Where to find the safest weight loss surgery?

Any surgery carries complications, and it is no different with bariatric surgeries. In fact, there are still old rumours and articles rotating, due to the lack of professionalism of some foreign clinics from years ago. Fortunately, these are very different times and very different medical service providers. 

However, it is also perfectly normal to try and find a clinic that would go the extra mile and guarantee you the safest weight loss surgery possible. 

And while weight loss surgery abroad might at first sound like an added hazard with all the travelling and such, we can assure you that the reality is rather the opposite. Read on to learn how! 

What makes weight loss surgery safe?

  1. Practice. This is simple logic – the more operations performed, the more practice. The more practice, the better skills. This goes not only for surgeons but also the entire process, from managing logistics to providing pre-and post-surgery consultations. Weight loss surgery can be a very sensitive subject and a major life changing event, it is adamant that every patient is treated with the personal care they deserve. 
  2. Simple and carefree journey, which is why, when speaking of weight loss surgery, Europe is the best choice for Europeans, for both the travelling length and lack of any possible cultural  - or weather – complications. 

Bariatric surgery options in Europe

While there are numerous excellent options for weight loss surgery abroad, we strongly advise, for the sake of the safest weight loss surgery, to opt for something close by and easily accessible. However tempting India or South America may be, the 6-9 hours spent cramped on a plane just doesn’t do it justice – plus, you may be spending a lot of money on travel alone while it could be invested in making your post-surgery life comfy and carefree. 

The cost for weight loss surgery also heavily depends on travelling costs, but not only – different European countries have very different prices for bariatric surgery. While Switzerland and Germany have long traditions in the field of bariatric surgery, they are also expensive countries, as we all well know, and hence not affordable to a lot of people. While France is so comfortably close, once again, the prices are not too different from those of the private clinics in the UK. 

What makes Latvia an excellent choice?

But let’s look at a small albeit superb little Baltic country. When it comes to weight loss surgery, Latvia has made it to the top and holds the position with pride and we really cannot speak of weight loss surgery abroad without speaking of Riga. 

Why? Exactly for the aforementioned reasons – much lower prices (and this does not mean lower quality standards, quite the opposite), only a few months of waiting, all-in surgery packages, professional surgeons and staff who get to practice every day, yet all this in small hospitals where you get the personal treatment of a guest instead of some nameless patient. 

In summary, the place for your safest weight loss surgery could easily be here with us, since weight loss in Latvia simply unites all the best options. 


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