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  • Off Grid Canoe and Camping Experience Launches
    23 Jun 2021
    Canoe and camping

    Hire a Canoe has opened bookings for a brand new canoe and camping package perfect for staycations in Shropshire. The three-day canoe trip includes two nights of camping in pre-pitched luxury bell tents. It is the first premium camping experience that the business has launched since securing riverside campsites on two private estates.

    The off grid adventure incorporates a 25 mile canoe trip from Llandrinio to Shrewsbury over three days. Hire a Canoe has released bookings with limited availability over the summer months, with only one group able to enjoy the experience at a time.

    The first day of the trip covers 10 miles from Llandrinio to Shrawardine, with the option to stop off and enjoy the view and refreshments at the Royal Hill pub along the way. The second day covers another 10 miles via Montford Bridge, where thirsty paddlers can stop at the Wingfield Arms pub for more sustenance. The second night stopover has an optional addition of a gourmet BBQ beef package with zero food miles, provided by Great Berwick Organics’ Longhorns for campers to cook and enjoy. On the third day participants canoe the final 5 miles to Shrewsbury.

    Budding canoeists can pack light, with a pre-pitched bell tent, sleeping mats, campfire area, long-drop toilet, and shelter waiting for them on each night.

    Danni Rex from Hire a Canoe said it is the perfect trip for frustrated adventurers unable to go abroad this summer. She said, “We think our off grid camping trip is ideal for anyone desperate for a unique holiday with minimal packing required!

    “This is a rare opportunity to stay on private farmland that is not usually open to the public. You can paddle up to your private riverside campsite without any of the hassle of carrying the gear and pitching your tent, allowing you to get on and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a rural adventure.

    “This is wild camping with a luxury twist. The off-grid sites are exclusive, wild and remote, with just the essentials you need for a night of camping. Canoeing down the River Severn allows you to see Shropshire from a whole new perspective and lets you truly appreciate the sights and back to nature culture that Shropshire offers.”

    The package will be available to book until the end of September for groups of up to eight people for family holidays, friends getaways or team building. It is recommended for ages 10 and over, although it is possible to bring younger children with some additional measures put in place. Dogs are also welcome but they will need to stay on leads at the campsites due to nearby livestock.

    Visit the ‘Canoe and Camp’ page at to book the two night camping trip. Hire a Canoe also have a number of options on their website from sunset paddles to doggy paddle evenings.

  • New marine eco-courses to boost number of UK-based citizen scientists
    23 Jun 2021

    Two leading environmental charities have teamed up to boost the number of UK-based citizen scientists which can take action to protect the UK’s whale and dolphin populations. 

    Experts from Shropshire-based outdoor education charity, The Field Studies Council, and marine conservation charity ORCA are aiming to increase the number of people who have an interest in understanding the marine mammals living in British waters to help safeguard species against decline.  

    Together, the organisations, whose patrons include royalty and leading wildlife experts, have designed a series of courses which will educate people on the importance of marine mammals, the threats they face and strategies for conserving populations.  

    The courses also show participants how everyone can play their part in marine conservation and actively help to protect marine life around the UK. 

    Clare Rooney, the FSC’s Eco-Skills Training and Engagement Manager, said the partnership was hugely exciting and would enable the two organisations to increase awareness nationally and collect additional data relating to the movement and size of whale and dolphin populations to support conservation initiatives. 

    She said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has an interest in wanting to understand more about Britain’s fascinating marine life to develop the necessary skills needed to take action and make important contributions nationally to conservation efforts. 

    “We are running two unique online courses through the FSC’s newly launched Eco-Skills programme. The first is called Discovering Marine Mammals and the second, Conservation of Marine Mammals. Both have been written and developed by the education team at ORCA who are highly trained specialists in marine mammals. 

    “The courses provide a distinct pathway for learning from beginner through to more advanced levels with an opportunity then for learners to become citizen scientists through ORCA’s own OceanWatchers course, which the FSC will also be hosting. 

    “This will give learners access to a newly developed ORCA OceanWatchers app enabling them to record important scientific data about whale and dolphin species so that we can better understand population levels of these mammals and develop a clearer picture of their habitats.” 

    The coastal waters around the UK and Europe are home to a third of the world’s whale, dolphin and porpoise species, according to ORCA, which was founded for the sole purpose of studying and protecting such marine mammals. 

    Its work involves identifying and protecting critical whale and dolphin habitats and its new ORCA OceanWatchers programme allows even more people to help in their mission to protect whales and dolphins. 

    Steve Jones, ORCA’s Head of Partnerships, says the new courses developed with the FSC will give ordinary people the opportunity to take an active role in marine science and conservation as a part of this brand-new initiative. 

    “These marine mammals are truly remarkable and these courses will not only give people an insight into their incredible lives, but they will also give them the tools they need to become citizen scientists and actively help to protect the ocean,” he explained. 

    “The courses we’ve developed in partnership with FSC are unique and will support the growing interest and curiosity in our natural marine heritage. More people than ever are celebrating nature and this offers people from all backgrounds the chance to reconnect with the sea.” 

    The courses come as interest grows among conservationists for the development of marine national parks around the UK and as whale and dolphin tour operators report a significant rise in bookings due to increasing interest in marine life. 

