Spanish language opportunities with Bright Owls
26 Jul 2014
Shrewsbury-based language school, Bright Owls, are offering exciting Residential Spanish programmes! Promising to deliver an engaging cultural experience for children and young people, they offer a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain itself!  They also have an exciting separate programme for Adults - contact us for details! New for 2014, there are two packages available - as with Bright...
Bright Owls language school in Shrewsbury
24 Apr 2014
A language school in Shrewsbury has unveiled a new series of classes for adults, which are specifically aimed at giving attendees the essentials of particular languages, ahead of holidays during the summer period. Bright Owls tutors are looking forward to welcoming students to the first sessions which commence in a fortnight. The classes offer French, Spanish and Italian opportunities and give...
Bright Owls French and Spanish classes in Shrewsbury
11 Jul 2012
Children have the exciting chance to spend the summer holidays learning a new language, thanks to Bright Owls language school in the town. Both French and Spanish workshops are on offer for young people aged 5-10. What better way for your children to spend the long summer break!
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