Volunteers from Home Essentials
06 Nov 2012
Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme are a registered charity who operate independently across Shrewsbury and its rural hinterland to provide disadvantaged households with recycled furniture and household goods at low prices. Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme, first established in 1994, now trade under the name Home Essentials.  They operate predominantly in and around Shrewsbury by offering free collections of...
Junk Mail
31 Oct 2012
It is estimated that in Shropshire around 50 million individual items or some 2,200 tonnes of unwanted mail gets delivered to homes every year. With UK consumers generating over £25 billion worth of postal sales per year, there is clearly an economic case for marketing by post.  However, with thousands of tonnes of largely unwanted mail never even being read and just creating extra household...
cooking oil
31 Oct 2012
Residents across the county can now recycle used cooking oil, after a successful six-month trial conducted in Shrewsbury. The scheme which is new to the county means that waste chip fat and other cooking oils can be transformed into green electricity simply by taking it to your local Household Recycling Centre (HRC). Renewable energy provider Living Fuels has installed used cooking oil...
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