    For further details on the marine eco-courses visit 

    To keep up to date with the FSC, its news and newly launched courses follow @FieldStudiesC on Facebook, @FieldStudiesC on Twitter and @field_studies_council on Instagram. 

  • Local charity serves up ace fundraiser!
    22 Jun 2021

    The area’s main cancer charity is looking ahead to brighter times with the launch of its official summer fundraiser.

    Lingen Davies Cancer Fund wants to encourage everyone to join in with their WimbLDon Watch Party to celebrate the return of the popular annual tennis sporting event after it was cancelled last year.

    Wimbledon fortnight runs from Monday, 28th June, and staff at the cancer charity are calling on supporters to get involved by hosting their own Covid-friendly get together.

    Lizzy Coleman, Events and Fundraising Officer for Lingen Davies, said everyone is really excited to be able to plan face to face events again, and while we must remember to stick to Covid rules and regulations, there’s no reason everyone can’t get involved with the WimbLDon Watch Party.

    “We know how many people love the Wimbledon fortnight and as a nation we really missed it last year.

    “We’ve created our very own fundraiser around it and hope as many people as possible can get involved with us. We wanted to do something to get people together again so we’re asking supporters to host a party where friends or family can meet to watch a Wimbledon match, catch up with each other, take some selfies in the dedicated frame and raise some cash for us.

    “People can sign up through our website and for just £10 they will get a party pack with a novelty selfie frame, themed decorations, sweepstake sheet and more. People can either ask for further donations to attend the party, run a sweepstake, or hold a cake competition, there’s lots of things that are fun and will raise money for us,” she added.

    Every penny raised by Lingen Davies Cancer Fund goes directly to supporting local cancer services for the people of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Mid Wales, ensuring they have access to the best possible care, close to home.

    Visit the website to sign up –

    Pictured: HCA, Caron Davies and Urology/Oncology Cancer Nurse Specialist, Sarah Perry who both work in the Lingen Davies Cancer Centre

  • Tourniquets: When to Use Them
    23 Jun 2021

    Surgeons, doctors and nurses already know everything that they need to know about tourniquets but, most of us that are not in the medical field, do not. Learning when to use a tourniquet during emergencies can make a huge difference in the final outcome, so let’s get straight to it next.

    What are Tourniquets?

    Tourniquets are medical straps and binds used to prevent and stem internal/external bleeding in medical situations or during a surgery. They are also used in some parts of the country to keep venom temporarily localized after a snakebite, until the victim can receive medical help.

    Although not as effective as professional equipment, makeshift tourniquets can be made from clothing in emergency situations, provided that no immediate medical help is available. However, the person making and applying the makeshift tourniquet must know how wide and tight they need to be, depending on the cause.

    In What Situations are Tourniquets Used?

    All tourniquets serve the primary purpose of applying pressure around a vein, a section of the affected limb, or around a wound to:

    • Stop blood loss after an injury
    • Prevent the circulation of venom through the blood after a snakebite
    • Prevent blood loss during a surgery
    • Pop a vein for intravenous injections and sample collection

    When to Use a Tourniquet: The Basic Rules

    Unfortunately, tourniquets can turn out to be ineffective or even harmful in the case that the person applying it does not have a basic understanding of the rules. Below, we have listed the most important ones, so that readers can figure out when to use a tourniquet:

    • The haemorrhage, snakebite or wound must be on a limb, or tourniquets are not an option
    • Pneumatic tourniquets are to be used in an operation theatre to minimise or prevent blood loss during surgery
    • Arterial tourniquets should only be tied when direct pressure on a profusely bleeding wound is insufficient to prevent blood loss
    • Combat application tourniquets (CAT) are to be applied only in case of severe, life-threatening injuries, as they will shut off the victim’s arterial circulation almost immediately
    • If a tourniquet is being applied to prevent venom circulation, it must not be tight enough to prevent arterial blood flow

    All the different types of tourniquets and other minor surgery surgical equipment can be ordered online at an affordable rate from sites like Medical Supermarket.

    Should a Tourniquet be Applied to Prevent Venom Circulation After a Snakebite?

    There is only one moderately venomous specie of snake in all of the UK, so it is best not to use a tourniquet at all after a snakebite. Just try not to move as much as possible and call for help. However, this applies only if the person bitten was not in an international location at that time.

    On the other hand, if a person is bitten by a venomous snake outside the UK, a tourniquet can be the difference between life and death. It needs to be just tight enough so that the binding can stop the victim’s peripheral circulation. It cannot be so tight that the tourniquet begins to restrict their arterial blood flow at the same time. This is a dangerous decision either way, but there are snakes abroad with enough venom in their bites to make tourniquets worth the risk.

    Pete White
  • Crossbar's PE challenges helped keep pupils active during lockdown
    18 Mar 2021

    A Shropshire company which delivers PE in a number of the county's primary schools is looking forward to keeping pupils active after returning to the classroom.

    Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport has been providing PE sessions across the curriculum in Shropshire schools since 2008.

    Its team of coaches delivered PE classes to children of key workers who continued to attend school throughout lockdown, while also introducing ways to engage with pupils studying at home since January.  

