17 Feb 2015
Its Pancake Day - traditionally about using up all your milk and butter in preparation for lent.  So I thought I'd share this great quick and easy pancake recipe from our colleagues at Love Food Hate Waste.  Pancakes are not just for pancake day, they are a great way of transforming leftovers into an exciting feast any time. Children particularly love them and they make a great weekend breakfast...
winter veg
11 Feb 2015
It still pretty chilly out there but our colleagues at Love Food Hate Waste have come up with delicious winter warmer to help you eat well for less.  This is an easy way to serve any vegetables but the flavours of the root vegetables are especially delicious done in the oven. You can use any leftover vegetables so feel free to experiment with this. Nutritious and delicious! INGREDIENTS: 3...
Turkey soup
24 Dec 2014
We get through about 50,000 Turkeys in Shropshire on Christmas Day alone!  With rising food prices hitting us all in the pocket and waste disposal costs putting pressure on public finances, it’s really important to make sure we tackle the issue of food waste.   So our friends at the Love Food Hate Waste campaign have put together this great recipe idea to help you save money by getting another...
Love Food Hate Waste Bruschetta Recipe
01 Jul 2014
Broad beans are in season so I thought I’d share this fab recipe from our colleagues at Love Food Hate Waste.  Bruschetta is basically posh toast and anything on toast works for me.  So if you dont like broad beans, feel free to try other toppings - there are heaps of recipe ideas on the Love Food Hate Waste website.  If you’re creative you can experiment with different toppings, and in this way...
Grilled lamb pitta
03 Jun 2014
British lamb is now in season and it really is at its most succulent at this time of year.  You cant beat British lamb for welfare, quality and flavour.  So to help you enjoy your lamb and reduce waste our partners at Love Food Hate Waste have provided this lovely recipe to inspire you to rediscover the joys of cooking.   INGREDIENTS: 250g British lamb mince 10g parsley 10g mint 15g...
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