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  • Successful local leisurewear store expands into new premises
    21 Oct 2012

    A successful outdoor leisurewear company is moving on to bigger and better things in Shrewsbury.

    Catmandoo, which specializes in a range of Scandinavian outdoor and sports clothing, has swapped its old store in the town’s busy Darwin Centre for larger premises just down the mall.

    The move, which gives the local company more space both for displaying their new range of winterwear and for storing stock, comes just in time for the busy skiing season.

    Peter Seal, former golf professional at Shrewsbury Golf Club, and his wife Jan run Catmandoo which offers a branded range of top quality outdoorwear from Finland.

    He said: “We’ve just made the move to bigger premises and we’re already seeing the benefit with more people calling in.

    “We felt that to do our range of clothing justice we needed a bigger shop front and more room to display what we have.

    “We also have the new skiing ranges coming in now and they’re out and Shropshire seems to be an area where people enjoy skiing and Catmandoo have a comprehensive range.

    “Finland has a great outdoors tradition and a reputation for quality and style and that’s what we feel the Catmandoo range embodies.”

    Jan said: “These are clothes that look good as well as being functional – they aren’t just for skiing or playing golf, it’s about lifestyle and looking and feeling good.

    “We supply high quality, stylish, good looking clothing for the outdoor market and Shrewsbury is the place to do it and these new improved premises will help us reach more people.

    “Catmandoo is marketed as having both Fun and Functional qualities’ and it looks good and does the job too and it has a year-round range from snow-wear to fitness wear.”

    Peter, originally from Sheffield, who played on the European Golf Tour before becoming a club and teaching professional, added: “Catmandoo is a range of sportswear which includes ski and snow-wear as well as golf, tennis and fitness clothing which is very popular and well-established in Finland.

    “They distribute it to 15 countries in the Baltic region but it’s never been available in the UK before.

    “Our core business has been ladies golf wear but this is about a much bigger range which appeals to a whole new range of customers.”

    The company also markets the range to over 60 outlets across the UK and Ireland and are the only ones in the UK to stock the Catmandoo brand which is very popular in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions.

    Peter, originally from Sheffield, spent many years as the professional at Shrewsbury Golf Club before branching out on his own with Jan but he has also played on the European Seniors Tour in recent years.

    Back in the late seventies he spent four years on the European Tour and played with greats like Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo as well as Hawkstone Park’s two-time major winner Sandy Lyle and former Masters champion Ian Woosnam.

    He said: “Shrewsbury is a lovely town with a lot of independent shops and people seem to like that and we’re supplying something that’s new and very much geared to the great outdoors.”

    Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: “We’re delighted to see Catmandoo moving to larger premises, especially at this very busy time of the year.

    “They are a quality retailer and as an independent they offer something different which all adds to the mix of what is a very good retail offer here at the Shrewsbury Shopping Centres.”

  • Seeing the Bigger Picture – North Wales Tourism Gets Iron Support
    15 Oct 2018

    Named one of the world’s best regions by Lonely Planet in 2017, North Wales is widely known for its beautiful natural assets. It is a wonderful bubble of completely unspoilt land that boasts an array of noteworthy tourist and travel destinations. From underground trampolines to an inland surfing lake to the incredible peak of Snowdon, North Wales is filled to the brim with activity and a real sense of adventure.

    Each year North Wales Tourism (NWT) in association with Go North Wales hold an awards evening in Llandudno, one of Wales’ most beautiful beach towns, in celebration of the very best tourism providers in the region. NWT became the voice of tourism within North Wales in 1991 as a way to support and maintain a sustainable tourism industry. Today, NWT are working hard every day to maintain the high level of tourism and respect that North Wales has with travellers from all over the world.

    Here at the British Ironwork Centre, we are so lucky to be right on the cusp of such incredible tourist attractions and destinations in North Wales. It is well known that each year tens of thousands of visitors travel the A5 heading towards North Wales, meaning that so many Shropshire businesses benefit from those who tour across the county. From Shrewsbury Town Centre to pubs and garden centres, we all line this vital route.

    This is the reason that we are so keen to be involved by strongly supporting our beautiful neighbouring attractions. This year we will be providing the NWT with some unique trophies created by the Ironworks centre. These Welsh dragons have been crafted from solid polished brass and which have been set on a slab of polished granite. We hope that these awards will be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed making them.

    Our chairman, Clive Knowles says: “Working with North Wales is non brainer for Shropshire, it’s the jewel sat next door to us. Helping them not only benefits our own tourism, but it also helps to make them shine even brighter. For us not to enthusiastically supporting North Wales would be unthinkable.”

    This year’s NWT and Go North Wales awards evening will see over 500 guests in attendance from all over North Wales come together on the 15th of November. It will represent the finest businesses and attractions across the North Wales region and reward those who have particularly excelled in the past year.

    As far as we are aware, we are the only attendees from Shropshire and would love to see more local and bordering businesses throw their effort into supporting too, we are blessed to have it on our doorstep. Who wants to join us in 2019?

  • Fighting a Tough Economy: How to Sell More Products
    13 Nov 2018

    Some people blame the economy in these situations. Some other simply say that the economy does not matter at all, and that people are actually to blame. It’s true, there are cases in which people are to blame, but sometimes, the economy just has an impact on many of the businesses out there. We all make mistakes – just look at yves bouvier. All we have to do is to think smart.

    We’ve written this article to help you with some tips and tricks on how to sell more if your business is in danger because of the economy.

    The economy should not be your excuse

    There will be days in which you’d have some difficult sales calls. That is when it’s so easy to blame the economy. People will hear about it and you’d probably sell even less. In an economy that’s decreasing, people should be interested in how to increase the calls and the level of the activity. The average seller cuts out about 37% of the calls. People should use the economy that’s going down as a warning and as a motivation to work better, and not as an excuse to fail. If you decide to back off, then your business will go down, too. If you focus on work, instead, your business should thrive.

