the future. The full range of products can be viewed at

    The couple had been making a 60-mile round trip to buy raw food for their much loved dogs Roxy and Tigger and wanted to be able to offer the products closer to home to pet lovers across the borough.

    Keith, 50, said: “Raw pet food is already a huge market across the UK and an area which has experienced significant growth over the last 12 months.

    “We had enjoyed the improved health and wellbeing of our beloved dogs Roxy and Tigger since introducing a raw food diet and wanted to be able to offer this conveniently here in Telford.

    “We have been doing a 60-mile round trip for our raw dog food which meant to make it economical we had to stock up for a few weeks but that brought problems like storage space and also time.

    “We wanted to bring this offering to the high street with convenient parking, first class raw food supplies and products and convenient opening times and service.

    “Obviously Covid-19 and lockdown wasn’t part of the business plan but we have continued through and secured the lease and are nearly ready to open our doors.

    “We will be opening under social distancing rules so just like people have been queuing two metres apart to go into supermarkets the same will happen at Roxy’s Raw Food and we will operate a one in, one out procedure for now until rules are relaxed further.

    “We will be staying open until much later in the day to be able to meet the needs of working pet owners.

    “We will also be operating a delivery service as just like people want their weekly food shop delivered to their door, they also want and need the same service for their dogs.”

    The pair have been overwhelmed with the support so far.

    Ros said the power and importance of “shop local” had been demonstrated in recent weeks and hoped this would continue post-lockdown.

    “Independently owned shops have really excelled - they have been forced into offering a new service and to go on-line whereas they may not have previously needed to and have offered a delivery service which they previously may not have done.

    “We want people to really appreciate those who have gone above and beyond and to continue using their local shop or supplier as we come through this pandemic.

    “Raw food has been a game changer for our two much loved companions and we want to share that offering to other pet lovers.

    “Our suppliers are some of the best in the country - any pet lover will know they only want the best for their pet and it is the minimum they deserve.

    “We’ve seen Roxy and Tigger grow with a shiny coat, with cleaner teeth and much nicer breath than they had before we made the change to their diet.

    “Their energy levels boomed and we have much happier, healthier dogs. We have friends whose dogs had inflammatory issues which have eased since the change in their dog’s diet too.

    “We hope once we are up and running we will be expanding the Roxy team. Keith and I are very much looking forward to meeting the dog lovers of Telford and obviously their pooches too.”

    The pair will be offering opening competitions and giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram pages @RoxysRawFood and will be open for anybody looking for advice over the phone, to make an order for delivery or face to face advice at the shop - following socially distanced rules and a one-in, one-out rule.

    They plan to do an official open day later in the year when it is safe to do so.

    For more information visit or call Keith on 07494 567 707 or email [email protected].


  • Shropshire Charities Team Up for Move As One
    03 Jun 2020

    As a direct result of COVID-19, many local charities have missed out on thousands of pounds of income, normally generated through local fundraising and events. This will affect each charity in the long term and prevent them from delivering the vital support and work they regularly provide.

    Move as One aims to provide much needed funds to four very worthwhile and local causes. These are Shrewsbury Town In The Community, Little Rascals Foundation, Hope House Children’s Hospices, SAHA Football Club. Our simple mission is to ensure that these charities can continue to survive and provide for the local area throughout and after the crisis by raising that lost income. 

    Move as One is an exercise based event that will launch on 1st June which asks participants to run, cycle, or walk to contribute towards a collective goal of 2788 miles; this is equivalent to the distance from Montgomery Waters Meadow to each one of the stadiums in the English Football League One!

    Whether you are a hardened fitness enthusiast or taking part in a challenge for the first time, Move as One is for you! Taking part is easy, simply complete your run-cycle-walk in your own time, at your own pace, log your miles and send your results to us. We will then add your miles to our group total. Remember, every mile counts! So please do send us your score, not matter how big or small.

    We ask that all who wish to take part make a suggested donation of £10.00 via our Crowdfunder. Download a run-cycle-walk tracker and start moving!

    For the more competitive participant, we also have leader-boards showing our furthest mover. Individual and team leader-boards are available. For more information on these please email [email protected]

    For more information on any of the above please contact a member of the team on [email protected]

  • Is banana good for psoriasis?
    25 Sep 2019

    Are you embarrassed and fade up using so many cures for psoriasis relief but in vain? Then you are not alone. There are many people with psoriasis finding a sustainable way to treat their psoriasis conditions. You already know that both the online and offline market is flooded with so many products conducting the disease. Most of them are not up to the mark.

