Shrewsbury Town @ AFC Bournemouth and Leyton Orient

Back in June, when the fixtures came out, I planned out the away games I would be attending. The plan is generally followed. Crunch promotion/ (relegation) matches can affect that. But on the whole, it followed three simple rules.

  • Attend an away match where there is a possibility of a day out/ weekend
  • Local derbies
  • Grounds that I’ve never visited before

Leyton Orient and Bournemouth would certainly fall into the first category, but alas a couple of spanners had been placed in the works.
1) The Football League fixture computer had placed a trip to Boscombe (where AFC Bournemouth’s ground is located) on a Tuesday night (now that in itself doesn’t prohibit a trip to the South Coast, but the ‘weekend away’ goes out of the window).

2) With the FA Cup match at Hereford and a trip to Oldham planned later this month, the budget couldn’t stretch to two more away trips.
Shame because an article supports by pictures of Boscombe Downs, and the Olympic Stadium would have provided a nice backdrop to this blog. Dear reader will have to put up with the ‘disappointment’ that Town fans generally have to face.

At least us fans have a fall back. Live commentary. Two ways we can do this:

1) Via the club’s own internet site (oh which at one time I used to do the commentary/summarising for).
2) Via BBC Radio Shropshire.

When people tell you ‘it was better’ back in the day, they are lying. If you couldn’t attend a Town match, you used to have to wait for the scores on Final Score, or News at Ten. I remember my

Dad ringing up Swansea City once to get the latest score of a Welsh Cup Semi Final.

Then there were the days of ‘Teletext’ and before live commentary, score flashes from various parts of the country, by our roving reporter. (Normally ‘Teletext’ would be ahead of the game, and bring you the disappointment first!).

In years to come I’m sure that ‘Shrewsbury Town TV LIVE!’ will bring me live coverage of our Champions League clash at the Camp Nou, but for now I drive from work, or sit at home and listen to Mr Dunn describe, as only he can, the joy (and pain) of following Shrewsbury Town (when you’re not actually there).

At this point imagine being an exile. Being stuck in Afghanistan, or Australia. In the USA, and whatever time it is locally, the only thought is what the 11 chaps in Blue and Amber are doing.

That’s a pretty sobering thought.

My brother is a bus driver in Leicester.  His mood like those attending the match, those that are listening on the radio, or waiting from a score update from his brother back in Shropshire.

Unfortunately on this occasion I wasn’t able to deliver good news.

For the record Town’s inability to stop conceding early (and late goals) continued. Two 2-1 defeats in a week, have left Town firmly entrenched in the relegation zone of League One. And the natives are starting to get a little nervy.

As well as a fantastic goal from Jon Taylor at Orient, there was some good news. Former old boy Luke Rodgers has re-signed for the club. Joining from Portsmouth, the former New York Red Bulls striker (and a forward partner of Thierry Henry no less) provided a major fillip to Salopians. Despite the despair of poor performances, there might just be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Adrian Plimmer


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