    Get smart when it comes to selling

    There are going to be cases in which there will be fewer sales opportunity for you to take. In these cases, you have to do better with the things you already have. You should get better at selling. You can always read books, listen to CDs or watch DVDs, anything that can help you in getting people to buy your products. This strategy had helped a lot of people to improve their business when the economy suddenly went down.

    This is also when you should focus on improving your skills. If you keep learning, you will get better at doing your job, and your business will thrive. 

    Always have a happy attitude

    Your attitude is sometimes what matters the most when it comes to your business. It should be sharp. There’s no time to hang around doing nothing. It’s time for you to do a little brainstorming and think of some good ideas to help your business. You also need to stay focused at all times. The people around you should be full of joy and positive thoughts. Negative people should not make their way into your life.

    Price object and value

    We all know that people are focused on price. Customers will do everything they can to get to the lowest price. So it’s important to build some value to your products. Think about your primary benefits, and how (and why) your products are better than your competition - what they do (or you) that is wrong. Think about the calls – and whether you can respond to the service calls faster than your competition or not.  


    Pete White
  • Dan Snow thanks Shrewsbury volunteer for 18 years supporting local school children with reading
    22 Jun 2018

    Last Monday award-winning TV historian and Beanstalk Ambassador Dan Snow took time before his talk ‘An evening with the History Guy’ at the Theatre Severn to meet and thank Beanstalk’s longest-serving volunteer in Shropshire Ann Powis for her work supporting local primary school children with reading. He came along to Beanstalk’s stand in the foyer of the theatre to present Ann with tickets to see his talk which he had kindly donated to Beanstalk.

    Ann has been a Beanstalk reading helper for 18 years and in that time as helped so many primary school children in Shrewsbury enjoy books and become more confident readers.

    Gail Washington is Area Manager for Beanstalk in the Midlands:

    “We are so delighted that Dan was able to come along to the Beanstalk stand ahead of his show to meet Ann and to present her with tickets for the talk. As our longest-serving volunteer in Shropshire she is an absolutely incredible lady and has helped improve the outcomes for so many children through the years. Thank you so much to Ann and to Dan for helping recognise the contribution she makes to the local community.”

    Ann said: “I am delighted to be presented with this amazing surprise to see Dan Snow who is one of my all-time favourites. Thanks so much to Beanstalk.”

    The Shrewsbury primary school where Ann volunteers said: "We think the world of Ann and the support and encouragement she has given the children over many years is very valuable to our school. Ann has enabled the children to practice their reading skills and increase their reading attainment. The children through this support have enjoyed the fun which Ann facilitates for them while reading “

    Beanstalk is currently active in a number of primary schools across Shrewsbury and Telford but is keen to increase its reach and help more children by partnering with additional schools in these areas. Any schools wanting to find out more can contact the local team via the website ( or by calling 0845 450 0307 to discuss how Beanstalk can help deliver its one-to-one reading programmes to children in their schools.

    As a Beanstalk ambassador Dan is a passionate supporter of the national reading charity and is keen to promote the importance of getting children excited about books and literacy. He is very proactive in promoting Beanstalk’s vision to help the charity deliver more one-to-one support to children aged 3 to 13 with reading, turning them into confident, passionate and able readers.

    “Through my work I visit a lot of schools and have seen the importance of reading. In today’s world, without literacy, you’ve got nothing. You cannot engage with the internet, you can’t engage fully with society, and so it’s enormously important that we support children with their literacy now to give them the best chance of a successful future. Beanstalk is really taking the fight on illiteracy into schools, taking it to young people. Not being able to read is a very real problem, but it is a solvable problem. Beanstalk’s volunteers make such a difference to the lives of the children they support, helping them face the world with confidence.”


    To find out more about becoming a Beanstalk partner school in Shrewsbury and Telford, please:



    Call Beanstalk on 0845 450 0307 or

    Email [email protected] 


    Anyone wishing to become a Beanstalk volunteer can also find the online application form on the website.


    - Ends -


    Notes to the editor:


    For further information contact Sarah Pickstone, [email protected], 07815 707701 or Kate Rumsby, [email protected], mobile 07912392275.

    Further images of Beanstalk trained reading helpers reading with children are available on request.


    About Beanstalk


    Beanstalk is a national charity that provides one-to-one literacy support to children who struggle with their reading.

    The charity recruits, trains and supports volunteers to provide one-to-one literacy support in primary schools and early years settings.

    Beanstalk’s trained reading helpers provide one-to-one support to children aged 3 to 13 in a variety of ways, turning them into confident, passionate and able readers.

    In the last school year the charity helped over 11,000 children across England, in over 1,400 schools, with the help of over 3,000 reading helpers, ensuring children have the skills and confidence to reach their true potential.

    By 2020-21 Beanstalk aims to help 30,000 children every year, with 8,000 volunteers.






  • Madam Zuri Arrosa Burlesque Workshop
    02 Feb 2019

    This not to be missed!

    Madam Zuri Arrosa’s Burlesque Workshop for Beginners.

    The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury. Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 1:30pm. £4.00 per person. Tickets available via…

    What to expect?
    Lots of fun and laughter!

    The workshop will start with a demonstration and then we’ll look at some basic moves which we will incorporate in to our final group routine. You’ll also have a whistle-stop tour of the history of burlesque and will discover your inner burlesque with my Burlesque name generator.

    What to wear?
    There is no chair or floor work in my beginner’s workshop so dress in whatever you feel comfortable in, so long as you are dressed (wink).

    Who can come?
    Anyone, the workshop is for all ages, sizes and genders. However, you might find it uncomfortable if you have any lingering hip or back problems.

    Need more information?

