What Type of Hosting Fits Best for Startup Businesses?

Website hosting is a vital part of any startup business. You cannot survive in today's business environment without an online presence. If you're running a startup or getting ready to put your business plan in motion, you want to make sure you choose the right type of hosting.

In order to choose the best hosting for your startup business, you need to have an idea of what your overall online strategy will be. Will you attract a ton of traffic? Will you need a large amount of space for videos and images? Are you going to need additional security to protect your clients?

Understanding the Three Major Types of Hosting

As a new business owner it's important to understand exactly what type of hosting you need. There are three major types: shared, VPS and dedicated. Each type is a little bit different. Here's a breakdown of how each of these three types of hosting works.

  • Shared Website Hosting - About 95% of startup businesses only need a good shared hosting account. This type of hosting will put you on the same server as many other accounts and it's a bit of a "first come, first serve" for the resources of the server.

  • VPS Hosting - VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is an upgrade from shared hosting. This type of hosting will provide you with your own resources, but you will still share the server with other accounts. Instead of a "first come, first serve" type of sharing, you will have resources specifically assigned to you and nobody else.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting - Even though it's the most expensive type of hosting, dedicated server hosting is the best for performance and security. However, only businesses with a higher level of website traffic or the need for heightened security will need this type of hosting.

As a startup business, you can begin with a good shared hosting account and upgrade as necessary. If you outgrow your shared hosting account it's not difficult to upgrade to a VPS account or a dedicated server. As long as you choose a good hosting company offering more than just shared hosting, you will be able to upgrade when the time comes.

Fitting Your Business with the Right Hosting Company

After you decide which type of hosting you need, it's time to search for the right company. Most hosting packages are very similar, but the actual company will make a huge difference. Some hosting companies provide excellent support and service, while others lack in this department.

Without great technical support, you may find yourself with a website down and no way to fix it. This could easily start to cost you far more money than you might have saved because they offered a cheaper hosting package. One of the best ways to ensure you choose the right hosting company is by reading reviews from sites such as, DailyHosting.net. Reviews can help you see the truth about a company and what they really offer.

Narrowing Your List and Finalizing your Selection

After you have looked at a few reviews, it's time to narrow down the choice and pair the right hosting with your new business. As a startup business, you want to get this right. You already have enough moving parts to manage and you don't need issues with your hosting.

Shared hosting will be the most common place to start and you can get a great shared hosting package for about $3 to $8 per month. Any less than $3 per month and you may be choosing a company not willing to provide the support you desire. If you're worried at all about the support, test it by contacting them and seeing how fast they respond.

When you start a new business, a website should certainly be a part of your plans. Make sure you choose the right type of hosting, a package with all the features you need and a company willing to give you the best possible support.


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