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  • 10 Artists Who Make Music on Martin Guitars
    04 Sep 2018

    Many people base their guitar choice on the guitar that their favorite artist plays. This definitely helps one become more inspired and motivated to practice and play. Who knows, maybe one day you can become as good as - or even better than - folks like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat and of course, Chris Cornell, who is sadly missed.

    Today we’re putting the spotlight on Martin guitars and the artists who play them. The artists mentioned above have all made music on a Martin. Ed Sheeran even has his own signature acoustic-electric guitar, the compact LX1E Little Martin Ed Sheeran Edition. 

    Aside from Ed, John, Colbie and Chris, here are other notable Martin guitar players. We’ll save the ukulele players for another day.

    1. Eric Clapton - Eric has used a great many Martins over the years and has partnered up with Martin on several occasions for his limited edition signature models. The first one, the 000-42EC of which only 461 guitars were made, sold out within days. The next, 000-42ECB, also sold out as quickly as it entered the market. The third one, the 000-28ECB, were made from the last pieces of Brazilian Rosewood that the company had in stock. Eric continues to collaborate with Martin and now has seven acoustic signature models.

    2. Aaron Nigel Smith - this artist’s Martin guitar of choice is the D-15M, a beautiful mahogany solid wood acoustic.

    3. Elle King - Elle describes herself as a gypsy. She just keeps on moving. Well, we’re sure that wherever she goes, her OMCPA5 Black guitar will always be there with her.

    4. Brandy Clark - Brandy has always wanted to be a country singer. We’re pretty sure her preferred Martin guitar, the OMJM John Mayer, helped her achieve her dream.

    5. Anderson East - Anderson considers his Martin 000C Nylon 12-fret guitar as his companion. Not only that, he also says it’s his constant source of inspiration and his teacher. 

    6. Ben Howard - Ben plays a D-28, aptly described as the dreadnought guitar by which all others are judged. This guitar has also been a favorite of American country music icon Hank Williams Sr., Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and of course, The undisputed King of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley.

    7. Band of Skulls - Martin guitars used by this British rock trio (who we’ll count as one unit, and who have been playing together since they were 12 years old) include the Grand J-28LSE, CEO-6 Sunburst and D-28 Marquis Sunburst.

    8. Cody Simpson - Cody recorded with two Martin acoustic guitars on his record Free and he also performs with them on stage. His Martins of choice are the OMJM John Mayer and the D-35 Johnny Cash. The D-35 is Martin’s first guitar that sported a polished black finish, and Johnny’s stage favorite for almost two decades.

    9. Seth Avett, The Avett Brothers - You can always find Martin guitars in the instrument arsenal of The Avett Brothers. Martin collaborated with Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers to come up with the D-35 Seth Avett custom signature edition. Seth designed the copper snowflake inlay on the fretboard himself.

    10. Brett Dennen - Brett says he has always been a Martin guy, and considers Martin guitars “works of art made by hand.” It’s no surprise that, like many music artists, his preferred Martin acoustic is the D-28.

  • Taxi firm signs for Shrewsbury Town
    14 Sep 2016
    Shrewsbury Town’s Richard Hill with Steve Hughes, of Go Carz, at the Greenhous Meadow.

    Shrewsbury Town have announced a new signing - but you won’t be seeing the latest addition on the pitch at the Greenhous Meadow.

    Go Carz, Shropshire’s largest private hire firm, is getting behind the League One side as the official club taxi partner.

    The company’s managing director, Carl Wilday, said it was great news for the firm and hoped the season would be a successful one for the club.

    “Shrewsbury Town Football Club is a huge part of the community, not only in the town itself but in the county and beyond,” he said. “They are, after all, the only football league side operating in Shropshire.

    “Go Carz is also a big part of that community and we are delighted to be associated with Shrewsbury Town this season.

    “It’s a really important thing for us and we are pleased to be part of the set-up. The club was brilliant to deal with and to have our company named as an official club taxi partner is amazing.”

    Richard Hill, commercial manager at Shrewsbury Town, said: “ At Shrewsbury Town we see the importance of promoting local companies and we rely on the support of these companies that sponsor us.

    “I am delighted that Go Carz will be the official club taxi partner and I look forward to working with them over this coming season to help them achieve their goals.

    “We are an ambitious football team that is growing rapidly so to align ourselves with a company like Go Carz who are doing the same is fantastic news for both parties.”

    The move means Go Carz as official club taxi partner will have a dedicated line at the Greenhous Meadow to respond to calls for a taxi.