    Kevin Sandwith, Crossbar’s head of education in sport, said: “We were still able to deliver PE to the children of key workers at school and we also encouraged our staff to provide some online activities for the pupils at home, various weekly challenges which were uploaded to platforms that the schools use.

    “It meant children were still able to see a familiar face in a PE capacity, with some form of activity provided for pupils working from home.

    “It included a variety of fitness challenges, circuit-based bodyweight exercises like press ups, mastery of a football, and other fun activities.

    “The online content was very well received by head teachers and a lot of parents, so it worked well in difficult circumstances.

    “It’s been good to see that pupils have stayed active at home, as well as the pupils that have still been going to school.”

    Kevin added that Crossbar, based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, is proud how its team managed to adapt to a challenging situation for schools and pupils.

    Crossbar’s coaches will now be supporting teachers in helping children settle back into school after last week’s return.  

    Kevin said: “Situations like this you can never plan for, but you just adapt and work around it as best you can. We couldn’t be any prouder of our staff and the team of coaches and apprentices we have. 

    “They have been absolutely first class and it’s testament to them that they are receiving some really good feedback from schools about their flexibility and ability to work in a different capacity. 

    “Some pupils returning to school might have a little bit of anxiety around it because they’ve been away for so long, so that’s where our coaches will show their enthusiasm and empathy to guide them in the right direction and get the fun element of PE into their weekly structures to get everybody active.”

    Meanwhile, the Crossbar Foundation will be funding free Maths on the Move sessions for Shropshire primary schools during the summer term.

    Another exciting way to get children active through education, it’s a programme that provides support to schools in enhancing the performance of pupils in maths and sport.

    With the aim of helping children develop their maths skills and confidence, it’s produced impressive results since being introduced by Crossbar’s coaches.

    The range of fun activities is designed to get children moving and learning at the same time. 

    Kevin added: “It’s a combination of physical activity and maths work, which can positively impact different ability groups through being actively engaged in maths. 

    “The Crossbar Foundation is funding places for schools to take part during the summer term and we are looking to increase the levels we deliver the programme. 

    “We have had excellent feedback from schools where we have already provided Maths on the Move sessions.”  

    Pictured: Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport has been providing PE sessions across the curriculum in Shropshire schools since 2008.

  • WR Partners continues its growth with three senior Promotions
    22 Jun 2021

    The last 18 months have been challenging for most businesses, and during this time, few would have considered the bold actions of re-branding or acquiring another large business, WR Partners did both. The leadership team focusing on future growth and offering the best possible client service. During this time and for their continued exceptional performance, three members of the team have been promoted to senior roles within the practice.

    Sarah Davies has been promoted to Rural Director. Sarah joined the business after completing her A-Levels at 18 and has always worked in the Rural team and is now part of its leadership team. She enjoys the interesting nature of the industry and how she can help clients overcome their business challenges. On her promotion, Sarah said “ I have been supported and encouraged over the years by my managers and partners and this really helped my continued personal development, I am now looking forward to developing the team and working more closely with our Rural clients”.

    Phil Pugh is now a Director working from the Newtown office. He joined the practice in 2008 on the graduate programme and has worked from the Mid-Wales office ever since. He has worked in various areas of accountancy but specialises in work for business and commercial clients. Phil is excited about the future “I believe a can-do attitude and hard work both with colleagues and clients has been the key to my progression over the years. The team we have at Newtown is youthful and energetic and with their positive attitude I am looking forward to seeing and being part of great things for the office in the future”.

    Tracey Hayward started working as Financial Controller for the business 21 years ago working from small offices located in a Shrewsbury town house. She was a member of the finance team and ran the company payroll. Through this work she was responsible for the transition from a paper-based payroll to a digital system and developing the payroll bureau service for clients. Through her promotion to Director of Employer Services, Tracey wants to continue to expand the team and the work it does. “By offering our clients the best advice and support for what is arguably one of the most important functions of their business – paying their staff, we build trust and develop long standing working relationships. I am looking forward to expanding the great team we have now to continue to remove the timely and complicated work that processing a payroll can prove to be for many businesses”.

    Managing Partner Helen Spencer commented “As a Firm we are committed to providing our people with career development opportunities, recognising great achievement, and unlocking potential. We share success throughout the year, promoting when people are ready and there is a business need. Sarah, Phil, and Tracey have all worked for the practice for most of their working lives and their dedication and hard work over the years has contributed to the businesses continuing growth. I am personally delighted they have all been promoted to the role of Director and look forward to seeing their journey continue with WR Partners in the years ahead”.

    14 Apr 2015

    Cooper Green Pooks Shrewsbury are pleased to announce that Alessio Dyfnallt MRICS has been appointed a Director of the Commercial Property Department. Educated at Shrewsbury School and University of Manchester, he is a fully qualified member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has gathered 9 years experience working mainly within the Shropshire and Mid Wales areas. His breadth of knowledge stretches to all aspects of agency work including office, retail, industrial and development land. He also carries out formal valuations under the Valuer Registration Scheme and acts on behalf of both landlords and tenants on lease renewals and rent reviews.

