10 Jan 2019
Waiting for 'it' to happen TenYrsLtr is an eclectic collation of 10 years of creativity by graphic designer Tony Clarkson. With the only written words being the synopsis on the back cover, the 100-page hard backed book let the images tell the tale. There are photographs of musical instruments and landscapes, buildings and people as well as cleverly created graphics for the viewer to guess their...
Annual exhibition of creative student work inc fine art, product design, textiles, graphic design, film, media, photography, food technology and engineering
06 Jun 2015
Shrewsbury Sixth Form College will be opening its doors to the public between 8 and 12 June when it will be proudly presenting “TheShow” at the English Bridge Campus. For the first time the college will be displaying the work of students from Fine Art, Product Design, Textiles, Graphic Design, Film, Media, Photography, Food and Engineering disciplines in one mesmerising exhibition. Following on...
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