    Please contact my page Madam Zuri Arrosa 

  • New sensory room opens at Shrewsbury care home
    08 Mar 2013

    Residents at a Shropshire care home will be able to take advantage of a new sensory room – thanks to the hard work and dedication of one employee.

    Hannah Oliver, 27, a support worker at Merrington Grange, near Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury, climbed to the Mount Everest base camp to raise more than £1,200 to help fund the new room.

    She was helped in her quest by builder Mark Cartwright, whose son Joe, 24, lives at the residential home, run by Shrewsbury-based Adelphi Care Services.

    He volunteered his time to install the sensory room and also helped with the fundraising by enlisting the support of the Shrewsbury Severnside Lions Scooter Club, where he is a committee member.

    Back in 2010, the club donated £2,000, raised from its annual fun day, to support the sensory room.

    Miss Oliver said it has taken a long time to get the sensory room ready but it was something she was determined to do for the residents.

    Her mother, who also works in the care field, had previously set up a sensory room, which inspired Miss Oliver to do the same.

    “She explained all the benefits so I started looking into it. The different equipment can be very stimulating for people with autism and learning difficulties and can aid fine and gross motor skills through different sensory experiences.

    “I designed the room using a ‘client centered’ approach, which meant taking into consideration each resident's preferences, likes, dislikes and needs,” she said.

    Miss Oliver said creating the room was a “huge project”.

    “It’s an amazing feeling that it’s finished. Some residents suffer from anxiety and can be frightened about unfamiliar situations so along the way, I have introduced and involved each person by their participation in painting seating areas and the walls.

    “I cannot wait for us all to start using the room, it adds another dimension to our provision of services within our home.”

    Miss Oliver said climbing to Mt. Everest base camp was an “amazing and tough” experience.

    “You had to mentally keep yourself stable. I’m a bit impulsive so I gave myself six weeks to train. I needed to do this quite intensely so I climbed local hills two or three times a week and made sure that I took on an even healthier lifestyle. I would like to conquer Everest but it’s very expensive - maybe one day.”

    Miss Oliver said she had a lot of support from friends and family to complete the project.

    “I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped,” she said.

    Mr Cartwright, who works for SJ Roberts Construction, a sponsor of the scooter club’s fun day, said he worked on the room in his spare time at weekends.

    “I wanted to do it for all the residents. Previously they had to go off-site to use a sensory room and now they have one on site they can use without the upheaval of transportation,” he said.

    Mr Cartwright said he was looking forward to his son trying out the room.

    “I think they will all get different benefits from it even if it’s just chilling out in there.”

    Joe Kwaterski, business development director at Adelphi Care Services, said an open day would be held for the new sensory room in the near future.

    “We are very proud of the work Hannah has put in to create the sensory room.

    “It will bring so many benefits to our residents, whether as a place to relax and listen to music or to use some of the equipment.

    “It is a much needed facility and something that our residents will really enjoy,” he said.

    To find out more about Adelphi Care Services visit, call (01743) 465299 or e-mail [email protected].

  • Shropshire Council must focus on the needs of Shropshire, not its West Midlands neighbours
    19 Mar 2019

    As Shropshire Council prepares to hold a Cabinet Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday March 20 2019) that will decide the next steps for three big development sites within its Local Plan Review, the Shropshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has submitted a question that will, again, question the Council’s approach to its development plans.

    The central focus of CPRE’s current objection is that of the so-called “Strategic Development Sites” being proposed by the Council.  Charles Green, spokesperson for the CPRE, explains:

    “Ever since its original publication in January 2017, we have queried major aspects of Shropshire Council’s proposed Local Plan Review.  Time and again we’ve tested the evidence used to justify the Council’s ambition which, at best, is vastly as odds with actual need. 

    “Our opposition remains and this week, we’re focusing in particular on the Council’s analysis of the so-called Strategic Development Sites.  Specifically, we call in to question the Council’s belief that there exists a need for Shropshire to court the Black Country local authorities where, apparently, there is insufficient capacity to accommodate all of its own development needs.”

    The CPRE’s submission that accompanies its question outlines how The Black Country figures being quoted are being updated and that Shropshire Council is, therefore, premature in referencing them.  Charles Green continues:

    “Shropshire Council should not be contemplating the release of Green Belt land for a need (not ours!) that has yet to be tested, particularly when The Black Country is currently engaged in a call for sites.

    “Furthermore, Housing Delivery Test figures for the West Midlands, in fact, show that the region as a whole is already at 138% of its delivery requirement over the past three years, whilst Shropshire and its nine neighbouring English Local Authorities stand at 188% delivery. 

    “The position of our local planners is in my mind clear: they’re far more committed to courting developers, than really scrutinising the needs of Shropshire’s own people and this shouldn’t be allowed to continue.”

    CPRE Shropshire also casts light on a number of additional, yet linked, issues.  Amongst these, the sustainability credentials (or lack of) of Shropshire’s Economic Growth Strategy; the fact that the three quoted ‘strategic’ development sites of Buildwas, Tern Hill Barracks and the Bradford Estate near Junction 3 of the M54 (in the Green Belt), are not so much ‘strategic’ as just ‘large’; the lack of the necessary evidence to release Green Belt land; and Shropshire’s continued flying in the face of ONS population forecasts, to the extent that their plans might see in-migration to Shropshire being four times its current projected level.  Charles Green concludes:

    “Whilst CPRE tries to ensure that objections are raised with the backing of considered and justified evidence, Shropshire Council seems prone to “spinning” things.  We understand that these sites are already earmarked in the West Midlands Combined Authority’s Plan and that they will figure at the Midlands Development Conference in May.

    “That suggests that any decision made today is simply an exercise in rubber stamping.  That is why, in a public forum, we are again trying to hold Shropshire Council to account.”

    CPRE Shropshire’s full question to Cabinet is available on request.


