Why mobile gaming is so popular today

Of course we all love Shrewsbury and living in the area, whether it’s because of the beautiful Shropshire surroundings, it’s amazing community projects or its lovely restaurants and good shopping, but it’s always nice to balance that out with a bit of home life and, in particular, some relaxation time.

We all relax in our own way, whether it’s reading a book or watching the football, but another common way more and more of us are using to unwind is via our mobile phones and, more specifically, gaming on them.

With access to the internet, we are able to search for our favourite artist’s latest music video, improve our casino gaming skills by reading up on the best casino tips on casino.com blog or find the best summer holiday prices, but also play games such as Angry Birds or the hugely popular PUBG Mobile. The days of Snake on our chunky brick-like mobile phones certainly feel like an age ago, right? Mobile phone technology has come a long way, that’s for sure.

With mobile gaming more popular than ever before, we thought we’d go through some of the key reasons behind its growth and assess why more and more gamers - even casual gamers - are getting their entertainment from the mobile phone games of today.

Hyper casual gaming

We all like to test ourselves and see how far we can get through a game, don’t we? Beating your friend’s level and earning the bragging rights for a few days can always provide a few laughs. Hyper casual gaming not only gives a player the chance to play a repetitive but entertaining game with basic gameplay, but it enhances each level as the player’s ability does. For example, in Angry Birds. But its appeal is also because it is easily accessible - literally at the touch of a button - and can be played anywhere on the go. You can dip in and out of it or waste the hours away trying to complete the game.

We all have a Smartphone, right?

Another key reason behind the growth of mobile gaming is that mobile entertainment, on the whole, has increased dramatically and is continuing to do so in 2019. Seeing someone catch up on Netflix’s Stranger Things whilst sitting on the train has become the norm, just as seeing someone smashing the buttons on their keypad whilst they try and catch a Pokemon has too. The Smartphone has become an everyday tool in our lives so it’s no surprise people now use it as their preferred gaming platform. It has the capability for it, after all.

Cheap or free games which are easy to grasp

Known for being cheap - with many creations being free - mobile games tend to be easy to get the hang of and appeal to all types of gamers. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated one, mobile games cater for a large audience. With easy access to our AppStore or to Google Play, it’s far easier for a gamer to access a wide range of games - all for free or next to nothing - and be entertained, coupled with the satisfaction of knowing that they’re getting good value for money.

Console-quality titles

The console games we know and love occasionally get recreated for our mobile phones. Developers are now releasing mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions too but, although still excellent and highly entertaining, they aren’t quite as advanced as the console versions. Should things keep progressing as they are though, we’ll see console-quality games on our mobile phones.


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