Why Companies Need to Focus on Analytics to Grow

Businesses of all sizes that rely on steady improvement in order to increase sales must find every viable way to gain exposure, improve brand recognition and persuade their target audiences. While brick and mortar businesses have understood the need for marketing for a long time, those venturing on to the internet can sometimes be unaware of what it takes. Whether a business operates exclusively via the web or expands their operations to target online shoppers, it's important to keep track of performance. Any online company should understand the value of analytics and how it can impact the bottom line. Today, we'll review why analytics are so important to this and more.

Analytics Creates Value

Virtually every large company has a full-time analytics guru, who earned his or her master of science in analytics online or through a traditional college. Even if you can't afford to hire somebody with an online MSA degree, in-house management of analytics can create plenty of value for your company. As you begin to gradually collect information about which consumers prefer what products, how each subset of your audience responds to various marketing strategies via A/B testing, and where your customers are most likely to spend time on your website, you will successfully build a powerful online database of information that makes every aspect of growth far easier.

Analytics Saves Time

Every second of energy and productivity costs money. Time, however, is a valuable commodity in and of itself. Growing companies have plenty of reasons to consider focusing on analytics, with one being more overall efficiency. Any business that properly harnesses the use of analytics can expect a reduction in the amount of time spent assessing overall trends, the effectiveness of marketing strategies and the shopping habits of consumers. As any basic analytics solution can help gather all of this information in easy to organize ways. Everything from sales data to market research can be quickly collected, reviewed and disseminated.

Analytics Saves Money

Depending on your exact needs, your company may choose to go with either a free and basic analytics package, or a more sophisticated solution. While there are certainly many pros and cons to each, even the most basic analytics solutions, companies save money where it matters. In the world of marketing, you'll quickly discover which specific elements of your ad copy resonate most with consumers. In product placement and review, you'll uncover how and where shoppers prefer to spend their time. With respect to content creation – an absolute must for online companies – you'll quickly find out which topics are more likely to convert window-shoppers into actual customers.

Analytics Proves You Right

Have a brilliant new idea you believe will be great for the company? With analytics, you can test the waters on a smaller scale, gather information and data, and then justify expanding it on a larger scale. Businesses that are focused on growth have to experiment with new ideas, products and services: analytics is the bridge between a great idea and proof of concept. You'll be able to test a variety of different ideas, measure the response, and ultimately implement them if they succeed. Likewise, this form of experimentation may shed new light on broader tactics that can be used to improve sales and performance across the entire company.

Every company needs to consider what analytics can do for growth. By saving time and money while proving new ideas can work, and by adding value to existing ones, analytics can inject plenty of benefit into your company.


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