    Notes: Further information on the Shropshire Council Cabinet Meeting taking place on Wednesday March 20 2019, along with all supporting information can be found by visiting:  

  • Top Races At The Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
    15 Nov 2021

    Rosehill Gardens Racecourse is located in Western Sydney in the suburb of Rosehill and was first opened in 1885. It is a turf track with a circumference of 2048 metres, with the main straight being 408 metres long. The current owner and operator of Rosehill is The Australian Turf Club since they took over in 2011 after the Sydney Turf Club combined with the Australian Jockey Club. It is one of two prestigious racecourses in Sydney along with the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

    The Golden Slipper

    The Golden Slipper Stakes is a Group 1 thoroughbred race for 2-year-olds. It is a right-handed set-weights race, run over a distance of 1200 metres. The event was first run in 1957 when it was won by Todman, a champion Australian racehorse and sire. The most recent win was by Stay Inside in March 2021, ridden by Jockey Tommy Berry.

    In 1986 it became the first race in New South Wales to have prize money of $1,000,000. It is currently the richest 2-year-old race in the world with prize money of $3,5000,000. A Golden Slipper bet should not be off the table, with only champion horses racing. Legendary Australian horse trainer, Gai Waterhouse, has won the event 7 times and jockeys Shane Dye and Rob Quinton have both taken the Slipper 4 times.

    Golden Eagle

    The Golden Eagle is a new 1500 metre race at Rosehill Racecourse that was inaugurated in 2019 with prize money of $7,500,000, making it the fourth richest turf race in the world, behind The Everest, the Melbourne Cup and Frances Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. The inaugural race was won by Kolding, ridden by jockey Glen Boss and trained by Chris Waller. The race is open to 4-year-olds at set-weights with the most recent race being October 2021 where it was won by Kiwi racehorse I’m Thunderstruck and ridden by champion jockey Hugh Bowman.

    George Ryder Stakes

    This Group 1 thoroughbred horserace was inaugurated in 1903 as the Railway Stakes and has gone through many name changes since then, with it being renamed the George Ryder Stakes in 1974. It was previously also known as the Railway Handicap (1915-1945), the Railway Quality Handicap (1946-1967) and the CP Air Quality Hcp (1968-1970). The distance of the race has changed as well, starting at 1300 metres and changing over the years before settling on 1500 metres since 1986.

    Several horses have won the race twice including Prince Regoli in 1962 and 1963, Foresight in 1968-69, Manikato in 1979-80 and Emancipation in 1983-84. Champion Racehorse Winx is the only horse to win more than twice, knocking up 4 wins in a row from 2016-2019. The most recent winner was Think It Over in 2021.

    Rosehill Guineas

    This is another Group 1 thoroughbred race for 3-year-olds at a set weight and offers total prize money of $600,000. It was inaugurated in 1910 where distance was measured at 7 furlongs. It has been 2000 metres since 1973 and was upgraded from a principal race to a Group 1 race in 1980.  There have been many well-known champion horses to win the Rosehill Guineas over the years including Phar Lap (1929), Tulloch (1957), Kingston Town (1980) and Octagonal in 1996. Octagonal also shares the time record for this race with Danewin, who won in 1995 with a record-breaking time of 1:59.99.

    With all of these top Group 1 races, a day at Rosehill Gardens is one well spent for any horse racing fan. 

    Pete White
  • Firm goes red for Comic Relief
    18 Mar 2019

    Staff at the Shropshire base of the world’s fastest digital manufacturing firm have gone red to support this year’s Comic Relief fundraising campaign.

    Employees at Telford-based Protolabs raised £1,036 after dressing head to toe in red on Friday and hosting a range of activities to support the annual initiative which provides funding for vulnerable people and communities in the UK and overseas.

    Staff across the company, which manufactures custom prototypes and on-demand production parts, entered into the spirit of the day with senior managers even taking a turn in the stocks to have wet sponges thrown at them.

    Lee Ball, General Manager of Protolabs in Telford said it had been an extremely fun day with everyone making a huge effort to dress up and take part in the planned activities.

    “We’re delighted to have raised more than £1,000 for such a brilliant and worthwhile cause and we are extremely grateful to all those who participated especially the managers who ended up taking quite a soaking.

    “Here at Protolabs we do our best to support national and local campaigns and it’s not the first time staff have worn red this year for a good cause.

    “Many of us wore red to raise funds for four-year-old Zac Oliver and we were delighted to read about his good news earlier this week.”

    For further information, please visit

  • Win a Family Pass for Ironbridge Gorge Museums [EXPIRED]
    03 Aug 2012

    Win a great day out for the family at the Ironbridge Gorge Museums. simply answer the following question:

    What’s the name of the recreated Victorian Town ?

    a. Ludlow

    b. Blists Hill

    c. Telford

    Please send answers to: [email protected] before 17th August 2012


    A fun and informative day out is ensured at the ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums, near Telford in Shropshire. Set either side of the stunning River Severn valley, they reflect a slice of the history of the Gorge, its people, their lifestyles and their work from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1700s.

    Whether you are interested in a recreated Victorian town, hands-on interactives, fine china, decorative tiles or the history of iron making, it’s all to be found in this World Heritage Site.

    The Ten Museums
    Step back in time at Blists Hill Victorian Town and chat to the Victorians in their homes, shops and places of work. Marvel at magnificent china displayed in the very buildings in which it was made and see crafts people at work at Coalport China Museum.  Walk through the galleries and period room settings adorned with magnificent tiles at Jackfield Tile Museum.

    Let your imagination go wild at the Enginuity design and technology centre, as you become a design engineer, able to play with huge interactive exhibits. X-ray everyday objects, control a ‘river’ to generate electricity and compete against a robot.

    Visit the Darby Houses, once home to the old ironmasters, and see Abraham Darby’s original furnace where the Industrial Revolution began. The Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron celebrates the early iron industry while the Museum of The Gorge explains the area’s importance.

