15 Nov 2016
VOLUNTEERS at a canine charity have taken an unusual approach to rehoming by taking dogs looking for homes out to find potential adopters. Fifteen volunteers from Finding Furever Homes, which uses kennels in Condover, Shropshire, took a number of dogs for a walk through Quarry Park in Shrewsbury on Sunday 6 November in the hope that the animals would have a good time and might even bump into a...
11 Jan 2016
A UNIQUE DOG Rescue charity that started as a conversation between strangers on Twitter is celebrating its second anniversary by expanding to offer dedicated help to dogs in Yorkshire. Finding Furever Homes, which started in 2013 and was first registered as charity on 10 January 2014, has already helped rehome 329 dogs and donate £50,000 to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared...
29 Dec 2015
A NATIONAL dog charity is launching a ‘Rescue Ready’ campaign after a number of animals had been returned by their new owners for reasons ‘so daft’ you could not make them up. Finding Furever Homes, which rescues and rehomes dogs throughout England, Wales and Scotland, is launching the campaign in time for New Year in order to encourage people to give serious thought to taking on a rescue dog and...
Harley is looking for a Furever Home
13 Feb 2015
Shropshire Rescue dog seeks the love of a new family for Valentine’s Day A PLAIN JANE dog who has failed to get noticed by a single potential adopter in the last year is hoping cupid will strike his bow and it will be love at first sight for a new family by Valentine’s Day. Brindle coloured Staffordshire- Bull -Terrier Harley has been in rescue for the last 12 months, after his family were forced...
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