Ashley Chesters
17 Jul 2019
Hawkstone Park Golf Club is inviting budding golfers to join European Tour Pro Ashley Chesters for the tournament of the summer. The Hawkstone Park Junior Open is being held at their exquisite golf club on Wednesday 24th July. The club has been inundated with juniors booking in for their biggest golfing event of the year, where young hopefuls play 18 holes on the Championship Couse in an...
04 Sep 2015
     Not so long ago Volkswagen ran an ad campaign that asked “Why buy something like a Golf, when you could buy a Golf”, and to a certain extent you could see their point. Like it or not since its inception Volkswagen’s Golf has become the hatchback benchmark; the one by which all others are judged. It may not be the cheapest, the fastest or even some might argue the best looking but as an...
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