    Enter a time capsule at Broseley Pipeworks where millions of clay pies were once made – the factory is set as though the workforce has just left a few minutes before your arrival; or walk though the Tar Tunnel and see the black, treacle-like bitumen oozing from its walls just as it did in the eighteenth century.

    Finally cross the world’s first Iron Bridge and imagine what the area was like around 300 years ago at the beginning of industrial development.

    Throughout the year there are no end of activities, special events and hands-on workshops with something to suit all ages. They vary day-to-day and some carry an extra charge in addition to the museum admission fee. The museums are generally open 10am to 5pm.

    A great value Annual Passport Ticket allowing entry into all ten museums, valid for twelve months and unlimited return visits, costs £23.25 per adult, £18.75 for the 60plus, £15.25 for students and children and £64 for a family of two adults and all their children aged up to 18 years in full time education (terms and conditions apply); under 5s free. Activities and workshops vary day-to-day and some carry an extra charge in addition to the museum admission fee. Individual museum entry tickets are also available.

    For further information, contact the Ironbridge Visitor Information Centre on Tel: 01952 433 424 or visit  The Gorge is easily reached via the M6 and M54 motorways exiting at Telford (M54 junction 4 or 6).

    Note: Toll House, Tar Tunnel, Broseley Pipeworks and Darby Houses have seasonal opening.

    Family Pass Giveaway
    The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are offering a Family Pass to give away allowing free daytime entry into each of the museums on one occasion for two adults and up to three children (aged up to 18 years in full time education); valid for one year. For further details Tel: 01952 433 424 or visit

    The Ironbridge Gorge Museum will put you on their email list, which means you will get an e-newsletter every month telling you about what’s happening at the museums and about their charitable work. They will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties and you can opt out at any time. You can find out more about how to opt out and our terms and conditions at

  • Local charity benefits from spiders, slime and a zebra sofa!
    18 Oct 2018

    For the second year running Shrewsbury based Insurance Brokers Rees Astley sponsored the main music stage at Shropshire Oktoberfest held at the beginning of October.

    Sometimes business insurance can seem like a jungle with potential pitfalls and problems around every corner, so that was our theme for the Rees Astley tent, which had been decked out with creepy crawlies, a zebra sofa, slime and an authentic jungle bridge - the Rees Astley Bush Tucker Trials!

    Over the three day weekend staff from Rees Astley invited clients and visitors to test their nerves at the Bush Tucker Trials with the aim of having fun and raising vital funds for a local charity. Willing challengers were able to win a variety of prizes on the wheel of fortune and two lucky couples won tickets to visit the Shrewsbury Winterfest in the Quarry this December.

    As well as visiting our jungle tent you may have also seen Rees Astley’s name sponsoring the main music stage at the festival. Recognised as being one of the leading insurance firms specialising in insurance for the performing arts and crafts industry, with thousands of artists, performers and organisations choosing to insure with us.

    Rees Astley would like to say a big thank to everyone who contributed towards the fantastic amount of £264.38 which will be donated to Derwen College, a Further Education College situated in Oswestry who provide residential education for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. The money raised will go towards their 2018 £60k appeal to redevelop their fitness centre.

    Advertisement by Becca Dean

  • South Shropshire Design Agency Celebrate 15 Years In Business
    13 Nov 2018

    A creative duo based in Church Stretton are celebrating 15 years in business this week.

    Carl Jones and Clare Heighway Jones, founders of design agency Carl Jones Design, have marked the occasion by sending out tea and locally-made biscuits to thank over 200 clients, partners and suppliers who have been part of their journey over the last decade and a half.

    The husband and wife team, originally from Shropshire and North Wales, met at university and began their design careers in London, where they lived and worked for 12 years before moving back to Shropshire in 2003 to start their own agency.

    “Since we set up our agency, the business has gone from strength to strength and we’re really proud to be reaching another major milestone in our journey – it feels like a great achievement, especially being a small business based in a rural part of the county.” said Carl.

    “A lot of creative agencies feel they need to be located in larger cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham to attract the best clients and projects, but working from our design studio in the beautiful Shropshire countryside hasn’t restricted us at all in that respect.

    “We’re lucky enough to work with some amazing Shropshire brands - our nearest client is just one mile away - but many of our clients are based throughout the UK and Europe, even as far afield as North America.”

    Clare added: "For us, Church Stretton is the perfect base for business; it’s centrally based and well-connected to many parts of the UK, and we can be in London in 2.5 hours or Manchester in 2 hours. We’re really excited about the projects we’re working on at the moment and we’re looking forward to the next 15 years of Carl Jones Design!”

    For more information, visit

    Pete White
  • Battle of Shrewsbury Medieval Weekend at Battlefield 1403
    09 Jul 2019
    Living history at Battlefield re-enactment

    The much-loved Battlefield 1403 was recently crowned best small farm shop of the year by the Farm Shop & Deli 2019 awards. But go back 616 years and this was the site of one of the bloodiest battles fought on British soil.

    The Battle of Shrewsbury was fought between King Henry IV and a rebellious faction led by the Percy family in 1403, and it was the first time the English longbow was used on both sides of the battlefield.

    Over the anniversary weekend of the Battle of Shrewsbury on the 27th and 28th July, Battlefield 1403 are set to take us back in time to medieval Shropshire, to see the sights of everyday life leading up to the battle.

    During this family day out, you will get to see knights in armour and archers preparing for battle. There will be living history, including traditional crafts and cookery, with many activities to try your hand at throughout the day. National and regional organisations will join the festivities to show how medieval skills can still be used today.

    At the end of each day, spectators will be able to take sides and cheer on their favoured army, as part of the battle is re-enacted on the original battlefield.

    One of the event organisers, Matthew Howarth from Event Plan, comments, “This event will be a great way to commemorate one of the county’s most important moments in history. The planned re-enactments and demonstrations will transport the attendees back in time.

