Love Shrewsbury for PR Companies

Over the past two years Love Shrewsbury has established itself as one of the leading platforms in Shropshire, covering everything positive in the area, the website includes business news, events, sport and community stories.

One of the main sources of content comes from local PR companies however there are often questions about our policy on which stories we run and which we don’t. Also why do we strip out contact/website details on some articles but not others. The answer isn’t always straight forward however we have developed a service allowing PR companies to directly add content to the Love Shrewsbury website without any approval or restrictions.

The service works as follows, you or your staff can login to the website and post articles, they automatically go to the top of the front page and are posted on Twitter. If the article is popular with our readers it will feature in the weekly newsletter. There are no limits on geographical scope meaning you can cover stories from Telford, Oswestry and further afield.

The benefits of this service to you and your clients are:

  • Guaranteed coverage on one of Shropshire’s biggest blogs
  • Guaranteed coverage on Twitter
  • Contact details and external links to websites can be included at no extra charge
  • No limits on the amount of coverage any individual client can have
  • You have control over when an article is posted helping maximise exposure
  • Great selling point when pitching to new clients

The monthly subscription cost is based on the number of articles you expect to post per month

Articles Per Month Cost Per Month Comparitive Cost per Article
1 £30 £30
5 £50 £10
15 £75 £5
30 £100 £3.30


Number of Articles

The service comes with an initial training session and on-going support.

If this service is not of interest (or is cancelled) it will not affect your current relationship with Love Shrewsbury in any way.

For more details please contact [email protected] or call 01743 343411.