    Alessio has acted on behalf of a range of clients including PLC’s, large pension funds, self-invested personal pensions, local authorities as well as private individuals and investors. Alessio said “I welcome the opportunity to play an active role in the firm’s continued expansion and with demand for commercial property generally being on the rise, then this is an exciting time be stepping into this new role.’

    Away from the office, two young children occupy much of his spare time but Alessio does hope to fit in watching Shrewsbury Town’s final promotion push to League One!

    From left to right Alessio Dyfnallt, Tim Pook and Charles Howell.

  • Shrewsbury’s top travel agent to take part in Travel Day of Action
    22 Jun 2021
    Peakes Travel Elite exterior

    Peakes Travel Elite based in Shrewsbury is taking part in the Travel Day of Action in London on Wednesday 23 June to highlight the ongoing challenges facing the sector, and the risks to businesses and livelihoods. Claire Moore, managing director at Peakes Travel Elite, will be meeting with MP Daniel Kawczynski at his offices, before joining the Travel Day of Action at College Green by the Houses of Parliament.

    The Travel Day of Action is a pan-industry event – bringing together people and businesses from across the aviation and travel industries - including those who operate and organise overseas and inbound holidays, visits to family and friends and business trips abroad.

    Peakes Travel Elite have suffered a big impact on sales as a result of the pandemics. The award-winning travel agency have had to pour resources into re-booking and cancelling holidays whilst travel restrictions have continued. Claire Moore said, “It has been a really tough 18 months in the travel sector. Our travel agency is classed as non-essential retail, so the shop has had to close over the lockdowns but during that time our customers have still needed our support which has meant a full team furlough was not an option for us. Our dedication to customer service is the foundation of our offering and we couldn’t compromise that. The team have needed to prioritise supporting our existing customers to re-arrange, refund and re-book holidays, through a period with severely reduced new bookings.

    “We want overseas travel to open up when it is safe to do so, and until then, we are asking for proper support from the Government.”

    The pandemic has been a catastrophe for the wider travel industry, closing borders, and even making most travel to and from the UK illegal for months on end. Data from ABTA estimates that as many as 195K jobs have been lost or are at risk within the travel industry1.

    Without a meaningful summer season – a crucial period of the year for travel businesses – many thousands of livelihoods are at stake, as well as the ability of the travel sector to recover and reconnect the UK to the world.

    While other sectors have received tailored support, such as specific grant schemes, the story is quite different for travel, with many travel businesses excluded from the general grant support available and others only able to access the bare minimum. As a result, many businesses are struggling to survive - 57% of SME travel agents said they would not have the cash to survive more than three months based on current trading conditions and available Government support2.

    Despite international travel being significantly curtailed, meaning businesses still have little opportunity to generate income, companies will be subject to the 10% rise in furlough costs at the end of the month, and payments towards business rates for travel agents will also go up.

    Claire Moore, adds, “Travel businesses have suffered more than most companies in this crisis. International travel has been severely restricted for almost 18 months now and, while other businesses have been opening their doors in recent weeks, the Government has been telling people not to travel.

    “The lack of international travel puts businesses under enormous pressure. We have no other means of generating income. If people don’t travel then we don’t make any money, it is a simple as that. “The summer season is such a critical time for our business, so we desperately need Government to safely open up overseas travel.

    “Government also needs to give some tailored support to the travel sector. We haven’t had anywhere need the financial support that other businesses have had, yet we have less opportunity to generate income. The situation is beyond desperate. We need the Government to urgently help us.”

    The Travel Day of Action has support from the UK’s major airlines and tour operators as well as hundreds of small independent travel agents and leisure and business travel agents. Collectively they are calling on the UK Government to:

    • Allow international travel to return safely and in a risk managed way by properly implementing the Global Travel Taskforce’s plan for a traffic-light system, by expanding the green list in line with the evidence and making restrictions more proportionate, whilst keeping a strong red list to guard against variants. Government should also capitalise on the success of the vaccine rollout by removing testing and quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated individuals travelling from green and amber countries.
    • Bring forward a package of tailored financial support, including extension of furlough support until April 2022, recognising that the travel sector’s ability to trade and generate income is much slower than first anticipated and more gradual than for businesses in the domestic economy.
  • Shropshire’s own chainsaw wood sculptor set to create masterpieces at annual Vintage Show
    09 May 2016

    A Shropshire chainsaw sculptor will be entertaining the crowds at the 29th annual Shropshire Vintage Show in Shrewsbury this June.

    The Shropshire Vintage Show is returning to the Greenhous West Mid Showground next month for its 29th year and the event promises to host more than ever before for families as well as vehicle enthusiasts.

    The show, organised by the Mid Shropshire Vintage Club, is a two-day vintage vehicle extravaganza on June 4 from 9.30am to 5pm and June 5 from 9.30am to 4pm at the Greenhous West Mid Showground.

    Exhibitors from all over the UK bring and beyond, bring their vehicles, including every type of classic car, motorbikes, Land Rovers, military vehicles, steam engines, tractors and more. There are also shire horses, the craft and trade stands, fairground rides, food, a bar and much more.