    “During the weekend, the Churches Conservations Trust will be re-opening the Battlefield 1403 church. We wanted to highlight the connections the church has to the Battle of Shrewsbury, where it is rumoured that many were buried after the battle.”

    The event is free to attend and will be on from 10am until 4:30pm each day, with the battle taking place at 4pm and demonstrations throughout the day.

  • Can you help Shropshire Wildlife Trust to raise £60,000 to protect local iconic species?
    18 Jul 2022
    Male otter in River Severn by Kevin Wells

    As part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations, Shropshire Wildlife Trust is calling for residents and organisations to support its new appeal to raise vital funds to continue wildlife conservation in the county.

    Shropshire’s beautiful countryside is home to some incredible species, but behind the scenery there is another story, wildlife is in crisis.

    Lapwing are declining and threatened with extinction. Wildflower meadows have been lost so common spotted orchids and small pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies are rarer than ever. River wildlife has been destroyed limiting habitats for otters. New developments are threatening ponds that house great crested newts. Native woodland and hedgerows have been removed putting dormice at risk.

    However, it is not too late. Vital conservation work can ensure these six species, and many others, are still here for generations to come. Shropshire Wildlife Trust works with three strategic goals to achieve this, but needs your help to make it happen:

    • To put nature in recovery with abundant and diverse wildlife across 30% of land
    • To ensure at least 1 in 4 people are taking meaningful action for nature and the climate
    • To allow nature to play a central role in addressing local climate problems (known as nature-based solutions)

    Helen O’Connor, Head of Development at the Trust, says "Our wildlife is facing significant pressure, with many species in decline or at risk of extinction, but everyone can help get nature in recovery. For our 60th Anniversary, we are asking you to support our conservation work so that the iconic species which call Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin home, can survive and thrive for the next 60 years."

    Could you help support crucial habitat management to protect Shropshire’s stunning species? To donate, visit

    And if you haven’t already seen the Shropshire Wildlife Trust themed window display in Tanners Wine Merchants on Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, go and look, and also scan the QR Code in the window to donate directly to the appeal.

    More information about ‘Shropshire Wildlife Trust at 60’ can be found here:

  • How To Entertain Your Business Clients
    17 Oct 2018

    If you work in business, and particularly if you run your own company, there will probably be times when big clients come to see you. When this happens, they may choose to stay overnight, and ideally, you will want to arrange some entertainment for them to ensure that they think well of you and enjoy their stay. The better you look after these important clients, the more work they can potentially give to your business, so it is certainly something to bear in mind. If you are worried about the prospect of entertaining your clients and you’re not sure where to start or what to do, here are some ideas on how to keep them happy.

    Have A Plan

    The first most important element of entertaining big, important clients is that you should have a plan in advance. Simply taking them out for a meal and then being unsure what to do next isn’t something that will endear you to them, especially if you promised them a fun evening full of entertainment. Make sure you have a full itinerary planned and ensure that anything that needs to be booked in advance is secured. The last thing you want to do is arrive at a venue to find that it is already full – if you have no backup plan, the evening could end on an early and rather sour note.

    Ask Them

    Once you know that you are taking someone (or more than one person) out for a good evening, it can be a good idea to check with them to see what they like or what they want to do. They may have a favourite restaurant, or they may love trying new cocktails, for example. Perhaps they want you to hire company for the evening, and you can find out more about hiring here. The key is to keep your client happy and to do what you can to facilitate them. If you want to show them something different, then add that into the mix too. It will always help if you can research them first so that you can take them to places they are sure to enjoy. 

    Don’t Talk About Work

    It may seem like an odd point to make, but talking about work and your business can be off-putting for your client. They already know what it is you do and how they benefit from it, and although you will often have a reason for taking your client out and showing them a good time (you may want them to upgrade their contract, or sign on for another year, for example) talking about it just isn’t fun. There is plenty of time for that during meetings, so steer clear of work talk if you possibly can. Entertain your clients is about creating a relationship so that future deals are easier, not about focusing on one imminent deal that needs to be finalised.

    Don’t Do Business

    Just as it’s important not to talk about business with your client or supplier during the evening, it’s also important not to talk about business with anything else either. Your phone might ring, you might get an email, but that doesn’t mean you should answer it or reply unless it’s extremely urgent. Taking time away from your guest to talk to someone else about business is rude and unprofessional, and is not going to look good in your client’s eyes, especially if they are left alone while you do it. Ideally, you should turn your phone off completely and concentrate on making sure your client has a fabulous time. You can also leave a voicemail or out of office email auto-reply that explains that you can’t answer right now but that you will as soon as possible.

    Keep The Receipts

    Entertaining business clients, partners, or suppliers might be fun, but it’s not the same as going out with friends and family, and it is possible to claim some or all of the money you spend back again when it comes time to submit your accounts. Make sure you keep all the receipts to send to your accountant, or if you choose to do your accounts yourself keep them in a safe place until you need them. This could save you a lot of money.

    Listen When They Talk

    Not everyone is a good listener, but when it comes to taking a client out for dinner or to a club, or anywhere else that they want to go, listening is all important. You’ll find out a lot about how they work this way, even though you’re not going to be talking about business. You’ll also be able to work out how to approach requests and queries in the future if you listen carefully to what they are saying in the present. Gaining as much information as you possibly can is hugely useful and can stand you in good stead as your relationship goes on. Plus, if the client knows you are happy to listen, they will think better of you in general.


    Just because you are going out for an evening of entertainment, it doesn’t mean that you have to drink a huge amount (even if your client decides to). Drinking too much can lead to all kinds of problems including saying the wrong thing. Remember that even though you’re not in the office, this is still a business meeting of sorts, and not an evening out with friends. A professional demeanour at all times is essential to maintain an air of professionalism no matter what.

