Who Has Won Big on the Lottery in Shropshire?

Winning the lottery is one of the things that many of us dream about. With life-changing sums of money on offer through various lottery platforms, the potential to alter your life so drastically has never been greater. Over the last few years, lottery jackpots have continued to grow, reaching new record-breaking heights. Moreover, while the lottery was traditionally played and watched through our television screens upon its rise to prominence, the emergence of the digital era has resulted in more people participating through different methods. 

Although there have been a vast number of jackpot winners from outside of the county, we’re going local, and taking a look at some of Shropshire’s biggest lottery winners.

Sue and James Schofield

Back in January of 2013, Sue and James Schofield, who resided in the county of Shropshire, won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery. The couple, who had been married for five years at the time of finding out about their jackpot win, sought to continue in their day-to-day jobs as they came up with a plan on how to best use their winnings. Despite regularly playing the lottery, the most that the pair had previously won was £2.50, so the jackpot win understandably came as a huge shock. 

Interestingly, Shrewsbury has enjoyed greater lottery winnings in recent times than in years gone by. According to Lottoland’s report on the luckiest regions for lottery wins in 2018, Shrewsbury was the 334th luckiest city in the UK, with Cambridge, Cardiff and Brighton topping the list, while Carlisle, Lisburn and Newtownabbey came in as the unluckiest cities. Furthermore, according to new figures from a study in 2018, every month, somebody within the county of Shropshire wins a major prize in the National Lottery. 

Robin and Christine Kiddie

Following the success story of Sue and James Schofield, Robin and Christine Kiddie went on to scoop over £6 million on the lottery. The ticket itself, which was purchased out of boredom, saw the couple become overnight millionaires after taking a chance on the lottery. Despite being married for 39 years, Christine checked with her mother-in-law to confirm that they had won after being sceptical following many of her husband's practical joke attempts. 

Since this lottery launched back in 1994, there have been approximately 5,000 winners and of that total, 300 people living in and around the regions of Llandrindod Wells, Shrewsbury and Telford have scooped big cash prizes. Despite not being based in Shrewsbury, Hereford’s Ade Goodchild won £71 million on the EuroMillions lottery and has now become the 15th biggest winner in the history of the lottery in the United Kingdom. 

The Potential to Win Big

Although Shrewsbury and the surrounding Shropshire area is not considered as the luckiest destination for hopeful lottery winners, the Welsh county has amassed numerous jackpot winners since the lottery first began and offers the potential to become overnight millionaires such as those mentioned above.


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