Big Cat. Smaller Engine
03 Sep 2017
   When Porsche announced they were going build their Cayman and their Boxster with four-cylinder engines rather than their more familiar (should I have said legendary?) flat-6, the car critics quite literally went into overdrive. “It’ll never feel as good”. “It’ll never sound as good”. “They’ve stolen its character”. “A Porsche with a 4 cylinder engine – it’s sacrilegious”. I’m paraphrasing of...
14 May 2016
       After my first acquaintance with Suzuki’s new Vitara not long after it was launched last year I concluded that its interior plastics were a little bit on the hard and scratchy side, and that if prospective customers wanted certain specs and options, they should “do their sums carefully before signing on the dotted line”.       Having just recently spent another week in the company of the...
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