19 Nov 2017
     From January onwards you’ll no longer be able to walk into your local Volkswagen dealer and order a 3-door Polo, they’re not going to make them anymore. You can’t buy a 3-door version of the new SEAT Ibiza either, or the Skoda Fabia for that matter either. As people downsize (and ironically cars get bigger) the people in (the predominately German) suits have declared that there’s no longer a...
waste truck branded a r richards
12 Jan 2015
A.R. Richards Ltd. is a family run business, founded in 1980 by Alyn Raymond Richards, Anthony Raymond Richards and Sheilagh Richards. It started out mainly as an agricultural plant hire company which still operates out of Norton-In-Hales but has now expanded to include a waste and recycling business.  This arm of the firm works out of the Warrant Hanger at Tern Hill where their Materials...
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