    Go Carz now has more than 900 drivers operating across Shropshire and the Midlands.

    Two years ago it invested £200,000 in a state-of-the-art call centre in Shrewsbury which means it can respond much more promptly to requests from customers.

    It is now taking more than 100,000 phone calls and carrying out about 75,000 journeys a week across Shropshire and the West Midlands.

    “Go Carz is going from strength to strength and we are always looking at ways of improving our service and getting our name out there. The link with Shrewsbury Town can only be a good thing for us,” added Carl.

    Bosses at Go Carz pride themselves on providing a professional service and are always looking at ways of improving - such as their airport service for corporate clients.

    Go Carz also led the way earlier this year with the introduction of driver support officers who patrol the company’s areas to monitor its drivers and vehicles.

    “Go Carz is a hugely successful company and proud of supporting the community. I am sure the tie-up with Shrewsbury Town will prove to be a great asset,” added Carl.

  • Palms Hill - stunning Shropshire house and garden opens as a stylish events venue
    09 Sep 2013

    Together the enterprising mother and daughter team of Sue and Meg Wilton-Morgan, will be opening the gates to Palms Hill on Saturday September 15th. Their home will be a new venue for events in a stunning setting - where excellent service is top of their list. Palms Hill will come with a Victorian house backdrop, marquee lawn with breathtaking views of the Shropshire countryside, a beautifully restored walled garden - complete with a crèche for children...

    School, University and a New Home

    Meg has been involved in business from a young age with her parents working around her. She put her own skills into practice at Liverpool University. Meg won an award of investment for her business concept in the University's 'Big Pitch' - leading her to set-up her first business. Supply Our Society provided personalised clothing for everything from choirs at University to the Pengwern Rowing Club back home in Shrewsbury. Sue, with her husband Tim, built up Timstar - the second largest supplier of laboratory and educational science related products to schools throughout the UK. After repeated offers to buy this business, they decided to sell in 2009 and had the opportunity to buy Palms Hill House.
    This led to the careful restoration of this historic house near Wem in Shropshire. Sue had fallen in love with the house two years previously, so the opportunity to purchase was too good to miss. They made the move across the county border from Cheshire and the work began. The house was beautiful but needed some care and attention to bring it back to its former beauty and to fill it once again with people and parties. This is exactly what Meg and Sue set out to do and following their launch on September 15th, the plan is for it to be the location for many weddings, events and parties.

    From The Domesday Book to 2013

    The original dwelling at Palms Hill is thought to have been listed in the Domesday Book. The design and build of the current house was commissioned in 1890 by James Arthur Clegg from Lancashire. The architect was Mr H. Macpherson of Derby, who later won a prize for his design. The Wilton-Morgan family have been working on the careful restoration since 2009. The Victorian craftsmanship has been revealed, the garden has been landscaped, with croquet lawn and walled garden. The fabulous views across to the Welsh Hills can be enjoyed, from what was originally a defensive hill-top position.

    Palms Hill is open for events with a purpose-built marquee to fit the marquee lawn, accommodating up to 180 for banquets with a dance floor and bar and up to 250 with buffet-style catering. The extensive gardens, including the walled garden, are part of this unique location. Local suppliers have been selected to work with including; Tipples bar, photography from PB Artworks, catering from Oak Apple and Caroline Morgan. September 15th provides an opportunity to look inside the gates of this hidden gem - situated between the A49 and Wem.

    Meg explained; "We have enjoyed bringing Palms Hill back to life and look forward to sharing this. We hope that our guests - whether for private or corporate events - will enjoy the beauty and space of our gardens and the backdrop of our home, as much as we do!"

    Pete White
  • Weddings in wellies coming to Shropshire
    24 Feb 2016

    A working Shropshire farm is putting a unique spin on the traditional white wedding by opening up its fields, cowsheds and barns to create the perfect country venue.

    Morrells Wood Farm in Leighton has come up with ‘the welly wedding’ in partnership with Shropshire’s Wroxeter Hotel - one of the county’s top wedding venues.

    Hannah Hall, who runs the hotel with her husband Ed, said the idea of the partnership was to create a unique venue for country brides and grooms to enjoy with their guests.

    She said: “Every couple wants to put their stamp on their special day and this is a unique way to do that. We’re calling it the welly wedding because wellies are popping up everywhere at the moment.

    “Of course wellies are not compulsory or even totally necessary. The most wonderful thing about Morrells Wood is that is genuinely a working farm but it is also very clean with wonderful facilities so guests really get the best of all worlds.”