    The whole world is turning back to the natural cures for curing diseases. Having a little to zero side effects, people across the globe use natural remedies. Managing psoriasis may be a daunting task to many but controllable. This health condition can blow your self-esteem, as well. It is mostly seen on the elbows, knees, and scalp, and sometimes it can affect other parts of your body, including legs, trunk, and nails.

    Banana as a natural cure can be one of the best options to deal with your psoriasis problem at home. Uncover the cure is such a place where you can get in-depth insight all about psoriasis and its treatment as well.

    I want to tell you about the disease, psoriasis before I delve deeper.

    What Psoriasis is

    Psoriasis can be a chronic, genetic, shared, and systemic inflammatory disease found mostly on your skin. You will find elevated itchy plaques that are raised red skin on the affected area. Psoriasis is found mainly on the elbows, scalp, and knees. Also, it can affect your legs, nails, and trunk. You will feel itchiness and plaque on the affected area as its symptoms.

    Keeping your affected area moisturized is more important when you suffer from this chronic skin disease. When your doctor confirms you that you have psoriasis, you need to take measures to manage it. You should not let it spread on your whole body.

    How Banana peel is suitable for psoriasis

    Banana peel contains a high amount of antioxidant that keeps your skin moisturized. It is one of the most widely-used home remedies for skin conditions, including psoriasis. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure your skin conditions. Psoriasis makes your skin dry and develops a feeling of itchiness most times. Its extract soothes your affected area of skin, resulting in relieving psoriasis.

    Clean the affected area and rub the banana peel

    At first, you will need a banana peel. Smaller pieces are more convenient to rub, so make small pieces of banana peel. Once you have cut them into small pieces, start rubbing gently over the affected area. Make sure you are massaging the inside of the skin.

    At one point, you will notice that the inside of the peel will go brown. When you see the brown color of banana peel, stop. The process may take not more than 10 minutes.

    After knowing the process, it will take less time to prepare for the next day. Applying the healing process twice a day can improve your skin condition day by day.

    As I have mentioned above that banana peel is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps your skin soothe and relieve pain also.

    Banana peel paste is also useful

    With a butter knife, scrape off the white part from the banana peel. When you are done with sufficient white part from the banana peel, mash it with a blender to get a soft paste. Now it is time to apply the paste over your affected skin area like an ointment. You should leave it not more than 2 minutes and clean properly.

    This banana peel paste needs to apply on the affected skin area twice a day for better result. It is an alternative natural cure to using an ointment for psoriasis. The paste also helps to soothe and hydrate your affected itchy skin.

    Banana peel and honey combined

    To make this preparation for the treatment of your psoriasis, you need one banana peel and two tablespoons of raw honey. You can prepare it within 5 minutes or less. The process of making this paste is similar to the previous one. When you are done with making a soft, smooth paste of banana peel, add two tablespoons of pure honey with the dough and shake well.

    After blending the paste and honey correctly, you are ready to apply it over your affected skin area. For a good result, you have to leave the paste on your skin at least for half an hour. After the time finishes, rinse the applied area just with lukewarm water. Using the paste of banana peel and honey twice a day will be helpful to cure your psoriasis.

    Like banana peel, honey also has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help your skin keep moisturized for a long time.

    Banana peel along with coal tar

    Using coal tar is a universal remedy for treating psoriasis. It helps reduce the redness of your skin and itchiness feeling. Besides, coal tar helps to slow down the speedy growth of your skin cell. The combination of coal tar and banana peel assists your skin keep hydrated.

    To prepare the combination of the banana peel along with coal tar, you need one banana peel and one tablespoon of coal tar. Mix them well and shake before you are going to apply it on your affected skin area. Five minutes are enough to prepare this combination. Allow it at least two minutes on your skin and then rinse with cool water.

    Final Thought

    Apart from other so-called treatment for psoriasis, banana can be a good thing to consider as a natural remedy to treat your skin problem. Banana peel has many medication values, especially for the skin. You can use banana for other skin diseases. It is practical and works better. Although psoriasis is a painful skin disease, proper treatment can help you get rid of this skin problem.

    Pete White
  • A Shropshire farmer’s wife launches business from lifelong fudge hobby
    20 May 2020

    Just nine months ago a Shropshire mum and farmer’s wife left her job to work full-time on her career as an artisan fudge maker – and even lock-down can’t keep her from churning out the fudge!