    Joffrey Watson, aka 'the chainsaw bloke', is a chainsaw sculptor and will be one of the draws entertaining the crowds and making pieces available to buy.

    Joffrey recently finished a carving of rock star Slash for stately home Weston Park and last year appeared on an episode of BBC One’s The Instant Gardener producing bespoke pieces for the garden makeover show.

    He will be working at speed creating items like owls and chairs from sweet chestnut wood all available for sale.

    Joffrey said: “At 17 I started as an apprentice tree surgeon and did this for many years. I come from an artistic background with my mother being a Royal Academy graduate, so I decided to see what I could do with a chainsaw!

    “After starting with a small chair and a couple of wooden mushrooms, I tried carving things a little more elaborate like an owl.

    “Luckily the demand grew and I was able to make chainsaw carving my profession. I might be asked to turn a tree stump in a garden into a sculpture or chair of someone's choice. I have done demonstrations at schools and events and often get asked to carve story-telling chairs for primary schools. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to give demonstrations at this year’s Shropshire Vintage Show.

    “I like supporting community events and am looking forward to showcasing my skills and answering any questions from the public.”

    Vintage Show Chairman Richard Haynes said: “Hundreds of vehicle enthusiasts come from all over the country to showcase every type of vintage vehicle. But over the last few years we have been increasing the attractions for families and having people like ‘the chainsaw bloke’ involved mean we can expand the show audience.

    “We will also have quad bikes on an inflatable track, an Ashley’s Steam Powered Gallopers, The Pony Club, Shire Horses, Mr Hairy the Lifelike Talking Doll and much more!”

    One of the aims of the event is to raise funds for local medical charities and since its formation it has raised more than £150,000 for charities including the Severn Hospice and Hope House.

    Every year the event also stages an auction of vintage machinery and tools by H J Pugh & Sons and this will take place on Saturday, June 4 at 10.30am.

    Advance tickets have been frozen at last year’s prices and can be bought in advance for £8, by visiting

    Tickets can also be purchased on the gate and are priced at £10 for adults and entry is FREE for under 16s!

    For more information, visit and follow the show on twitter at MSVCshow and on facebook at Shropshire Vintage Show.

  • CVM presents a Celebrity Recital featuring Roderick Williams and Susie Allan
    02 Mar 2020



                                                 What's On at 

                                        Clun Valley Music 2020

                                   St George's Church, Clun SY7 8JH

    ​Beethoven's 250th Anniversary 
    Clun Valley Music 2020 highlights the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's birth. All concerts will feature his chamber works, a central pillar of our musical culture.

    On Thursday 14th May at 7.30 pm at St Georges Church in Clun and following previous highly successful concerts, we are delighted to open our season witha celebrity recital by one of the brightest stars of the vocal firmament, baritone Roderick Williams  accompanied by Shropshire-based pianist Susie Allan. Amongst Britain’s best-loved singers, Roderick Williams won the Royal Philharmonic Society’s Singer of the Yearaward in 2016 and was awarded an OBE for services to music in 2017. Williams sings regularly in all the major UK opera houses and has performed in concert with an impressive roster of the world’s greatest orchestras and conductors.


    The curators' continuing mission for Clun Valley Music is to bring highest quality music to this lovely corner of Shropshire, including recitals by established professionals as well as some of today's most talented young artists, and presenting a diverse and inspiring range of repertoire. This year’s programmes also pay tribute to the distinguished composer 

    John Joubert who died early in 2019. A frequent visitor to Clun, he was also 

    associated with the Presteigne Festival where he was composer-in-

    residence in 1997.



    The Beethoven series continues on July 3rdand 4th  2020 with the prizewinning Ruisi Quartet who will perform the complete RazumovskyQuartets alongside works by Bartok, Shostakovich and Joubert.








    The curators are available for interview

    For more information and interview requests please contact them directly -

    Richard Tunnicliffe:  [email protected] +44 (0)7811 967114

    Luba Tunnicliffe: [email protected] +44 (0)7846 786020






    online tickets from

    by post/phone   Mary Porter,   5 Farm Close, Clun, Shropshire  SY7 8LJ Tel: 01588 640162




    Roderick Williams  & Susie Allan

    Thursday 14th May 7.30 pm

    ​Roderick Williams – baritone   

    Susie Allan – piano

    ​Ludwig van BeethovenAn die ferne Geliebte

    John Joubert That Time of Year

    Gerald Finzi Let Us Garlands Bring

    and Songs by Schubert, Mahler, Brahms, Vaughan-Williams



    ​by phone/post (with SAE please) to:

    ​Mary Porter, 5 Farm Close, Clun SY7 8LJ

    01588 640162

    ​Tickets on sale from February 2020




  • Charity toy appeal launched
    23 Dec 2013

    A Christmas appeal has been launched across the county to fill a Jaguar estate car with toys, which will then be delivered to Hope House Hospice at Oswestry.

    The idea came from local man Craig Petty, who is dealer principal of Hatfields Jaguar in Shrewsbury and who has helped raise a large amount of money for various charities over the years.

    Craig said: “Hope House do so much fantastic work every day of the year in tremendously difficult circumstances and the thought of making some very special children a little happier at this time of year is important to us all.

