From Zumba to Belly Dancing!

Have you thought about trying an exercise class this year?

Here at Mayfair, we have many different options available. Read on for further details of a few of them!

Telephone Mayfair's reception on 01694 722077 for further information. 

Gentle yoga - Yoga Classes on Monday evenings: 5.15 - 6.45 and 7.00 - 8.30. Both Yoga classes are suitable for all abilities and consist of a blend of gentle stretches sequenced and synchronised with the breathing, with meditation and relaxation techniques threaded through. The classes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere leaving you feeling refreshed and restored. Yoga will also help to improve your flexibility, core strength, posture and to control your stress levels, enabling you to feel calm, focused and balanced. The classes are taught by Jayne Evans, a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, qualified in all aspects of yoga and with over 15 years’ experience. All you need is loose clothing, a yoga mat and a blanket or warm layer for the relaxation practice at the end. If you are interested in giving yoga a try, contact Jayne by phone or email, [email protected] or 01694 723121

Angie Boogie Belly Fusion - My name is Angela and I teach belly dance!  My lovely ladies and I always welcome new ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes to ‘Angie boogie belly fusion’ on Tuesday evenings  7-8pm and for an extra bonus 8-8.30 (optional).  There is absolutely no need to bare your tummy in fact some ladies just reveal their ankles and elbows. We all wear comfortable loose clothes and are either barefoot or wear flat footwear . We love to dress up and sparkle. The emphasis is to have good fun and lots of giggles. The belly dancing is based on Arabic dance and incorporates other dance styles .We love to dance to an assortment of music, and learn funky combinations and sensual moves .It is great exercise with techniques that helps strengthen the core muscles.  We have felt the beat of Morocco, shined to ‘Pretty Woman’ and glided gracefully with hand fans to ‘Music of the Night’. We also twirl and swirl with colourful veils which is such a uplifting experience and shimmying is wonderful therapy. Angela has attended dance workshops throughout the country and has completed the JWAAD Foundation Course (The Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) where she qualified both in teaching and health and safety. All of Angela’s classes include suitable warm-up and cool down sessions. For more information, contact Angela on 01694 724053.   

Pilates - 12 - 1pm, Wednesdays. There are many different types of Pilates sessions on offer and Fitness Pilates is just one of many. Don’t be put off by its name though! It is suitable for everyone, all ages and all abilities. I have been teaching Fitness Pilates in and around Church Stretton for four years and many people have enjoyed multiple benefits from the classes. Often I find that they have come to class on recommendation from a physio or a GP. The beauty of the class is that everyone can work at their own pace, choosing the level that suits them. I am experienced in teaching beginners, alongside advanced class members so everyone can benefit. But it’s also fun. I’m a big believer that exercise is part of how we choose to spend our valuable recreation time, so whilst we take the sessions seriously we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously! We start each session with a full warm up in standing. This gets the joints, tendons and ligaments working and gets the muscles to gently and safely warm up and wake up in readiness for approx 45 minutes of matwork based exercises for the remainder of the session. The class is based upon the teachings of Joseph Pilates who was the founder of the exercise system but because we know so much  about physiology and anatomy and how the body should be moving and developing, all the matwork exercises are modern and bang up to date for the 21st century. The music is relaxing, and the group is very small and friendly, so everyone is made to feel welcome. If you would like to find out more you can contact me on07739721549, or via email at [email protected] or come along on any Wednesday during term-time and try a free taster session

Extend - Thursdays 9.45am – 10.45am. Exercise for Health classes are for people who wish to stay flexible in their body and mind. We use music with our movements, little balls and beanbags, sticks and stretch bands, scarves and canes to enhance the exercises – both sitting and standing.  We often close the class with 10 minutes of tai chi and have lots of fun and laughter. Most of us are 70-90, but young at heart. Thursdays 11-12. Gentle exercise for Health. The same as above but for those with slightly less flexibility and for those aged from 50-90. Standing exercises only. 

Tai Chi and Tai Chi beginners - Tai Chi classes on Friday mornings, at 9am and also 10.30am. Taiji Quan is taichi chuan rendered in the Pinyin system of spelling Chinese which has replaced the more familiar Wade-Giles system previously used. Yang family style taiji quan has enjoyed a high reputation as a martial art and general health and exercise regime for more than a century and its origins are far older. It involves moving through a series of specific postures at a slow constant pace without tension in the body or limbs. It seeks to achieve a harmonious state of being, between movement and stillness. People continue to practice taiji because taiji:

·      gently exercises the entire body

·      improves balance and coordination

·      strengthens muscles, joints, organs and bones

·      soothes and relaxes the body and the mind

·      helps prevent illness and heal injuries

·      enhances and regulates natural vitality

There are no belts, gradings, certificates and so forth, students advance at their own pace. Everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit from taiji quan.

Zumba - A calorie-burning exercise class that's more like a party! Tone up and have fun moving to Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Rumba, Mambo and more! Light weight, comfortable clothing and flat shoes or trainers are ideal. Don't forget to bring water and a SMILE. Classes £4,50 each. Contact Gill Hamer 07740 835673 Email [email protected] or on Facebook Zumbashropshire

Fancy having a go at any of those? Come on down to Stretton and give it a whirl!

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Sophie Eades Sophie Eades

Sophie is the Centre Coordinator for Mayfair Community Centre in Church Stretton. website: Facebook:, and we tweet a bit too! Look for @Mayfair_Centre

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