    Hannah Edwards, from The Oaks, near Pulverbatch, Shrewsbury, has made fudge for as long as she can remember.

    The 37-year-old decided to officially make a career out of it after family and friends gave her and her fudge the nudge they needed.

    Hannah, a mum of three, said she spent her childhood holidays in pursuit of the perfect fudge and later trying to perfect her own.

    “I experimented a lot,” said Hannah, a former nursery teacher. “And my family and friends were the willing taste testers. Last year, a friend gave me the push I needed and shoved the number of a south Shropshire graphic designer in my hand and instructed me to call!

    “I spoke to Mills Graphic Design the next day and he helped me come up with my brand name, logo and packaging designs.

    “Literally five weeks later I had a company launch party for Upper Oaks Fudge, at my home which the fudge is named after, with a saleable product.

    “After initially launching on social media, demand had taken off so much that I was spending every spare minute making fudge, packaging and posting, finding local suppliers and raising brand awareness.

    “I had to quit my job, just a few weeks later, something I hadn’t planned on doing for a further six months while I built up the company.”

    Now Upper Oaks fudge is stocked at Ludlow Farm Shop, Battlefield 1403 in Shrewsbury, Entertaining Elephants in Church Stretton and Shropshire’s Own in Longden.

    Hannah was a week away from stocking at her product at The Bog Visitor Centre at the Stiperstones, a seasonal seven-month contract, which would have given her business a huge boost. But this has been halted due to the UK coronavirus lockdown.

    She has developed 16 flavours including salted caramel, cappuccino, whiskey cream and seasonal options such as lemon meringue for summer and chocolate orange at Christmas.

    The company also offers corporate gifts, wedding and party favours and welcome gifts at holiday lets as well as ‘letterbox’ packages so her fudge gifts can always be delivered safely.

    “I make all the fudge by hand, at home in my kitchen, and I use local cream and milk as the basis and local ingredients wherever possible. I also use other local businesses to help, from graphic design to website designers Lodge Digital and stockists.

    “I am learning everything I can myself to make the business a success. I spend my evenings researching how to use social media to its full potential and doing photography courses to better my product shots.”

    Two weeks ago, the family suffered a huge blow when Hannah’s husband John was involved a serious farming accident and nearly lost his eye.

    “John doesn’t and can’t do time off. There is always too much to do on a farm and he works in all conditions and if he’s ill. But a cow charged at him and John was hit in the face by a metal bar which broke his nose and nearly caused him to lose his sight. He’s had several trips to hospital and an operation, and his eye was saved. But he hasn’t been able to work while he recovers and waits for his sight to return.”

    This has left Hannah home-schooling her three children and looking after her husband, as well as trying to keep her independent business successfully running,

    Upper Oaks Fudge is still operating despite the difficulties of a UK lockdown, as Hannah is able to offer a safe, social distancing postal service.

    To find out more about Hannah’s fudge, visit, or her Etsy shop UpperOaksFudge follow her on facebook or instagram at upperoaks. You can also email Hannah at [email protected]

  • Teenage life under lockdown
    15 May 2020

    This is a guest article by Shrewsbury student, Lucy.

    For many people, myself included, 2020 was going to be ‘the year’. The year where I went out with my friends more often, the year where I am going to turn 16, the year that was supposed to be full of a lot of fun. However, that hasn’t quite become a reality as for the last 8 weeks, we’ve all been stuck indoors and our freedom to move around will be significantly curbed for the foreseeable future. 

    Now surely, being in lockdown must be a walk in the park- just think about it, being stuck at home means endless day of wandering round, eating cake and sunbathing in the garden. However, the harsh reality is somewhat different to this idyllic image of forever eating cake in my garden. For many people, myself included, lockdown came as a massive shock, being in the same place all day is much different to the fast paced society that we were all living in just 2 months ago. 

    Yes, lockdown can be seen as a chance to do nothing but eat all day, however, under all the negativity, I feel that there are some surprising benefits that many people may have overlooked. Quarantine could be a much needed chance for you to recharge your batteries and get some time just to rest and relax, taking on a much slower pace than we are used to living in. For many people, being separated from family, friends and boyfriends/girlfriends has provided a strange chance to actually become closer. Connecting online and really talking to each other without any external time pressures means that people have got to know each other better and bonds have become stronger than ever. 

    I’m not going to pretend that being in complete, or even partial, lockdown is easy, it definitely brings out both the best and the worst in people. Many people may think of this as a bad aspect; however, I hold the belief that when something brings out both the best and the worst in you, you have a brilliant chance to learn more about yourself as a person, and also better yourself.