    Derek Harper, who farms Morrells Wood Farm, said he and his wife wanted to diversify and thought weddings on a working farm would be an unusual option for couples.

    He said: “We won’t have the tractors running during the reception, of course but it will be a great experience for guests, who can enjoy self-catering accommodation in our cottages too.”

    The farm will hold a ‘welly wedding’ open day on Sunday February 28 from 12pm to 3pm for couples interested in a working farm celebration.

    For more information, contact The Wroxeter Hotel on 01743 761256 or email [email protected]

  • Swan Lake by The Russian State Ballet and Opera House
    20 Jul 2015

    Shrewsbury, Theatre Severn - Box Office 01743 281 281

    Saturday 31 October, 7.30 pm.


    Swan Lake – the greatest of all romantic ballets

    Directed and choreographed by former Bolshoi Theatre Ballet Dancer, Konstantin Uralsky

    Featuring an impressive cast and accompanied by a large live Orchestra with over 30 musicians

    Their annual Ballet Tour in the UK is always a joy to behold and highly anticipated.

    Another Tchaikovsky favourite featuring some of ballet’s most memorable music, Swan Lake is an all-time Russian classic, overflowing with evocative orchestrations and breath-taking dance.

    The familiar story tells of a princess who is turned into a swan by an evil curse. The spectacular choreography allows the company’s dancers to demonstrate their brilliant skills to full effect.

    Highlights of the ballet include the charming Dance of the Little Swans performed on the shores of a moonlit lake as well as sweeping ballroom waltzes set in the splendour of the Royal Palace.

    An enchanting feast for the eyes, and an ideal introduction to the magic and romance that is classical ballet.

  • Tyre recycling in Shropshire
    10 Nov 2014
    tyre casings stacked

    Ever wondered what happens to the tyres you recycle at our local Household Recycling Centres ?

    Well the good news is that since these items were banned from landfill, a wide range of innovative new recycling businesses and end markets have opened up. It’s especially beneficial for Shropshire that many of these involve land-based industries such as creating surfaces for equestrian and sports facilities but also they can play an invaluable role in sustainable urban drainage systems and flood control.   This means that by recycling your old car tyres at our facilities you are helping to support local jobs and providing raw materials to support our local economy.

    All the tyres that come into our site are bulked up in Shropshire and then collected by local (Cannock-based) ISO14001 accredited company DME Tyres Ltd. Whereever practicable they salvage reusable tyres for re-moulding, but worn tyres are all recycled or used for energy - so nothing goes to waste.  To recycle them, first they need to go through industrial sized shredders which allows any metal to be separated out with magnets and sent on to local smelters for recycling.  The shredded rubber can then be utilised for a number of applications.  Mostly at DME they manufacture a chipped product which goes into civil engineering projects as a replacement for aggregate.  It can be transported more easily and is less costly and kinder to the environment as a drainage solution.

    Another product they produce is also a compacted baled high calorific value green fuel which is used in cement kilns as an alternative to coal.  This benefits our local economy, reducing costs for this energy intensive business (one of their customers is the Lafarge cement works in near by Staffordshire which manufactures building materials that get used in construction projects in Shropshire). 

    So next time you see a building site in Shropshire, take a look. You might just catch a glimpse of some of our old tyres coming back to life. 

    James Thompson
  • The Children Of The Revolution Grew Up!
    31 Mar 2018


    Theatre Severn

    31st March 2018

    There was an excited air of anticipation as the full house of old T.rex-onians waited patiently for the curtain to rise and for them all to relive a little bit of their youth. Were they to be disappointed?

    The curtain rose and… is that a ghost we see before us? Has the real Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex turned up to whisk us to planet nostalgia? It sure looked likely and in all truth there was a feel of reality as the ghost before us proved to be the spit of Bolan and had a sound to boot. This was the first introduction to T.Rextasy.

    Voted number one tribute Band and number one live act it is no surprise. These guys are hot.

    With very little chat and wasted time Danielz and the boys turned the big TRex generator on and created an instant good time. With a sound just so remarkably similar with eyes shut one could be sixteen again, the wrong side of  O’Levels and the sound track to your life is being wheeled out before you in fantastic authenticity.

    It is always interesting to note the average age of the audience, working that out can contextualise the whole gig. We were all the same age together, then and now. Although there were a few younger people there it seems that they were speaking a language that we all understood. The sound, the gesture, the look and the feel of this night was almost akin to the the real thing.