    “Our latest Jaguar XF has a total of 1675 litres of boot space which we want to cram full of toys and gifts and then deliver the lot to Hope House on Monday 23rd December, just in time for Christmas.”

    The appeal is being supported by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, which has encouraged its members to donate gits and toys by dropping them off at their offices at Trevithick House, on Stafford Park in Telford or at Hatfields Jaguar in Old Potts Way, at Shrewsbury.

    Chamber events manager Teresa Rowe added: “We are delighted to help in any way that we can with this wonderful appeal and, as the Shropshire business community is renowned for its generosity, I feel sure that we will easily fill the estate car with toys donated by members and others.”

    Pictured making the first donations are Sarah Smith of HMP Stoke Heath Young Offenders Institute, Teresa Rowe of Shropshire Chamber and Dianne Gardner of WN Security Shredding of Shifnal, with Alun Davies of Hatfields Jaguar.

    Pete White
  • 10 Artists Who Make Music on Martin Guitars
    04 Sep 2018

    Many people base their guitar choice on the guitar that their favorite artist plays. This definitely helps one become more inspired and motivated to practice and play. Who knows, maybe one day you can become as good as - or even better than - folks like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat and of course, Chris Cornell, who is sadly missed.

    Today we’re putting the spotlight on Martin guitars and the artists who play them. The artists mentioned above have all made music on a Martin. Ed Sheeran even has his own signature acoustic-electric guitar, the compact LX1E Little Martin Ed Sheeran Edition. 

    Aside from Ed, John, Colbie and Chris, here are other notable Martin guitar players. We’ll save the ukulele players for another day.

    1. Eric Clapton - Eric has used a great many Martins over the years and has partnered up with Martin on several occasions for his limited edition signature models. The first one, the 000-42EC of which only 461 guitars were made, sold out within days. The next, 000-42ECB, also sold out as quickly as it entered the market. The third one, the 000-28ECB, were made from the last pieces of Brazilian Rosewood that the company had in stock. Eric continues to collaborate with Martin and now has seven acoustic signature models.

    2. Aaron Nigel Smith - this artist’s Martin guitar of choice is the D-15M, a beautiful mahogany solid wood acoustic.

    3. Elle King - Elle describes herself as a gypsy. She just keeps on moving. Well, we’re sure that wherever she goes, her OMCPA5 Black guitar will always be there with her.

    4. Brandy Clark - Brandy has always wanted to be a country singer. We’re pretty sure her preferred Martin guitar, the OMJM John Mayer, helped her achieve her dream.

    5. Anderson East - Anderson considers his Martin 000C Nylon 12-fret guitar as his companion. Not only that, he also says it’s his constant source of inspiration and his teacher. 

    6. Ben Howard - Ben plays a D-28, aptly described as the dreadnought guitar by which all others are judged. This guitar has also been a favorite of American country music icon Hank Williams Sr., Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and of course, The undisputed King of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley.

    7. Band of Skulls - Martin guitars used by this British rock trio (who we’ll count as one unit, and who have been playing together since they were 12 years old) include the Grand J-28LSE, CEO-6 Sunburst and D-28 Marquis Sunburst.

    8. Cody Simpson - Cody recorded with two Martin acoustic guitars on his record Free and he also performs with them on stage. His Martins of choice are the OMJM John Mayer and the D-35 Johnny Cash. The D-35 is Martin’s first guitar that sported a polished black finish, and Johnny’s stage favorite for almost two decades.

    9. Seth Avett, The Avett Brothers - You can always find Martin guitars in the instrument arsenal of The Avett Brothers. Martin collaborated with Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers to come up with the D-35 Seth Avett custom signature edition. Seth designed the copper snowflake inlay on the fretboard himself.

    10. Brett Dennen - Brett says he has always been a Martin guy, and considers Martin guitars “works of art made by hand.” It’s no surprise that, like many music artists, his preferred Martin acoustic is the D-28.

  • Shrewsbury woman achieves dream of setting up her own massage therapy business
    14 Jun 2014

    A Shropshire woman has realised a life-long ambition of becoming a full-time massage therapist with the recent launch of her new business.

    With nearly 20 years’ experience of providing therapy on a part time basis as well as an impressive series of qualifications achieved and refreshed over that period, 44-year-old Shrewsbury based Mary Diggory established Mary Diggory Therapies in April.

    Her impressive list of qualifications include: Reiki level one, Swedish massage, level three diploma in reflexology, level three in sports massage, level four in sports and remedial massage (also known as soft tissue release) and a diploma in manual lymphatic drainage - Mary is one of the few people in Shropshire offering this revolutionary treatment, which is designed to improve the metabolism, assist the body to eliminate waste and toxins and boost the immune system. Related to her most recent job with Shropshire Council, she also holds a B/TEC diploma in occupational therapy.  Once qualified, she will also be adding a mobile nail cutting service to the business from August.

    Excited about her new venture and describing herself as professional but not over formal, Mary Diggory said: “From working as an occupational therapist and masseuse I have met and cared for a range of people from little children to older people in nursing and care homes, as well as those with physical or learning disabilities. This and the accumulated knowledge from my desire to learn about new treatments has provided me with an insight into people’s needs and led me to the point of setting up by myself full-time.”