    Personally, I have found this lockdown period to be largely a positive thing. Yes, I haven’t been able to see anyone I am close to, and I have definitely had my fair share of bad moments and meltdowns! However, despite this, quarantine has been a lovely chance for me to get on top of my schoolwork and spend more time doing the hobbies that I love, such as writing and dance. For me, it has also been a chance to conquer any negative thoughts, once and for all, without needing to rush off somewhere and do something else, I’m finally taking some time out for myself.

    Putting things into perspective, my lockdown experience has been fairly easy – unlike previous generations, I haven’t been asked to go to the frontline of a warzone and fight while people are trying to kill me, I’ve just been asked to stay at home for a couple of weeks. I have the upmost respect for everyone working for the NHS, who are literally at the frontline of a war with coronavirus. And of course, we can’t forget about all the people who have done everything that they can to help keep us all entertained during this lockdown period, from the Cirque du Soleil streaming a free show, to musicians collaborating together from home to bring us a new song, to Captain Tom Moore raising over £33m as an NHS Appeal. 

    We have to remain hopeful that just over the horizon lies a return to normality. But until then, all we can do is keep staying at home, keep positive and keep thinking of the better times ahead. 

    Pete White
  • Curtain Call Theatre Company stage a true to life story and reduce audience to tears.
    16 May 2018

    On Tuesday night I visited Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury to watch the musical ‘Made in Dagenham’, presented by local amateur theatre company, Curtain Call.

    The musical which tells the story of how Rita O’Grady, a machinist at Ford in Dagenham, fought for equal pay for women, and how her efforts almost destroyed her ten-year marriage. It features well-known public figures such as Barbara Castle, brilliantly played by Lisa Van Der Hurst and Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

    Taking place in the Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn provided a superb setting for this poignant story to unfold, with a set that looked just like the 2014 West End production, this performance promised to deliver.

    In the leading role of Rita O’Grady, Ffion Davies demonstrated her ability to connect with the deeply rooted meaning of this piece of theatre, keeping the audience in the palm of hands throughout. Davies’ singing voice is unquestionably strong and a joy to listen to.

    As with many amateur productions, there were a few moments that reminded us that this was not a professional production, with actors missing cues and forgetting lines, but these were dealt with well and did not distract us from following the well-told story.

    I was hugely impressed with the vocal ability of Alix Davidson, who is a featured member of the ensemble and billed as a ‘soloist riffer’ - her vocal performance in ‘Everybody Out’ was hair-raisingly good, adding soul to the whole musical number.

    The performance was supported by a five-piece band and musically directed by Matthew Hall. Hall’s attention to detail helped to journey each musical number, and was most impressive when the actors were singing in their most vulnerable moments, his direction married the scenes and music together.

    George Hargrave played the leading man and Rita’s husband, Eddie. His portrayal was frank, and appropriately subtle. I was particularly impressed with how he became slowly less supportive of the equal pay strike. Hargrave showed his sheer professionalism, dealing with technical issues without any disruption to his performance.

    Although a serious piece of theatre, this production had some belly-laughable moments, often delivered by ‘Potty Mouth’ Beryl played by the talented Ru Jones, and away-with-the-fairies Clare, played by the equally hilarious Bex Hope.

    Forgetting the microphone malfunctions and visible scenes changes, this was a truly magical piece of theatre. It told a true story honestly and moved an audience to tears and their feet. Curtain Call should be proud of what they’ve produced.

    Made in Dagenham runs from 15 - 17 May, for tickets visit: or call 01743 281281


    Reviewer: Michael Jenkins

  • Pupils dig in to create new hedges
    10 Dec 2012

    Pupils at a Shrewsbury school have dug in to plant over 200 hedgerow trees in one week as part of a nationwide project.

    Every child from Prestfelde School helped to plant the saplings, which will form new hedges in the 30-acre grounds of the school’s London Road site.

    The scheme is part of the UK’s largest tree-planting mission, run by conservation charity the Woodland Trust, which is aiming to see 20 million native trees planted a year for the next 50 years.

    “We have 270 pupils aged from three to 13 at Prestfelde and they all worked in pairs, with even the youngest digging in to help with this campaign, which they found very exciting,” said teacher Miss Sophie Richards.

    “We are very proud of our green credentials here at Prestfelde – we achieved ‘Eco Schools’ status earlier this year – so we were keen to get involved with the Woodland Trust.