    Remember Your Manners

    If you know that you eat too fast or that your table manners leave something to be desired if you know that you can forget to say please and thank you at times, or any number of other small points that make up good manners, make sure you practice before you go out. Ask a friend or partner what they would suggest, and have them go through the evening with you. Your guest should be seated before you are, and they should choose the wine you’re having with dinner, for example. Napkins go on the lap and not in the collar. There are dozens of small things to remember, but they can make a big difference when you’re trying to make a good impression.

    Pete White
  • Peace Lily - children's author event
    19 Oct 2018

    Shrewsbury Bookfest invite families and children aged 6+ to Button & Bear Bookshop, 28 Castle Street, Shrewsbury. SY1 2BQ to join author Hilary Robinson as she introduces her new book ‘Peace Lily’ which tells the story of Lily, a young girl who becomes a nurse and follows her childhood friends Ben and Ray to the battlefields of France. ‘Peace Lily’ is beautifully illustrated and with a touching rhyming text - another excellent book to give young children a real sense of the First World War.

    EVERY TICKET entitles you to £3.50 off one of Hilary's books on the day.  Children will also be able make two poppies - one to take home & one to display in the shop window for the Remembrance season.  Tickets are available from Button & Bear Bookshop tel: 01743-341407

    Hilary Robinson is an award winning radio producer, broadcaster and the author of over 40 picture books including the bestselling Mixed Up Fairy Tales (Hodder). She produced Private Peaceful for BBC Radio 2 narrated by Robson Green.

    SHREWSBURY BOOKFEST has collaborated with the St Chad’s Music Festival, the Imperial War Museum, the Wilfred Owen Society and local and national war experts to present a series of events every November since 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the First World War under the name of BOOKFEST REMEMBERS.

  • CV Writing Service
    30 Mar 2013

    A local recruitment agency has announced the launch of its new CV writing service which aims to help jobseekers better their chance of standing out in the crowded jobs market.

    Shrewsbury-based Red Recruitment has launched its new offer to give individuals the opportunity to have their CVs reviewed and enhanced by a professional team, to ensure that they get the most from their application and to give them a better chance of securing their dream job.

    Meg Jones, Director of Red Recruitment, explained: “Although the latest quarterly figures show a positive growth in employment – which is good news all round for Shropshire -  we’re still keen on stressing the importance of having an up to scratch CV, so that when the time comes for employers to recruit, they can easily identify the best applicants.”

    According to Red Recruitment, the chances of an application being pushed to the bottom of the pile by prospective employers is greatly increased if there are spelling mistakes, if the document is hard to read – including font styles and sizes - and if the jobseeker is actually applying for a role they aren’t qualified for. 

    “There really is no second chance when it comes to making a good first impression, so it’s hugely important to nail it first time.  And because we know that when people are putting together their CVs, personal statements, and covering letters, they can often find it tricky or confusing, we’ve launched our new dedicated service, so that we can take away the stress and do it all for you.

    “Anyone who is interested in finding out more about our services please do get in touch by calling the Red Recruitment offices on 01743 352222, visiting or emailing us on [email protected],” Meg concluded.

  • Chinese State Circus - Dynasty (Shrewsbury)
    07 Apr 2017

    The internationally acclaimed Chinese State Circus is coming back, returning to its roots in an innovatively spectacular new production – “DYNASTY”.

    The incomparable Chinese State Circus will be playing at The Quarry, Shrewsbury from Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st May in its fully heated big top venue.

    Breathtaking in its simplicity, “DYNASTY” projects into a contemporary setting an art form that has thrilled audiences for more than 2,000 years where low-tech everyday objects are transformed into hi-tech acrobatic equipment. Hurtling porcelain jars...dynamically spinning plates...balancing upon gigantic pyramids of tables and chairs framed by the delicate strands of silk supporting cascading aerialists.

    “Never has such excitement been generated in a theatre. The whole audience hangs breathless” Manchester Evening News

    Stunning world class Chinese acrobats, aerial artistes and jugglers interact with the super-human physical skills and dexterity of the masters of martial arts – the legendary Shaolin Warriors.

    The nonstop action from start to awesome finale as thrill follows thrill is set to a soaring musical score accompanied by the rhythmic beats of Chinese percussion.  Its outstanding acrobatic achievement that could until now could only be created video through special effects – yet performed live in front of an audience what seems impossible becomes a reality. It is what has earned the CHINESE STATE CIRCUS the accolade “incomparable”.

    No retakes...quite simply...the incomparable Chinese State Circus.

  • Baseboards or No Baseboards in Your Home
    09 Apr 2021

    Having baseboards or not in a home is something every homeowner has to decide. This piece is addressing all there is to know about having floor trims. This will enable you to make the right decision when designing and structuring your home. Let’s get right to it.

    Lots of homes have baseboards, but you have to know if yours need one as well. With the advancements of interior design materials, most professionals see little need for having baseboards installed. However, many individuals want these fixtures in their homes as they offer visual benefits and protect against damages. You can check this link for more on how they add value to your property. 

    They are seen as millwork and are available in various shapes and sizes. They do provide more balance to the décor of your space. Also, they better frame the home. Overall, baseboards offer a more contemporary look to a home. If more detailed designs are added to a room, the baseboards provide a transitional style.

    Note that other options can provide a contemporary look to a home. You Just have to converse with an expert. The expert will offer you other excellent options. With this, you can make a better choice.

    You could choose to have no baseboards installed in your home too. It can also turn out beneficial to you. Without this fixture, lines are displayed from the floor that reaches the wall uninterrupted. This also provides a contemporary style to a home design. One that needs no lines. This ensures that the designs in your home are simple and clean. It also offers a modern look for your space.

    The only disadvantage of going without baseboard trims is that your walls are susceptible to damages. Without the fixture, brooms and vacuum cleaners can damage the walls. This is a primary reason why homeowners opt for the trims. That said, if your building doesn’t incur too much dirt without edges, you can create a unique space. The ability to put a shelf against your walls will give your room a classic touch.

