Why Your Company Should Consider a Hardware Investment in 2017

With cloud computing and various software programs taking the top spot, many entrepreneurs don’t have investing in hardware as their main priority. However, although hardware storage isn’t quite as important now everything can be stored online, computer memory, RAM and other essentials in any business’ IT department should still be kept up to date. If your employees are complaining of slow computers or their machines are crashing, this is a clear indication that a hardware update could be due. We’ve put together some of the top reasons why you should make hardware one of your investments for 2017.

Improved Performance

If you run a company that requires employees to use a lot of technology such as computers, laptops, tablets or even smartphones, updating hardware such as computer memory or RAM can help to significantly improve the performance of these machines, for example by speeding up the processing time or allowing the computer to have more programs and tabs opened at once without slowing down as a result. In turn, this will have many beneficial effects on your company, as with computers that perform well, your employees will also be able to work to the best of their ability without being distracted or interrupted by tech problems.

Good Impression

Today, one of the main things that consumers look for in a company is how ‘with the times’ they are. So, if you company is still using fairly old hardware, this could be giving off the wrong impression to your customers. Investing in hardware such as new computers and laptops, or new checkout points at retail stores, will not only make things easier for your employees who work with these machines, it can also help to streamline your business and improve your brand appearance to both new and potential customers.

Improved Productivity

A hardware investment can come in many different forms, with one popular option being investing in company smartphones for employees. This is especially useful for companies who have a lot of employees who work out in the field, from home, or who are often on call, as this means that many cloud applications can be used via the smartphone so that employees can collaborate on projects, stay in touch, and keep you updated on their progress without having to use their own personal device. Although this may not be the cheapest of investments, it can definitely pay off down the line.

Expand Your Business

Updating your server hardware in the New Year could be one of the best ways to help you achieve your resolution to grow your business in 2017. Server memory updates are essential to keep your website performing at its best, and will also allow more room for items stored, which is vital for your website and business to grow.

With so many things available claiming to help businesses grow and improve, choosing what to invest in can be tricky. These are just some of the best reasons to make hardware your choice of investment as an entrepreneur next year.


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