10 Jan 2017
      The first press car loan of a new year is always something to look forward to. After a Christmas fortnight spent performing family duties and putting all too many miles on the already high-mileage “daily-driver” whilst simultaneously and unfairly criticising one’s own vehicle purchase, it’s good to be back inside someone else’s motor and drinking in that most intoxicating aroma: the new car...
Rob Tolley is set to franchise his business Fluid Network Solutions next month
11 Sep 2015
An established Shropshire company which provides nationwide services is set to have bases across the UK when it franchises next month (OCT). Fluid Network Solutions, a national telecommunications supplier with its head office in Shrewsbury, was set up by Rob Tolley in 2003 but has far outgrown the current set up. Now Mr Tolley will invite interested parties to use the strength of the brand and...
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