08 Aug 2018
     It’s the noise you remember most. Long after you’ve pressed the button that switches the F-Type R’s engine off, and long after the exhaust system has stopped pinging itself cool, the sound of Jaguar’s 5.0 litre supercharged V8 lingers long in the air.    It shatters the morning silence on start-up – four trumpet-like tailpipes playing a fanfare that signals your departure – before settling...
Big Cat. Smaller Engine
03 Sep 2017
   When Porsche announced they were going build their Cayman and their Boxster with four-cylinder engines rather than their more familiar (should I have said legendary?) flat-6, the car critics quite literally went into overdrive. “It’ll never feel as good”. “It’ll never sound as good”. “They’ve stolen its character”. “A Porsche with a 4 cylinder engine – it’s sacrilegious”. I’m paraphrasing of...
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