    As a child one didn’t tend to notice the phraseology of T.Rex or the little musical nuances that they bled in. Marc Bolan must have been frustrated to have been solidly screamed at and the meaning of his song lost. Screaming fans then weren’t too bothered what was being said they just wanted to see their idol.

    These songs stand up to the scrutiny of time, and it’s no wonder, after all strip down the glam veneer and you have a rock solid music machine; so energetic pacey and so strong. Although his lyricism is questionable, no I will go further, although his words tend not to mean much at all, the vehicle that carries them, i.e. the music is powerful and uplifting.

    This band are an amazingly close clone of the real thing. As Marc can no longer be with us to elaborate on his musical point, these guys have picked up the mantel and run with it. They have kept his name and his music real and brought his time back to life. The audience love it.

    This was their time. This was a time when the Quarry or The Abbey Gardens were ours as we sneaked out of school to hang out and listen to the charts. All that mattered was who was number one. We thought then times were hard. Little did we know.

    However to be returned there, so skilfully and so musically is a great experience and this band are just that, a great experience. They play with respect for the great man, they play with the Bolan family fully endorsing them and no wonder. They are great. There is no blurring of the lines. They don’t claim to be the Trex; but they do play their music with such a regard that we all end up respecting the great man and the musicians before us. They are an experience and not a bad one.

     If you love that Jitterbug Boogie sound or that solid Rhythm and Blues, allow this reviewer to tell you this is the band for you.

    T.Rextasy are just T. riffic!

    This is a Four Star Review.

    Owen Lewis
  • The bucket to save you spade loads of work!
    08 Aug 2016

    There’s no need to get into a barney if your rubble’s a mess – just call on Shropshire firm JTC Concrete Crushing to sort it out.

    Thanks to a new piece of hi-tech equipment, the firm can sift soil out of all sorts of rubble – saving you money in the process.

    Neil Carter from JTC Concrete Crushing believes his new screening bucket is the only one of its kind available in the country.

    The firm, based in Shrewsbury, provides concrete recycling services to firms and individuals across Shropshire, Mid Wales, the Midlands and Staffordshire.

    The REMU EL2085 Screening Bucket separates soil from a pile of rubble. It means you end up with clean rubble ready for crushing which gives a top class recycled aggregate to re-use on site.

    It can also clean topsoil and subsoils, removing unwanted rubble, turf, wood and tree roots.

    Neil said: “I’m expanding the service I can offer with this new bucket. It comes from Finland and I believe it is the only one of this size in the country. I tend to work with small to medium sized businesses or individuals, so this size of equipment is ideal.

    “If you have a pile of mixed soil and rubble, the bucket acts like a sieve to separate the two out. That then gives you two products you can use again on site. It can also be used in damp conditions, unlike some machines, so we don’t need to worry about the British weather!

    “It complements the other parts of our business and means we can recycle any demolition waste we have.”

    JTC Concrete Crushing’s mobile crushing machines recycle concrete and brick rubble on site – helping clients reduce their costs by saving money that would otherwise have to pay out on skip hire or new hard-core from a quarry.

    And it is environmentally friendly too.

    The service can be used in the building and construction industry, in farming and agriculture, or for landscaping and design projects.

    Neil, who worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years, set up the business because he saw a gap in the market –  investing over £75,000 of his own money, the new machinery is helping him to expand and offer a better service to his customers.

    “What I do is create useful products out of inert waste because it is expensive to get rid of it. It you have to have it taken away you have to pay landfill tax, and if you need to bring in aggregate you have to pay quarrying tax, all of which is expensive these days.

    “People don’t realise what they can do with their rubble. I have been recently working with a firm knocking some garages down in Wellington. It would have cost £2,000 to hire a skip to get rid of the rubble, then £1,200 for new aggregate. For £600 I could recycle the rubble and save them money!”

    When you hire Neil’s machinery, you hire him too.

    “I operate all of the machinery on site. I know how it works so you get maximum output from it. It is cost effective for the client because you get a lot more productivity from the machinery.”

    For more information visit


  • Shrewsbury Rebranding
    03 Aug 2012

    Recently Shropshire Council commissioned London design agencies &Smith and We All need Words to rebrand Shrewsbury, here are some of the results.

    The Shrewsbury branding is based on a large original black and white pattern which nods towards the many wood-beamed Tudor buildings in the town.

    Check out the gallery below for some more examples of the Shrewsbury Branding.

