shopping in Shrewsbury

12 Feb 2018
A brand new used car supermarket is opening in Shrewsbury in February. This is welcome news because it will bring nearly 50 jobs to the area and provide residents with a reliable place to buy affordable used cars. The dealership, which will be opening in Battlefield, will be a Car Store dealership from automotive retailer Evans Halshaw. This will be the 15th Car Store operating in the UK and the...
It's a nomad life Shrewsbury
14 Nov 2013
When I think about what it means to ‘Be Green’ I think about walking rather than using the car, buying recycled paper products and turning lights off (although this in part comes from my father’s reiteration that our house was not, and thus should not resemble ‘Blackpool Illuminations’!). But do you ever think about how ‘green’ the decorative items are in your home, the clothes you wear or the...
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