    “The shrubs the trust has provided are all native broadleaved, such as blackthorn, hawthorn and crab apple, which means that with a little luck they will be growing on well into the next century, leaving a lasting legacy here.”

    Sophie said that as part of the project the pupils had been learning about the importance of trees and how everyone could contribute to improving the environment.  

    The Woodland Trust is offering more free hedge and copse packs to schools in Shropshire. To register for a pack visit

    Paul Bunton of the Woodland Trust commented: “These packs can inspire children to really get in touch with nature and learn about the ecology of some wonderful habitats.

    “Educating today’s children about the benefit of looking after our environment will help protect the forests of tomorrow. The campaign will hopefully make a lasting impact on the UK landscape - with the help of our young children."

  • Prestfelde School wins Moor Park cricket tournament
    30 May 2017

    A school in Shrewsbury is celebrating double success after travelling to the south of the county to compete in cricket and rounders tournaments.

    The under-11 boys from Prestfelde School got their season off to the best possible start by winning the Moor Park cricket tournament for the third time in four years, while the under-11 girls also got their rounders campaign off to a flying start.

    The boys hit the ground running with an impressive display and proved too strong for their three opponents on the day.

    Having beaten Abberley in the first game, Prestfelde saw off the challenge of Packwood and Moor Park before clashing with Abberley again in the final. Excellent batting from Jack Home and Will Jenkins set the opposition a huge total of 67 to win from only seven overs. Tight bowling and good fielding resulted in a comfortable victory.

    Not to be outdone, the girls took to the rounders field and were feeling confident after an earlier training session back at school that morning. They fielded superbly and by the end of the 1st innings they had caught out or stumped six of nine Moor Park players, keeping Moor Park’s score to just half a rounder.

    Some excellent fielding saw some great catches and Prestfelde kept the pressure on with tight bowling and quick stumping at second post. Prestfelde ran out winners nine-and-a-half to three-and-a-half.

    The second match was against Packwood Haugh and Prestfelde continued where they had left off, keeping the score low with some awesome catches at slip.

    Rob Newey, head of games at Prestfelde School, said: “It was a great day to start the new season and it followed on from more sporting success for the school.

    “Four of our senior boys represented the Midlands Independent Schools’ Under-13 football team at a national festival in Shrewsbury: Will Lewin, Dom Zaza, Sean Wentel and Will Hartley.

    “William Lewin and Dom Zaza have been selected out of about 145 boys to represent the national representative squads this summer against footballing academies.

    “And, having trained all winter, four of our year 6 girls have been selected to play in the first cricket match of the season for the Under-11 county team: Issy Harpin, Eloise jones, Amelia Griffiths and Rose Farquharson.”

  • Xhosa Cole Quartet
    10 Dec 2019

    Xhosa Cole (saxophone); Jay Phelps (trumpet) 
    James Owston (bass) Jim Bashford (drums)

    Saxophonist Xhosa Cole, BBC Young Jazz Musician 2018 brings
    together a quartet, featuring virtuoso trumpeter Jay Phelps, playing
    contemporary takes on standards and originals with passion 
    and spontaneity inspired by jazz greats such as Sonny Rollins & Clifford Brown. 

    Saturday, January 18, 2019, 8 pm
    at the Hive Belmont Shrewsbury SY1 1TE
                Tickets £16 / £8 Under 22's

    Online 01743 234970

     Pengwern Books Fish Street SY1 1UR
                             01743 2322

  • New Jacuzzi Hot Tub superstore opens in Shrewsbury
    02 Mar 2020
    Jacuzzi Hot Tub Showroom Shrewsbury

    All Weather Leisure Midlands would like to announce the Grand Opening of their second indoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub Superstore now in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. They will be holding the official opening on Saturday 14th March from 9am till 5pm at 28a Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, SY1 3TG.

    All Weather Leisure are delighted that Councillor Phil Gillam, the Mayor of Shrewsbury, has kindly agreed to officially open their second showroom at 10am on Saturday the 14th March 2020.         

    They have some fantastic offers on Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Swimlife swimspas that will be available all weekend for those who can’t make it on Saturday. There will also be the chance for new and existing customers to stock up on their hot tub supplies and accessories at a discounted rate.

    Liam Shelley & his son Luke who are the owners of this family-run business said "We are really excited by the opening of our second store and look forward to bringing our award-winning hot tubs to Shrewsbury and meeting all of our new customers. We have two great new team members to work in our new store who live locally and have just completed their training to help them look after all the visitors to our news store and help them with their hot tubs needs".