    Let us know what you think in the comments.

    Pete White
  • Is banana good for psoriasis?
    25 Sep 2019

    Are you embarrassed and fade up using so many cures for psoriasis relief but in vain? Then you are not alone. There are many people with psoriasis finding a sustainable way to treat their psoriasis conditions. You already know that both the online and offline market is flooded with so many products conducting the disease. Most of them are not up to the mark.

    The whole world is turning back to the natural cures for curing diseases. Having a little to zero side effects, people across the globe use natural remedies. Managing psoriasis may be a daunting task to many but controllable. This health condition can blow your self-esteem, as well. It is mostly seen on the elbows, knees, and scalp, and sometimes it can affect other parts of your body, including legs, trunk, and nails.

    Banana as a natural cure can be one of the best options to deal with your psoriasis problem at home. Uncover the cure is such a place where you can get in-depth insight all about psoriasis and its treatment as well.

    I want to tell you about the disease, psoriasis before I delve deeper.

    What Psoriasis is

    Psoriasis can be a chronic, genetic, shared, and systemic inflammatory disease found mostly on your skin. You will find elevated itchy plaques that are raised red skin on the affected area. Psoriasis is found mainly on the elbows, scalp, and knees. Also, it can affect your legs, nails, and trunk. You will feel itchiness and plaque on the affected area as its symptoms.

    Keeping your affected area moisturized is more important when you suffer from this chronic skin disease. When your doctor confirms you that you have psoriasis, you need to take measures to manage it. You should not let it spread on your whole body.

    How Banana peel is suitable for psoriasis

    Banana peel contains a high amount of antioxidant that keeps your skin moisturized. It is one of the most widely-used home remedies for skin conditions, including psoriasis. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure your skin conditions. Psoriasis makes your skin dry and develops a feeling of itchiness most times. Its extract soothes your affected area of skin, resulting in relieving psoriasis.

    Clean the affected area and rub the banana peel

    At first, you will need a banana peel. Smaller pieces are more convenient to rub, so make small pieces of banana peel. Once you have cut them into small pieces, start rubbing gently over the affected area. Make sure you are massaging the inside of the skin.

    At one point, you will notice that the inside of the peel will go brown. When you see the brown color of banana peel, stop. The process may take not more than 10 minutes.

    After knowing the process, it will take less time to prepare for the next day. Applying the healing process twice a day can improve your skin condition day by day.

    As I have mentioned above that banana peel is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps your skin soothe and relieve pain also.

    Banana peel paste is also useful

    With a butter knife, scrape off the white part from the banana peel. When you are done with sufficient white part from the banana peel, mash it with a blender to get a soft paste. Now it is time to apply the paste over your affected skin area like an ointment. You should leave it not more than 2 minutes and clean properly.

    This banana peel paste needs to apply on the affected skin area twice a day for better result. It is an alternative natural cure to using an ointment for psoriasis. The paste also helps to soothe and hydrate your affected itchy skin.

    Banana peel and honey combined

    To make this preparation for the treatment of your psoriasis, you need one banana peel and two tablespoons of raw honey. You can prepare it within 5 minutes or less. The process of making this paste is similar to the previous one. When you are done with making a soft, smooth paste of banana peel, add two tablespoons of pure honey with the dough and shake well.

    After blending the paste and honey correctly, you are ready to apply it over your affected skin area. For a good result, you have to leave the paste on your skin at least for half an hour. After the time finishes, rinse the applied area just with lukewarm water. Using the paste of banana peel and honey twice a day will be helpful to cure your psoriasis.

    Like banana peel, honey also has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help your skin keep moisturized for a long time.

    Banana peel along with coal tar

    Using coal tar is a universal remedy for treating psoriasis. It helps reduce the redness of your skin and itchiness feeling. Besides, coal tar helps to slow down the speedy growth of your skin cell. The combination of coal tar and banana peel assists your skin keep hydrated.

    To prepare the combination of the banana peel along with coal tar, you need one banana peel and one tablespoon of coal tar. Mix them well and shake before you are going to apply it on your affected skin area. Five minutes are enough to prepare this combination. Allow it at least two minutes on your skin and then rinse with cool water.

    Final Thought

    Apart from other so-called treatment for psoriasis, banana can be a good thing to consider as a natural remedy to treat your skin problem. Banana peel has many medication values, especially for the skin. You can use banana for other skin diseases. It is practical and works better. Although psoriasis is a painful skin disease, proper treatment can help you get rid of this skin problem.