    Mary’s determination to succeed and her genuine desire to help others improve their physical and emotional well-being are not only related to her work. She single-handedly and successfully raised her eighteen-year-old daughter and is a keen runner and fitness enthusiast. She cycled solo from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2011 and has already administered her sports therapy skills to athletes and competitors at a number of charitable events throughout Shropshire.

    Pete White
  • Shrewsbury Lantern Walk to Celebrate World Mental Health Day
    09 Oct 2015

    The Green Oak Foundation, along with several other Shrewsbury-based mental health organisations, are marking World Mental Health Day with a lantern walk through the town. This year's theme is Dignity. Green Oak are celebrating by holding a  sponsored walk from St Julian's Friars through the Quarry and town centre on Saturday 10th October. The walk will start at 7pm and is expected to last for an hour and a half. Walkers can either be sponsored or give a donation on the evening, with all proceeds going to The Green Oak Foundation to help them continue to provide affordable counselling for the people of Shropshire. Please bring a lamp (no naked flames) or torch light. The walk is expected to reach the Square at approximately 7.30pm for photographs and a water stop before continuing back to the starting point in St Julian's Friars.

    Laura Noszlopy
  • Blists Hill Victorian Town receives 500 visitor reviews on TripAdvisor
    19 Feb 2013

    The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust has received its 500th visitor review on TripAdvisor for Blists Hill Victorian Town.  Over 92% of the visitors reviewing Blists Hill Victorian Town rated their visit as either very good or excellent.

    The 500th visitor review comes shortly after Ironbridge Gorge was named as the most recommended UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK and second in the world by the TripAdvisor community.

    Blists Hill Victorian Town, celebrating the 40th anniversary of its opening this year, is a firm favourite with reviewers of all ages, many commenting on how they love to be transported back in time to take in the sights and sounds of Victorian England.   

    John Challen, Operations Manager for Blists Hill commented, “It is wonderful to know that visitors enjoy visiting the museum and appreciate all the hard work of the staff and volunteers so much that that they want to share their thoughts with other like-minded people. Before TripAdvisor, if you had a good experience, you might tell a few of your friends, now you can tell millions of people. We know that a lot of our visitors value this source of information in helping them select the best value days out”.

    A recent reviewer commented, “Blists Hill was so informative, the staff there were knowledgeable about their subject and took time to speak to all comers and explain and answer questions. We enjoyed changing our money for pennies and farthings which was a learning experience in itself.” Many of those reviewing the museum commented on how friendly and informative the costumed demonstrators are, along with the great value of the Annual Passport Ticket.

    John concluded, “All feedback from TripAdvisor is welcome; whilst we are pleased to receive positive comments, we equally welcome constructive comments that help us make further improvements and deliver outstanding customer service”.

    For further information, contact the Ironbridge Tourist Information Centre on Tel: 01952 433 424 or visit  The Gorge is easily reached via the M6 and M54 motorways exiting at Telford (M54 junction 4 or 6).

  • Snowdon Trek aids Shropshire RCC ...
    10 Nov 2015


    Snowdon challenge aids county charity …

     A team of intrepid walkers from the Shrewsbury and Telford branches of RBS bank have tackled Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, and raised well over £4,000 for charity - and the charity’s chief executive herself joined them on their trek.

    Shrewsbury-based Shropshire Rural Communities Charity has been chosen by RBS bank to benefit from its fundraising activities this year and the staff from both branches braved dismal weather conditions to raise £4,565 in sponsorship by scaling the 3,560ft high peak.

    Shropshire RCC chief executive, Julia Baron, commented: “As a keen walker myself, it was a great privilege to be able to join in and complete the Snowdon Trek with the RBS staff and to be part of raising this fantastic sum for our charity, knowing that it will benefit some of the most vulnerable people in Shropshire.”

    Senior relationship manager for RBS, Martyn Cosgrove, added: “The whole team had a great day and although the rain was relentless from the start, everyone was up for the challenge and we made our ascent and back down in a very respectable time.

    “We are extremely grateful to so many of our customers who have donated very generously over the past few weeks and have helped to raise this grand total for such a deserving cause.

    “Everyone should be justifiably proud of our achievement, which I am sure will help so many people across the county.”

    PICTURED:  Shropshire RCC chief executive Julia Baron (RIGHT) receives a cheque from fundraising fellow walkers at RBS Telford.

  • New CEO Peter Herring Gets Down to Work
    09 Sep 2012

    Peter Herring today took up his duties as the new Chief Executive of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

    Peter takes up the reins from Steve Peak, who has been Interim Chief Executive since Adam Cairns took up his new role in Wales earlier this year.

    Mr Herring was previously Chief Executive of the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust from May 2000 to September 2012. He started his career in local government and qualified as an accountant before moving to the NHS in 1980.

    He has held a number of senior posts including Deputy Regional Treasurer at Mersey Regional Health Authority, District Treasurer and Deputy General Manager of St. Helens & Knowsley Health Authority, and Director of Finance and General Manager of St. Helens & Knowsley Hospitals Trust. Prior to moving to the Countess of Chester Hospital, he was Chief Executive of Liverpool Women's Hospital for six years.