    The new indoor hot tub showroom has 14 Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and 1 Jacuzzi Swimspa on display with three hot tubs and one swimspa filled with water and at optimum temperature, ready for customers to try.  There is also a display of fantastic bespoke wooden garden gazebos to complement the hot tubs along with all the hot tub chemicals and accessories a customer could need.

    “We have spent a small fortune kitting out this warehouse unit into a splendid showroom to showcase our fantastic products and bring the next level of relaxation and customer service to the people of Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas, plus we are members of BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association), so you can purchase with peace of mind in the knowledge that our staff are trained in water hygiene management and we work to the BISHTA Code of Ethics".

    For more information visit


  • From France to Market Drayton - restaurateur brings his expertise to Shropshire
    16 Feb 2018
    Daniel Derrington has opened The Town House restaurant in Market Drayton

    A new restaurant has opened in Market Drayton creating 10 jobs.

    Daniel Derrington, 32, opened The Town House in Cheshire Street this month (Feb 6), having run a restaurant in France since 2011.

    He has moved to be with his Shropshire-born fiancee Rebecca Foulkes, 27, who he met in the Alps while living there.

    “I am really excited to open the restaurant, we put in planning permission in February last year so it has been a long time coming,” he said.

    “We realised there was nowhere really to eat out here so decided that we need to change that.

    “We want to sell food you can’t do at home, I’m not the only one who can make this, but I’m the only one doing it in the area - you have to travel to Shrewsbury or Nantwich otherwise.”

    Originally from Halifax, Daniel has been a chef for 17 years.

    The Town House was fully booked on it’s opening night and bookings are coming in thick and fast.

    It will sell modern British food but with a twist - such as Braised duck leg ‘Kiev’, black pudding, burnt leeks, duck butter and chip shop curry sauce.

    Everything will be hand made including bread, yoghurts and chutneys and wherever possible local suppliers are being used such as Joules Brewery and Buttercross Farm.

    “It is an old retail shop unit so we have had to put in a whole kitchen,” Daniel added.

    “We’ve also put in a new roof, new flooring and we’re making the tables from old scaffolding boards.”

    He secured the rent of the property through Halls Commercial and Rebecca Welch, of Halls, said she was delighted that the unit would be such a benefit to the people of Market Drayton.

    She said: “We were instructed on this building as a retail unit but we knew there was a lot of potential here.

    “We are pleased Daniel saw that potential as well and we had months of discussions as we waited for the planning permission to come through.

    “With the expertise and Halls’ knowledge about Shropshire we were able to ensure this completed and we are pleased to see the hard work that Daniel has put in ready to serve customers.

    “We wish him all the best with the restaurant.”

    The Town House will serve food Tuesday to Saturday.

    To find out more or see the menu visit

    For more information about how Halls can help you find the best commercial property contact Rebecca Welch at Halls on [email protected] or call 01743 450715.

  • Award-winning nursery opens dedicated infant and toddler centre
    17 Jan 2017
    Staff members, Charlotte Lewis (Senior Practitioner) and Jane Smalley (Principal and Managing Director) pictured with Florence, Olivia, Oscar and Beatrice

    Shrewsbury Prepatoria, the award-winning nursery which launched just three years ago, has unveiled its brand new infant and toddler centre at Park Plaza on the Battlefield Enterprise Park in the north of the town.

    Plans to expand to a second site were announced in October 2016 but keys to the building weren’t available until the start of December, making the necessary renovation works a race against time for Principal, Jane Smalley and her team to complete before the January launch.  She explains:

    “The unit we’ve expanded in to was previously an open plan office but with input from specialist nursery furniture suppliers, Community Playthings, we had a vision to transform it in to a space with dedicated areas for learning and play experiences, as well as offering a space for parents to meet with one another and with staff.

    “The whole Prepatoria team pulled together to make the transformation happen in time and we’re delighted with the results.   Babies and toddlers up to the age of three now have a space which has been entirely designed with their needs in mind.  The older, pre-school, children meanwhile are enjoying a revamp to their surroundings in our original home at 7 Park Plaza.”

    When Shrewsbury Prepatoria launched on January 4th 2014, it had two staff and just one child on the roll.  The staff total now stands at 12 and a waiting list has been operational until the expansion.  The enlargement means that overall capacity has doubled and has allowed the Prepatoria team to maintain its staff to child ratios which are well below legal requirements.