    Pete White
  • Nunsense the Musical at Shrewsbury College: It would be a sin to miss it!
    25 Feb 2015

    Students from Shrewsbury College will be showcasing their rendition of the 1985 musical comedy, Nunsense.

    Higher Education students studying HND Performing Arts will perform the all-female production, which tells the comical story of a group of Nuns trying to fundraise the cash to bury four dead Sisters; who are currently being stored in the convent’s freezer.

    Performances will be held tonight, (Tuesday, 24 February) and Wednesday, 25 February at Shrewsbury College’s Performing Arts Theatre at 7.30pm, and on Friday 27 February at Bayston Hill Memorial hall at 7.30pm.

    Technical Theatre apprentice, Lucy Barnett, 21, who previously studied a Diploma in Art and Design in Wolverhampton, was tasked with designing and making the set. She said: “I’ve really enjoyed this project. I enjoyed studying art and design, but knew that I wanted to work in the theatre industry, so saw this Apprenticeship as a perfect opportunity. I hope to go on to university when I finish to study set design.

    “I spent some time researching the props for the show, but I wanted to add my own creative ideas to make the props more unique. I used MDF to create the props including signs, a juke box, bar and ice cream. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and support by my tutors and the trust they have in me and my work has been confidence boosting.”

    Gina Evans, Performing Arts tutor, said: “Lucy has been a great asset to the department. The work she has produced is fantastic, some of the best we’ve ever had. Her designs and props really help to set the scene for this production. We’ve tailored the Apprenticeship to help benefit her and be a valuable stepping stone for university.”

    Michael Jenkins, Performing Arts tutor, said: “Our students have been working solidly over the last few months on their performance for this Musical. It’s absolutely ridiculous, fun and energetic. We hope everyone enjoys the show.”

    Tickets cost £8 and £6 concessions and can be purchased on the door, or prior to the show by calling 01743 342487.

    For more information about Performing Arts courses at Shrewsbury College or upcoming shows, please call 01743 342411 or visit

  • Eagle eyed visitors spot mystery Dodo egg in Shrewsbury
    02 Apr 2017

    A group of eagle eyed Darwin fans have spotted what appears to be a Dodo egg on a visit to Shrewsbury this week.

    The oversized egg was spotted near to the Darwin statue in the grounds of the library on Castle Street, Shrewsbury.

    Charles Darwin, who was born and raised in Shrewsbury, reported on the fearless and now extinct Dodo bird on a trip to the Galapagos in the 19th Century, as part of his three year adventure on the H.M.S. Beagle.

    “As Darwin noted, the Dodo's fearlessness is typical of isolated birds and it now appears that a brave and rare egg may have survived since Darwin’s travels and chosen Shrewsbury as its birth place. Will this be the first Shrowdo?” said historian Dr A. Fool of Shrewsbury.

    For more information visit or find Shrewsbury on Facebook  and Twitter @originalshrews.



  • Gretel Parker Needle Felting Workshop at Rustic & White in Shrewsbury
    01 Nov 2013

    Gretel Parker Needle Felting Workshop at Rustic & White Gretel Parker is one of the UK' s  leading Needle felters with a popular online following. She is a regular "MOLLIE MAKES" contributor .Her workshops are hugely popular selling out within days of advertising.  

    For the FIRST time Gretel is holding a WORKSHOP in SHROPSHIRE at Rustic & White in SHREWSBURY  in the popular "Sewing Room"... " We will be making Robbins and Cottages ,in this 6 hour Workshop on Saturday November 30th,from 10.30-4.30 with a break for Lunch...."Total cost for the Day is £55.00....... Limited places so Booking is essential can contact Jo at Rustic & White on 01743 588161 or Call into the Shop at 23 Wyle Cop,Shrewsbury.All materials and use of tools is included along with Tea/Coffee and Cake.

    Pete White
  • There's No Business Like Snow Business! Theatre Severn announces this year's Panto
    12 Sep 2017

    Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.

    Theatre Severn

    29 November -7th January 2017/18

    Well having just taken the tree down from last year I find myself again talking of Christmas. I know it is rather early but Theatre Severn is already busy preparing their annual spectacle , Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    Featuring as ever the utterly hilarious Brad Fitt, the equally funny Eric Smith (BBC Shropshire’s Breakfast presenter) and, as beautiful as the guys are funny Victoria McCabe  looks every inch the Snow White we all remember from our earlier days

    The panto itself has become Theatre Severn's signature dish and they do do it so well. Following on from the sensational Cinderella last year, Paul Hendy (Producer) has promised the same formula and it is a winning one. He would be foolish not to bring back the three principals.

