Over 1,000 people a week make use of services or join in activities at Mayfair, a Community and Healthy Living Centre in Church Stretton, in rural south Shropshire. We are run by the community for the community and with the support of over 300 registered volunteers we provide a wide range of services, support and activities for local people.

Our kitchen feeds the Centre and our wider community. It provides meals for our community cafe which offers home cooked food for all and is used as place for people to meet up with others, especially those who live alone. Lunches are served for older people using our day care service and for children in the crèche. Sandwiches are made for our volunteers to help keep them going through the day. Endless cups of tea and coffee are made for people taking part in activities such as gentle exercise classes, art sessions, and support groups such as Cancer Care and Carers groups. Special events are catered for including training courses and birthday parties. 365 days a year hot homemade meals and puddings are packaged up and delivered to the doors of people who aren’t able to cook for themselves, this could be because of a short term illness, long term disability or poor health. It’s a very busy place and gets no rest even on Christmas Day. Thanks to volunteers, a special Christmas dinner is served to those who would otherwise be alone.

Each weekday our cook is supported by a team of volunteers, on average five a day, often many more if there are special events. Activity starts at 6.30am and can go on till 9pm at night and at weekends. Over 3,500 hours of volunteer time not only provides food and refreshment but a friendly welcome, friendly face and a chat.
The kitchen, and the people in it, is at the heart of all we do. It has worked hard for the 18 years Mayfair has been in existence. In 2015 it needs a more than a bit of TLC. It is in desperate need of new worktops and cupboards and a total re-organisation and refurbishment to increase working space and storage and improve safety. With the help of professional kitchen designers and our kitchen team we have drawn up plans which will cost £25,000 to implement, this includes building work, equipment and refurbishment. 

Over the last few years we have raised £700,000, including £116,000 pledged from over 500 people in our local community, to refurbish the building next door into a Health and Wellbeing Centre. So our ability to raise much more money locally is limited. Hence we are asking Aviva for £25,000 for our kitchen, which will help feed people using the clinics in the new building too.

Mayfair does make a difference to people. 89% people say their wellbeing has improved as result of being involved in Mayfair and the activities here. Many report that they have made friends and feel supported. When asked ‘what people like about Mayfair’ in our survey taken during December 2014, common themes were: ‘friendly atmosphere’, ‘always welcoming’, ‘good place to make friends’ and ‘feeling that someone cares’. 

We are asking you to vote for us. To nourish and feed our centre and community, and help us grow, please vote for us!

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Sophie Eades Sophie Eades

Sophie is the Centre Coordinator for Mayfair Community Centre in Church Stretton. website: Facebook:, and we tweet a bit too! Look for @Mayfair_Centre

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