    Jane continues: “From day one, we created the Prepatoria with the philosophies of Reggio Emilia nursery education at its heart.  This expansion means that we’re able to realise this to the fullest and we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer this unique approach to as many families as possible.”

    To mark the launch of the dedicated infant and toddler centre, Shrewsbury Prepatoria will be holding an open day on Saturday January 28 2017 for anyone interested in finding out what makes it so special and award-winning.  It will also mark the officially opening of the new facility and Mayor Ioan Jones will be present to cut the official ribbon.

  • Let’s get this party started – Shropshire Oktoberfest set to smash records
    06 Aug 2018

    Shropshire’s biggest beer festival is on course for a record-breaking year – with ticket sales set to top the 10,000 mark.

    Organisers Shropshire Festivals say the three-day event – based around Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park and in the town itself – has already sparked an unprecedented demand for tickets.

    Last year’s inaugural event saw more than 10,000 enjoy the combination of beer festival, live music and top-drawer comedy, but Shropshire Festivals boss Beth Heath says this year’s event already looks like being even bigger.

    “Ticket sales have been unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and at £10 for entry into the biggest Shropshire beer festival ever we seem to have caught the county’s party spirit in the creation of this event,” she said.

    This year’s event will see a selection of 200 real ales under one roof, alongside a lager bar, prosecco parlour, gin den and even a rum shack.

    And to make the most of the autumn harvest, a new cider area will take centre stage at the festival, which runs from October 5-7.

    The Comedy Club will feature an unbeatable line-up of stars, such as TV favourite Junior Simpson, BBC radio star Keith Carter and Manchester funnyman Chris Brooker.

    Meanwhile there is a fantastic line-up of music planned for the Rees Astley stage, showcasing both traditional Oompah sounds and the best local stars.

    Beth said this year’s event would build on the success of 2017, with the Sunday being earmarked for a particularly family-friendly day.

    “Among the things which are new for 2018 is a light show in the huge beer tent with Andy McKeown commissioned to make the space a show in its own right.

    “We are making Sunday a family fun day and street food festival, so visitors can bring the family for Sunday Lunch while they enjoy a beer and some great music. Making the event family friendly is crucial to us and what better way of doing that than a relaxing Sunday event where the marquees will be filled with free kids’ entertainment?”

    The event’s location within walking distance of Shrewsbury Railway station meant it was ideal for people who did not want to drive but wanted to make the most of the drink and food on offer, she added.

    To book tickets for this year’s Oktoberfest – and save money on the door - visit:

  • Shropshire care home commended by inspectors
    18 Mar 2020

    Government inspectors have commended a Shropshire nursing home for being well-led, warm and welcoming, with kind staff who care for people in a happy and social atmosphere.

    The hardworking staff at Morris Care Centre​ in Wellington were delighted to be recognised as ‘Outstanding’ in responsiveness to how it tailors its services to meet the needs of individuals. The Home was rated as ‘Good’ overall in the latest report by the Care Quality Commission.

    In its summary of findings, the CQC report said: “People were cared for by staff who were kind, compassionate and demonstrated a good understanding of their needs. People were encouraged to be involved in decisions about their care and support needs. People's right to privacy and dignity was respected by staff.”

    The inspectors said there was a positive culture and residents had access to a variety of social activities to ensure they always had something to look forward to.

    The report praised the home’s end of life care to ensure people were pain free and comfortable. “The provider went above and beyond to ensure people’s end of life wishes were met and that both their families and staff were supported during and after the person’s end of life,” it said.

    In looking at how personalised care was provided it referenced a staff member who learnt a resident’s language so they could communicate with them more effectively and also how the home’s manager had facilitated two marriage ceremonies at the home.

    Inspectors reported that the atmosphere at the home was happy and social, with chatting and laughter. “Without exception everyone we spoke with were happy with the care and support they had received.”

    Sue Austin, Chief Operating Officer of Morris Care said: “Our Manager Claire Smith and the full team here at Morris Care Centre are wonderful, caring professionals who share a sincere desire to enable residents to live the best life possible. 

    “We’re pleased their dedication and hard work has been recognised in this report as our mission is to provide a standard of excellence at all times.”

    Inspectors visited the home in October 2019. Morris Care Centre offers different types of specialist care. In Wellington Court it provides complex disability care for men and women of all ages. Wrekin Court provides care for the elderly, including convalescence and palliative care. Ercall Court is a specialist dementia unit.

