Hello from Church Stretton!

Church Stretton is well known, locally, as quite a sleepy little town - surrounded by the gorgeous hills of Caer Caradoc, the Lawleys and the Long Mynd. Stretton attracts many thrill seekers during the weekends, muddy mountain bikers, hill runners and walkers, and also those that prefer a gentler pace and the partly flat ground of the pretty Cardingmill Valley.

During the week, Stretton is a thriving market town, inhabited mainly by more mature residents. Underneath the gentle exterior of the town beats a very healthy heart, with a lot going on. 

Based in the very centre of the community, Mayfair Community Centre has a cafe, a creche, daycare, IT suite, activity and meeting rooms, art room and shop. We also run various support and carer programs from Mayfair too, as well as a Ring & Ride Scheme.  We also have a wide range of therapy practitioners based here as well as regular weekly events. 

All of this I shall be pleased to tell you about over the coming months!

With best wishes,

Sophie Eades,

Centre Coordinator at Mayfair. 



Sophie Eades Sophie Eades

Sophie is the Centre Coordinator for Mayfair Community Centre in Church Stretton. website: www.mayfaircentre.co.uk. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mayfair-Community-Centre-Church-Stretton/146555298856081?ref=hl, and we tweet a bit too! Look for @Mayfair_Centre

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