    This show promises to be a must see. 

    The cast’s collective experience is phenomenal the Dwarves alone clock up over a hundred years of performance. Add the rest of the cast and you are looking at some serious years of experience between them.

    Snow White, of course was Disney’s first full length animation dating back to the Nineteen Thirties and we have all come to love that version. Far better in fact than the Brothers Grimm’s original story. Originally the wicked Stepmother sends the hunter into the woods to kill Snow White but she also orders him to return with her heart and lungs. Ewww, enough to put you off your Turkey and Brussels:. Most unsavoury:

    Disney might have had his foibles but he did bring a far more user friendly show. Interestingly it is one of the least performed pantos around the UK so let’s hope our Shrewsbury cast make it their own. Actually, they always do!

    The cast look great, the costumes will amaze you especially Dame Brad Fitt’s stunning ensemble, as for Eric Smith he looks brilliant right down to his curly toed shoes, he will add his own kind of magic to the stage. Snow white, naturally is beautiful and has a smile that she needs to think about insuring. Radiant!

    Right as we put thoughts of Christmas out of our heads and get on with Autumn the cast will be working hard rehearsing and preparing this show for its marathon sixty eight, yes sixty eight performances. I believe this to be one of the longest running pantos in the UK and why not? If you got it flaunt it, especially when every house will be full.

    Tickets are on sale now at the box office and if you dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in your pockets you might find enough to have an ice cream too. Happy Christmas.


    Owen J. Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • Morris Property announces photographic competition winners
    04 Feb 2015

    Students from Shrewsbury Sixth Form College are celebrating after being named winners of a regional photographic  competition.

    Leading local company Morris Property launched the initiative with Shrewsbury Sixth Form College to challenge students to showcase their creativity by capturing ‘Shrewsbury in Autumn’ on camera.  The winning images are to feature on the huge display signage at the entrance to Morris Property’s prestigious Abbey Lawn development.

    Lottie Tomkinson took the winning title as well as a cash prize of £500 with her colourful entry ‘Symmetry of Autumn’ which showcases the beauty of the Quarry during the autumn season. Runners up, Eliza Brown and Florence Spooner were highly commended and each won £250 with their creative shots of the English Bridge and Shrewsbury architecture.

    The finalist’s entries have been printed and are on display for all to admire at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College.

    Judging took place in Morris Property’s Head Office in Shrewsbury with the judges: Bill Morris, Director of Morris and Company, Robin Morris, Chairman of Morris and Company, Liz Lowe, Head of Estates at Morris Property,  John Kenyon, celebrated local photographer and teacher and Stefan Greco, teacher of photography at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College.

    Liz Lowe, Head of Estates at Morris Property, said: “We were bowled over at the enthusiastic response and calibre of entries. Some were really imaginative whilst others managed to capture the essence of the town through the lens. All the judges were deeply impressed with the different techniques demonstrated and the diversity of entries.”

    Morris Property enjoys a close connection with neighbouring Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and would like to thank everyone who helped in organising the competition and the effort and talent of all the students who took part.

    Pete White
  • New Mediterranean Restaurant creates jobs in Shrewsbury
    09 May 2019

    A brand new Mediterranean fine dining restaurant is launching in Shrewsbury creating ten jobs.

    The restaurant has a team of international chefs behind it – headed up by Turkish born Nahsen Akgul who has worked in restaurants around the world. The globe-trotting chefs have worked at top restaurants and resorts in London, Kosovo, Dubai, China and Cyprus, USA and Argentina, among other places.

    Customers can expect to enjoy dishes including: Scottish Pan Fried Scallops with green peas with tomato, lemon espuma, olive powder and Smoked beef tenderloin with fondant potato, caramelized onion purée, brussel sprouts and beef jus.

    Nahsen, 30, said: “The concept is something I don’t believe is being done anywhere in the town, so I hope it will be a really exciting venture for the people of Shropshire. 

    “I have devised a menu which showcases contemporary European dishes using French cooking techniques. Everything will be freshly prepared, using seasonal English ingredients and wild foods. We have a smart but cosy atmosphere.

    “My culinary team also includes Rodrigo Peredo from Dubai and Ahmet Baç, from Istanbul who have have also worked all over the world including London and are really experienced chefs. The restaurant will be open weekday and weekend lunchtimes and evenings and serve brunch and lunch time roasts on Sundays.”