    For more information about Morris Care, a leading care provider with six homes in Shropshire and Cheshire visit

  • The Big Gig - Charity Event - Live Music - Street Food - Art
    10 Jan 2019

    Join local charity, Village Water for a night of live music, street food & art on Saturday 2nd February at Flaxivity @ The Flaxmill. 

    Tickets have just gone on sale for £5!

    There's a mega line-up sure to get you dancing... Funky 8-piece Groove Dynamite (who you might've caught at Shropshire Oktoberfest), local Alt-Folk ladsTwo Blank Pages, bluesy-tunes from Clare Raynor Blues Band and The House that Jack Built will be spinning funk, soul & everything in between. 

    PLUS we've got world-renowned light artist Andy McKeown (aka Wild Strawberry) illuminating the entire show.

    We'll be running a real ale and wine bar, and have all your food options covered (meat/veggie/vegan/GF).

    Did we mention tickets are only £5?!

    We want this to be a seriously amazing event, so please join us, invite your friends and family, help us raise loads of money for safe water and PARTY!

    The Big Gig is part of our Safe Water & Sanitation for All appeal and all donations from the night will be matched by the UK government and help families access safe water, sanitaiton and hygiene in Africa.

    Share the event with your Facebook friends: 

    Get your tickets now:

    Contact Beth @ Village Water for more info on 01743 341563 or [email protected]

    We hope to see you there - The Village Water team!

  • Croquet in Shrewsbury
    10 Feb 2013

    Croquet came to Shrewsbury in the early 1980s, thanks to the efforts of the gentleman in civvies in the above photo, Henry Christmas, known throughout the croquet world, you will be astonished to discover, as 'Happy' Christmas - and if ever a man lived up to his nickname, this is he. Having found half a dozen like-minded enthusiasts, he persuaded the then Shrewsbury and Atcham council to create a pair of croquet lawns at Monkmoor. Unfortunately, like so many people who only think they know about croquet, the council built 2 crown green bowling lawns, complete with ditches and undulations. Croquet, however, needs the flattest possible surface. Still, that was that and the members of the new club, nice, polite people to a man or woman, put up with the inhospitable surface for almost the next 30 years. The club was by no means the first in the region: the club at Edgbaston had been there for almost a century; there were flourishing clubs at Wolverhampton, Stourbridge, and Himley, a tiny one at Knighton, and, very soon afterwards, with the encouragement of the Christmas family, 2 clubs in Ludlow, at the College and at the local cricket ground, the latter giving itself the grand title of the South Shropshire Croquet Club.

    All these clubs played in the West Midlands Federation League, a competition whose ranks were soon swelled by the addition of several school teams, formed as the result of the Croquet Association's drive to interest the very young in the game.  It was not long before the youngsters were showing their elders how the game should be played. Within a few years a club was formed at Church Stretton, courtesy of the Long Mynd Hotel.

    As croquet clubs go, Shrewsbury is a small club: there are some with up to eleven lawns and many with four or five. But it is an active, enthusiastic club with members whose aim is to improve and to win. They have come top of the West Midland League for the last 5 years. Floreat Salopia!

    Come and join us.

    Ring me on 01743 249 598 and I'll arrange for one of our members to get you started.

  • Local firm recycles your fridges
    23 Feb 2015
    Mark parkinson recycling fridge

    Local (Wolverhampton-based) firm Aquaforce recycling act as sub-contractor to our main contractor Veolia on this job, using their local teams to collect van loads of waste fridges and freezers from all our sites every week.

    Fridges are considered to be hazardous waste for a variety of reasons they need to be handled with care to protect people and the planet.  Aquaforce allow us to be fully compliant by making sure all fridges are recycled in line with government guidance on what constitutes the Best Available Technology.  This means that the firm have invested in state of the art machinery & infrastructure so the whole process takes place within a sealed environment.  This insures that all harmful refrigerants and blowing agents such as CFC’s, are removed under strictly controlled conditions so they don’t escape into the atmosphere. 

    A specialised unit removes all the refrigerant and the units are then pulverised to separate the metal from the plastics. Great care is taken throughout the process to make sure that polyurethane foam is screened off and then heated to release the last particles of CFC gases.  

    An exciting new element in their process is the development of markets for energy recovery from non-recyclable foam which is leftover from the recycling process.  This previously had to go to landfill but due to advances in technology and local markets for energy recovery it means than value is recovered from over 99% of the fridge!  We recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste fridges and freezers every year in Shropshire, so we are making a significant contribution to the local economy, supplying scrap which is used as a raw material in the local manufacturing industry.  

    James Thompson
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