Theatre Goers told..."Wish You Were Dead,"

Wish You Were Dead

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 9th May- Saturday 13th May

(Weds & Sat Matinees 14.30hrs)

When English Police Detective Roy Grace goes away to France for a quiet break with his wife Cleo, baby Noah and their friend Caitlin, who could imagine that anything could go wrong in this little less than idyllic Chateau in the French Provinces? But this is Peter James and with as many twists as the Belle Vue Switchback, “Wish you Were Dead,” is a play that will keep you guessing until that final dénouement and a thoroughly good yarn it turns out to be.

Initially one is engaged instantly before the show starts in fact the second you sit down, because the set is clearly visible as the Proscenium curtains were open. It is a beautiful set, normally I compliment a simple looking but effective looking set this was the latter: As for a simple set, one would say lavish. The design of the set is superb, and the use of separate levels and the cross sectioned bedroom makes it a fascinating thing to look at whilst waiting for the show to start. All it needs is that final touch of actors to really flesh out the bones, but designer Michael Holt is to be commended on a thoroughly good set. When the play commenced, we the extremely full house were ready for whatever story was going to unfold.

The play itself is a good piece. It has pace, traditional red herrings, and a real plot twist to look forward to. The first act introduces the characters and sets the scene. There was a lot of backstory to be conveyed else the piece wouldn’t make as much sense. However, the audience were invested from the start and knew James’s work; they also knew there would be twists and turns. The second act really picked up speed and was a fast-moving well-paced piece of drama which brought the play to a rather satisfactory ending.

We have looked at design, but the technical design and language is as essential behind the scenes just as important in fact, as the actor front stage! The lightning and sound were spot on with no errors and the difficult set was expertly lit, with the sound cues always on the money too. The show was called well, and the technical crew are going to be big contributors to the final stars at the end of this review. Good work there.

Direction from Johnathon O’Boyle showed a true understanding of the text and the character’s within, there were such lovely pieces of direction which showed attention to detail. A great job from O’Boyle and this reviewer would be surprised if this work or any other by this director would draw any criticism. It would be unwarranted. Again, one stresses this show is a great job, well done.

“Wish you were Dead,” runs all week and this is one to watch I would recommend you pop along and see if my summary is accurate. It’s great to know that this level of drama is now a welcome part of Shrewsbury life, and long may that continue. As for this show it will make a great impression here proving that Theatre Severn is the jewel in the town’s crown and tonight that jewel shone even brighter.

This is a Five Star Review

Sofia Lewis.


Sofia Lewis Sofia Lewis
For many years Sofia wrote here under her male name Owen J. Lewis. She is now mostly writing under her own name of Sofia Lewis. Sofia, who worked on independent radio for over ten years, lives in Shrewsbury and writes plays. She has over 15 titles published and her plays are performed all over the world. She is especially popular in America. Her poetry is also often noted and she writes reams of it most weeks. Since graduating in theatre in 1997 Sofia has been an Actor, Filmmaker, and a Secondary School Teacher. Reviewing theatre is something she thoroughly enjoys and she loves to see great theatre. As a musician Sofia is known throughout the UK she is a folk singer, and is often seen or heard around her native county singing and having fun. Sofia has contributed to for over a decade and enjoys sharing her views on theatre. Sofia has one daughter and grew up in Church Stretton.

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