    Why Should You Opt for a Baseboard Trim?

    Baseboard trim provides a fabulous and stylish look to a room. They serve a great function by protecting the bottom walls from damages. This, in turn, allows you to save lots of money on repairs.

    Below are a few lists of benefits of having the trim installed:

    • They protect the walls from accumulating dirt
    • Help to stop insects from entering the house
    • protects the bottom walls from vacuums and brooms
    • provides a contemporary look to a room
    • Enables expansion and contraction in the home
    • They hide flaws

    Most homeowners choose to baseboard their room to tie everything together. They provide better functionality to the room. Without the fixture, the house looks cheap and simple. You can check this website for more on adding functional features to your living space. 

    When a house is new, it is difficult to find cracks or flaws. This might be a reason for you to consider the no baseboard option. However, a building is bound to incur damages as it gets older. With the floor trims, you cover the cracks and flaws on the bottom wall. Also, the edges ensure the walls do not retain moisture. Moistures are known to damage walls. So, a fixture that prevents water damage in the room is an excellent idea.

    Selection Tips for a Baseboard Trim

    The trims are usually 2 to 8 inches tall. They can be purchased as a single strip or in smaller and separate pieces. You can also opt for a larger size compared to the standard ones. This is because a more significant size allows you more flexibility.

    Tips for selecting your fixture:

    Tip 1 

    Select a fit that matches your casing. This will help better blend the design of your room.

    Tip 2 

    Always consider the height of your trim. Choose larger sizes for a more intricate design.

    Tip 3 

    When opting for a DIY design, choose the best materials. Also, use glues and caulks. This is much more precise and easier than nails. Also, to get better results, ensure to dry-fit the pieces.

    Tip 4 

    To ensure that your trims are done to perfection, hire a professional installer. A qualified professional will ensure that they provide quality materials to your project. They will also make sure that all flaws and cracks are properly hidden.

    Why Should I Consider Baseboard Trims?

    Without the trim, your room is provided an aesthetic look. There is a unique yet simple look to the space Without the trim, the walls hit the floor without anything in between. This makes the house easier to maintain.

    There are several ways to achieve a no-baseboard look. Some of these fixtures include no base at all, a flash-mount, a reveal, and a bead gap.

    A revealing look ensures that edges do not meet. This, in turn, forms a gap. A flush-mount look is when a baseboard flush is installed with the drywall. The process will involve the wall being held back from the floor. The space between can then be plastered over. This will ensure that lines are eliminated.

    A bead gap involves a technique whereby the contractor uses a bead between the wall and floor. The bead is a plastic fit that the installer uses to form a gap while finishing the bottom wall.

    Is Foregoing Baseboard Trims Cost-Effective?

    Homeowners believe that without trims, they can save money during construction. However, without this fixture, the dry waller must be precise on how they complete the flooring and drywall.

    The fixtures ensure that imperfections are covered. So, you need the best installers to do clean and precise work for you. For clean and accurate results from a professional, you need to pay more for labor costs. The link here has suggestions on how to save on home upgrades. 

    My Take

    Choosing a baseboard trim is a good idea. This is because they create a finished look for a home. Remember to select a style that better suits your room. If you are someone who loves contemporary and minimalistic aesthetics, you can forego trims. Do not forget that preceding decorations can be labor-intensive. And this can cost you a lot more money. In the end, it all depends on what you want.

    Pete White
  • It’s the Sundorne School Musical Mash Up!
    13 Feb 2014

    A Shrewsbury secondary school has been overtaken by lights, cameras and plenty of action as more than 60 students take to the stage for a big musical production.

    The youngsters, from Sundorne School and Sports College, have been rehearsing since October for the Musical Mash Up which is being performed to parents and friends this week.

    Teacher of performing arts and dance at the school, Lucy Frederick, said that the aim of the show was to celebrate the best dance, drama and music from favourite West End musicals.

    “We have songs from Sister Act, Hairspray, Annie and Rent along with dances from Fame, We Will Rock You and Chicago,” said Miss Frederick who has been a teacher at Sundorne for five years.

    “The students have also been putting their acting skills to the test by performing drama from Grease, Our Day Out, Blood Brothers and Whistle Down the Wind.

    “Pupils from ages 11 to 16 have been taking part and this is the first time we have had a production involving all school years since I began working here.

    “As there are so many amazing musicals to choose from, I thought why not try to do them all.”

    Auditions for the Sundorne School Musical Mash Up were held in October and the youngsters have been busy rehearsing for the event since then.

    Year 7 pupil Holly Tinkler said: “I play the part of Mollie in Annie and also sing and dance – I’m in almost every number on the night so I have to do my costume changes really quickly backstage.

    “I am a bit nervous as it’s my first ever show, but really excited and I’ve been practising every lunch time in the dance studio.”

    Kelly Fawcett, also from Year 7, said: “I am dancing and singing – my favourite bit is the dancing and I’d like to be a dancer when I’m older.

    “I love the singing, it is fun and I get to wear a nun’s habit for the Sister Act song.”

    Year 11 student Jamie Evans said: “I do GCSE performing arts so auditioned for the show and got the parts of Sonny in Grease and Reilly in Our Day Out.

    “It has been good putting my acting skills into practice in a real show. It’s really creative the way the production includes lots of different bits from famous shows.”

    The choreography and directing has been the brainchild of Lucy Frederick, who has been helped along the way by Emma Williams with the music, Jacquie Sneade on props and set, and Carl Rogers on lighting and sound.

    “It has been a real team effort and I am extremely proud of all the hard work put in by students and staff to make this production a big success,” added Miss Frederick.

    The Sundorne Musical Mash Up is being performed for parents and friends tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow at the school.

    Pete White
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