Why a Growing Number of Shrewsbury Businesses are Choosing Shopify in 2019

There is no doubt that Shrewsbury has always been associated with a thriving business district.  Still, there is always room for expansion.  This is why many have chosen to embrace the sheer power and scope of the Internet.  They will be able to reach a much wider audience for a fraction of the price that would be associated with traditional marketing methods.  Still, it is a well-known fact that this success will only occur if the correct e-commerce platform is selected.  This is why Shopify Plus is making headlines in recent times.  What are some of the unique features associated with this service and what can local businesses expect to enjoy in the coming year?

A Cut Above the Rest

It is first important to take a look at some astounding statistics. Well over 3,600 small businesses have already leveraged Shopify in order to boost sales and to appeal to their target audience.  In fact, the average enterprise can expect an annual growth rate of 126 per  cent; a figure that should not be taken lightly.  The main reason for this exponential expansion involves the flexibility of this platform.  Many Shrewsbury businesses are still cemented into their old ways of thinking. This often results in the use of outdated or otherwise obtuse e-commerce platforms; dramatically limiting the possibilities of further expansion. Shopify has been designed with an innate sense of flexibility in mind.  Not only can local firms know exactly how they are performing at all times, but they will not need to replace this software in the future as they grow.  Such agility would have been all but impossible to achieve with legacy systems.  Still, there are a handful of specific traits which need to be taken into account in order to fully appreciate what is in store.

The Needs of the Business at all Times

Modern Shrewsbury businesses need to be able to proactively monitor their sales and marketing campaigns. In other words, they should always be able to ask "how are we doing?" as opposed to "how did we do?".  This will provide the clarity and insight required to make important decisions when the time is right.  Some of the tools which can be found within the Shopify e-commerce platform include:

- Fully customisable storefronts.

- Intuitive checkout systems.

- The ability to manage existing inventory and to add new products without the use of complicated coding.

- Automated email and marketing campaigns

- Easily managing high-end sales and bulk orders.

As a result, the business can return is focus to other important areas such a client engagement and marketing campaigns.  These are both very important concerns when we consider the fact that online competition is certainly on the rise.  The good news is that Shopify has been moulded around the needs of such firms, so the guesswork has been taken out of the equation.  2019 looks to be a promising year for the online retail community!


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