    The Countess of Chester Hospital primarily serves our neighbouring population in West Cheshire as well as communities in north east Wales. Welsh patients represent approximately one fifth of the activity for the Trust.

    Peter served for nine years as a Territorial Army Infantry Officer in the Mercian and Cheshire Regiments and was Honorary Colonel to 208 Field Hospital (Liverpool) from 2002 to 2007.

  • TONIGHT: Shropshire’s first charity telethon will be broadcast
    30 Nov 2012
    Comedian Greg Davies supports Unheard Shropshire.


    Picture: Comedian Greg Davies supports Unheard Shropshire.

    Tonight the county will see it’s very first telethon take place to raise money for local charity, Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

    Taking place in the Lord Hill Hotel in Shrewsbury, Unheard Shropshire will see some of Shropshire’s most talented acts take to the stage to perform. Popular bands such as Fight The Bear and The Clocktower will perform in front of a live audience as they seek to raise money for the Shrewsbury based charity.

    Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Fear not, because local television company, the County Channel, will be broadcasting the whole event live, complete with on screen presenters, guests and extra entertainment.

    When I first found out about the event I was eager to help out wherever I could. As well as helping out with the organisational duties, my company, Surface Rush, also donated the website -

    Many of you will know how passionate I am about media services and technology. Having something like this take place on our own doorstep, and for such an important and worthwhile cause, is fantastic. We need more events like this and your support can make this happen.

    Spread the word, and if you are not able to get to the event (there are only a handful of tickets left on the door) then grab a takeaway and watch from your living room. Please donate anything you can – every penny goes towards helping with the fantastic work Lingen Davies Cancer Fund carry out.

    The event kicks off at 7:00pm tonight from the Lord Hill Hotel – brought to you by County Channel and viewable HERE

    Not able to watch the event? BBC Radio Shropshire will be broadcasting select highlights live between 7pm and 9pm.

    Don’t forget to join the discussion on twitter with the official Unheard Shropshire: Lingen Davies Appearl hashtag - #USLDAppeal

    Ben King
  • Rural Arts Salon this Thursday
    15 Sep 2020
    Rural touring groups hope to inspire new work

    Two local rural touring initiatives are collaborating to create an event for local artists.

    Creatives from the Marches region are invited to join the Rural Arts Salon this Thursday 17th September. Arts Alive are co-hosting the virtual arts meeting with rural theatre, Pentabus, to bring together arts professionals to discuss ‘Navigating Change & Going Live.’

    The organisers said, “Artists living in rural areas lack the opportunities of our urban counterparts to connect, and to share ideas, plans and dreams. The Rural Arts Salon is a chance to meet arts professionals working across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Mid-Wales and listen to each other’s ideas.

    “We will be discussing how to navigate this new era, and how to get back to work in a safe way. We would also like to generate some ideas on creating responsive and adaptive art that reflects the current times we are living through.”

    If you are interested in joining the discussion, which will take place on Zoom, email [email protected]  or [email protected] to book a place. The session will take place from 4pm-5:30pm on the 17th September 2020.

  • The Next History Lesson From Martin The Town Crier
    21 Sep 2012

    "When I am leading any of my tours around Shrewsbury, one of the most asked questions is, "What is the meaning of the word Dogpole?"

    There is a couple of answers that could be given-1, is that there was a second ducking stool here in the 14th Century or that it is derived from the medieval name for top or summit- "Pol" I.E top of the Wyle Cop, or it could be that I tell our American visitors that in medieval times dogs were not allowed in the town so they had to tie them to a post hence a dog-pole! but the real reason is that part of the old inner town wall ran across this street and there was a small gate that people had to duck to get through so "Duck-hole" or, Dogpole, came into being.

    At the top of Dogpole stands the impressive Newport House, built by Lord Newport between 1696 and the early 1700`s. It is said that this "New House" replaced an older timber framed house that was removed from here and re-erected at the entrance to the Castle, so in the medieval days when you moved house you did just that, you moved your house!

    A few doors down is the Old House and this was used in the 1500`s by Mary Tudor, (Later Queen Mary) when she stayed in Shrewsbury for a short time before moving down to Ludlow Castle.

    On the opposite side of the road in what is now a shop stood the first Ear Nose and Throat hospital and the shop is still said to be haunted by a young girl who will talk to the customers until the owner appears.

    Not to be outdone by any of the other streets in Shrewsbury, Dogpole had it`s fair share of public houses:- The Plume, or Plume of Feathers was here in the 1890`s before it was closed and turned into a training school for servant girls. The Hen and Chickens stood on the site of what is now No. 8 Dogpole and this was a very large and impressive half timbered house that was the headquarters of a select group of prominent business men who met once a month for a sumptous meal. The Hen and Chickens dissapeared around 1890, and so did the club!!

    In 1657 the Lord Newport is recorded as paying 1d, (1 penny!) as rent for the Talbutts inn but no record is available to show when this closed.

    Once again, this is a road through the town that has thousands of people travelling down it but not many people realise that there is loads of history in each building, if only walls could talk!!
    see you next month...."

    Martin Wood
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