The 90s Revival

Dave & Benno from The 90s Revival
24 Aug 2021
Local DJ act, The 90’s Revival, held two live shows this month at the Greenhous West Mid Showground. Following the success of their lockdown live sets that attracted thousands of online viewers, the duo took their show to the showground for their ‘Mahoosive Nights Out’ on August 6 and 7. Their Friday show was a homage to local bands who had been hit hard by Covid restrictions on live events. The...
The 90s Revival performing at Greenhous West Mid Showground for Shropshire Drive-in last year
09 Jun 2021
Two Shropshire DJs have been on a charity mission this year. Dave Prince and Paul Bennett, who both perform as The 90’s Revival, have made it their 2021 goal to raise £10K for charity. This month they reached the impressive milestone after Dave took on a cycling challenge, taking the total raised to £10,260. When live gigs were taken off the agenda again this January, the DJ duo re-launched their...
Dave Prince and Paul Bennett of the 90’s Revival during their last lockdown set
08 Mar 2021
Local DJ duo, The 90’s Revival, have raised £5,170 for charity since they relaunched their lockdown live sets in January. Dave Prince and Paul Bennett of The 90’s Revival have been hosting online DJ sets since the pandemic began in 2020, attracting up to 50,000 views per show. They had hoped to be back DJ-ing at live events this year so when news of the third lockdown broke, they decided to bring...
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