Ben Walker (Marketing Officer -Groups, Media, Digital & Research), Clive Knowles (Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre) & Paul Gossage (Director of Marketing and PR)
16 Oct 2018
We have long admired The Ironbridge Gorge Museums for their history, hard work and continued efforts to make their site a truly amazing place to visit. Seeing them as the matriarchy of iron, we were completely thrilled when the discussion of a partnership between us turned into an iron-strong reality. Described by the Ironbridge as “a partnership between the new and the old”, we will now be...
Shrewsbury Film Society win award
03 Oct 2014
Shrewsbury Film Society, which has gone from strength to strength since it’s original formation in 2011 - has recently been awarded a distinction for film programming, via the Cinema for All Film Society Awards. Screening a wide array of diverse films, Shrewsbury Film Society showcases the best that cinema has to offer, from comfortable surroundings at the Hive in Shrewsbury town centre. With...
Shrewsbury cinema with film society
06 Aug 2012
People who love films, social evenings and friendly surroundings are urged to come and discover the Shrewsbury Film Society, which is preparing to launch a second season of cinema at the Hive Music and Media Centre. Launched by three friends and dedicated film enthusiasts last year, the Society was a huge success with its offering of great priced cinema - and season two promises an even more...
Marketing support group in Shrewsbury
30 Jul 2012
Small business owners from across Shropshire have been making the most of the opportunity to share experiences, exchange knowledge and learn together, thanks to a group hosted at the Hive Music and Media Centre in Shrewsbury. Focus on Marketing is a forum offering informal peer support to local businesses, helping them embrace all that the wide subject of marketing has to offer. The sessions are...
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