IT Courses and NHS Choices

A big part of our community centre here in Church Stretton is supporting the community around us. One element of that is offering IT support - with a drop in facility operating twice a week, and then we also have a wide variety of courses on offer too. Anyone can access these courses, it is simply just a case of registering on which course you require. For further informaiton, please telephone Mayfair on 01694 722077

  • iPad Beginners Course – 1-3pm on Monday 9th February. A two hour session to assist you in getting to grips with your iPad. Please note this course is only for iPads and no other ‘notebook’.
  • iPad Intermediate Course – 1-3pm on Monday 16th February. A two hour session for those with basic skills.
  • Beginners Computing – 1-3pm on Monday 2nd March. Learn how to type a letter on a computer, how to print it off and even attach it to an email. This beginner’s course covers many basic skills and will enable you to confidently use your equipment.
  • Skype – 1-3pm on Monday 9th March. Free conversations using a webcam and microphone through your computer – to anyone in the world! A great programme to learn for those with family and friends abroad.
  • Ebay – 1-3pm on Monday 16th March. Have you ever wanted to buy or even sell items on Ebay with confidence that you are doing it right? Come to our two hour session and find out how to do it.
  • Managing your Health – 1-3pm on March 23rd. Using the internet, find websites to help you, perfect for long term conditions.
  • Setting up an email account and sending emails – 1-3pm on Monday 13th April.
  • Beginners – digital photographs – 1-3pm on Monday 20th April. Downloading images from a memory card and basic editing and emailing images.
  • Staying Safe Online 1-3pm on Monday 27th April. Tips to give you more confidence for when you are online.  

A Healthy 2015

Have you been thinking about a healthy plan? Whether it’s eating healthily, stopping smoking, increasing your exercise or reaching your new year’s resolution goals, come down to Mayfair and explore the many online tools and services that can get you started.

Browse through a selection of different 5 – 12 week NHS Choices staying healthy plans such as ‘Couch to 5k’ and the ‘NHS Weight-loss Plan’.

'Couch to 5K' is a nine-week running plan for beginners with advice and guidance and a phone ‘app’ to accompany.

'NHS weight loss plan' a popular 12 week weight loss plan; learn the skills to keep it off with a plan, calorie checker, tips and even inspirational success stories.

Discover information on healthy recipes, foods and diets, health check tools, gym free workouts, walking cycling, swimming, dance and information on facilities and events going on near you.

Get help with better management of your health through online services via NHS Choices at Mayfair Community Centre. Explore information about aches and pains, medication, treatments, tiredness, mental health conditions and more. 

For those with smartphones and tablets there are ‘apps’ available for recording and tracking your health goals.

Advice, help and training is available at our drop in sessions Mondays 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 9am – 3pm. 

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