    The restaurant, in Ditherington currently employs 10 people and launches this weekend, when specially invited friends, family, partners and suppliers will be able to experience the menu in tasting portions.

    The restaurant officially opens to the public on Wednesday (15 May) and bookings are now being taken.


  • M&S Foodhall to Open 5th August
    10 Jul 2015

    Marks & Spencer has revealed plans for the unveiling of its brand new Foodhall in Shrewsbury on Wednesday 5th August 2015. Store Manager, David Hughes, and staff will reveal the new M&S Meole Brace Foodhall to customers at 10am.

    The new 16,000 sq ft Foodhall at Meole Brace Retail Park will create 50 job opportunities for the local area and provide shoppers with more than 5,500 food and drink lines, along with a selection of flowers, cards and gift wrap. Customers can also look forward to a new 50-seat Café, with outdoor seating, and in-store Bakery, which will offer a range of speciality breads, pastries and cakes, freshly baked each day.

    M&S Meole Brace Foodhall will offer the popular Shop Your Way service, giving customers the choice of ordering from M& in-store or online, with the added benefit of free next day in-store delivery and collection.

    Store Manager, David Hughes said: “We are delighted to be opening a Foodhall at Meole Brace Retail Park and I am looking forward to welcoming customers to see all we have to offer. M&S Meole Brace Foodhall will provide local customers with a great new shopping experience, with a wide selection of quality meat, fish and poultry as well as a 50-seat M&S Café and in-store Bakery. We hope that customers will join us on Wednesday 5th August to see all of the new and exciting features that we will be bringing to the area.”

  • Flooding on Coton Hill
    10 Feb 2014

    Here are some photos of the flooding in Coton Hill at 4pm - it's expected to peak overnight/tomorrow morning.

    The cricket pitch and Frankwell car park have been completely submerged all day. From what you could see earlier of the fencing has largely disappeared.

    Pete White
  • Grange School fundraiser
    23 Mar 2014

    A fundraising day held by staff and Year 11 students at Shrewsbury’s Grange Secondary School has helped to boost funds for this year’s leavers’ prom.

    More than £600 was raised during the day and this will be used to help stage prom night in the summer for those pupils in their final year at the school.

    Both students and teachers donned fancy dress outfits for the fundraiser which was held last week at the Grange.

    Teacher Elaine Jones, who helped to organise the event, said that it had been a great success.

    “Every single penny from the day will be used towards prom night for the Year 11 students who will be leaving us in the summer,” she said.

    “It will help to pay for the food, decorations and the photographer – we are one of the few schools which actually stages its prom on school premises and it always turns out to be a wonderful community event.

    “The fundraiser was fantastic fun - it included a show at break time put on by the Year 11s and also a performance of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble by some brave members of staff.

    “During lunchtime students manned stalls in the hall including tombolas, cake sales and name the teddy.

    “The event gave students something to really be proud of as they were raising money for what will be a special evening for them as they leave the school at the end of the summer term.”

    Pete White
  • Tetra Pak carton recycling
    23 Jul 2013
    Tetra Pak cartons for recycling

    Tetra pak (and other similar brands of paper based liquid food and drinks cartons) have always been seen as hard to recycle because they are made up of thin layers of paper and plastic and sometimes lined with foil too.  But it is easy to recycle them now - although we cant collect them for you, we have a network of 'bring' sites around Shrewsbury where you can take them for recycling.

    Please remember: wash and squash your cartons before recycling - then simply pop them in the skips at:
    • Shrewsbury Household Recycling Centre, Battlefield
    • Frankwell Quay car park
    • Asda on Old Potts way
    • Sainsburys at Meole Brace
    • The Co-op in Radbrook Green
    • Minsterley Parish Hall

    Whilst in the past your cartons then had to be shipped backed to Sweden for specialist recycling - the good news is that just recently Tetra Pak have announced an major investment in a UK paper mill - in Yorkshire and so now all the cartons you recycle will be staying in the UK for recycling which is a great boost for our vital manufacturing industry.  

    The whole scheme is run at no cost to the taxpayer - funded by the carton manufacturers themselves.  The cartons collected from bring banks in Shrewsbury are already now going the Yorkshire recycling facility where they are soaked in water for hours and then put through a kind of super-duper liquidiser to de-laminate them. The resulting pulp can then recycled and used to make brown card for use in cardboard boxes.

    For more information visit

    James Thompson
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