Stefan Laird, carpentry workshop supervisor for The Furniture Scheme, puts up a new sign for the bigger and better bookshop
16 Feb 2018
A well known book shop in Ludlow has moved into bigger and better premises. The book shop, which used to be housed in a room at the back of Renaissance in Tower Street, is popular for classic books and, at times, extremely rare books too. It has moved across the walkway at the back of the store into the former flea market shop opposite. James Cooper, operations manager for The Furniture Scheme...
13 Aug 2014
A new campaign called Love Your Clothes is encouraging us to get more from our clothes and keep them out of the bin when we no longer want them. For most families, this is not just an issue of waste but also budget: we spend around £52 million every year on school clothes alone, and the speed at which our children grow out of them seems way faster than the rate at which they wear out, despite the...
Love your clothes official WRAP campaign logo
11 Feb 2014
A new ‘Love Your Clothes’ campaign launched today calls for residents to make the most out of their unwanted clothes through a new online community, which shares tips and advice on garment repair, environmentally friendly laundry methods, and donating, swapping and selling unwanted clothing. What’s in your wardrobe? Did you know that the average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes...
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