28 May 2016
   Certain invitations are simply too good to refuse.  “Would you care to join us…?” read McLaren Automotive’s email “for the launch of our all-new 570GT next week. We’ll be based at the Ritz Carlton Abama - in Tenerife”   Well, they did ask me nicely; it would’ve been rude to say no.        A couple of days later and I’ll admit, still trying to fathom why me exactly? I found myself shuffling...
Words: Liam Bird. Picture: Rebecca Thomas.
01 Jun 2015
     “Have you driven one before?” asks the delightfully plummy PR lady as the glass elevator descends towards to the ominously entitled H block.   “No” I reply before adding, slightly sheepishly, “But, I have driven this car’s predecessor, a couple of times”    “Oh, in that case you’ll be fine” she says. “Keep the key in your pocket, you’ll only need it to lock the doors - you won’t need it to...
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