Marketing support in Shropshire
12 Mar 2015
Every few months, I provide a summary of interesting things which clients are up too. Spring is certainly a season of the year where many small businesses launch into new programmes or activities - and 2015 is no exception! Many clients have been looking to refresh and update their online presence. Adorn Studio in Shrewsbury, have recently incorporated an online shop into their website - selling...
Marketing support for small businesses in Shropshire
21 Jul 2014
After a fantastic 7 year stretch at the Hive (youth arts charity and community venue) in Shrewsbury - Habib Malik-Mansell has taken the bold leap to become self-employed - setting up an exciting new business which aims to deliver affordable, reliable and available assistance to Shropshire's small businesses when it comes to all things marketing and promotion. NewBold Horizons has now officially...
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