What Decor Works Best for a Small Town Retail Shop?

Whether you’ve recently launched a small-town retail shop or you’re planning on doing so in the near future, you’re probably already considering interior design and other aesthetic aspects of the business. Of course, the way your place of business looks will play an important role in convincing people to stop by and see what you have to offer, as well as influencing their decision to return or not. Small town shop design differs from the big city approach because you’re going for an entirely different look altogether. With that said, here are some tips you can use to make your small-town retail store a more comfortable and welcoming place to shop.

1. Nature-Oriented Themes

If you’ve ever been into a small-town shop before, you might’ve noticed that nature themes are more common than they are in metropolitan stores. People who choose to reside in rural areas typically prefer the natural look over the crowded and ultra-modern look of city landscapes, so taking that into consideration within your shop’s interior design will ensure that you’re catering to that desired look. You don’t necessarily need indoor trees or other living plants that require ongoing maintenance, as even having plant-shaped decorations and artwork can do the trick. For example, take a look at these wooden flowers to get an idea of what we mean when we say “nature-oriented.”

2. Dispersed Natural Lighting

A dark and gloomy shop in a small town will often have trouble finding repeat customers because science has proven that poorly lit areas are uninviting in most cases. Installing skylights in your roof and opting for curtains that let more light in are two great ways to let sunlight cheer up your customers. Many small-town shops try to make the transition between the outdoors and their shop’s interior seamless. A great way to achieve that is to have the front of the shop made out of a huge window that lets shoppers enjoy the local scenery while they shop.

3. Rustic and Antique

The rustic look tends to work well in a small-town setting because many of your customers will have also opted for this design style in their homes. Since your goal as a shop owner is to make your customers feel right at home, choosing décor components that complement the surrounding scenery in an old-fashioned manner is usually the best approach. Furthermore, a quick review of rural demographics reveals that many small towns have a higher concentration of senior citizens and older residents, so by bringing in antique aspects, you’ll be making your shop a more inviting place for consumers in that age bracket.

4. Artwork and Photography

Finally, another way to bring the small-town vibe into your shop and blend it into the surrounding region is by posting pictures or murals of local scenery and major landmarks. Consider networking with some of the local photographers and artists to create mutually beneficial arrangements in which you give their work visibility while also improving your shop’s aesthetics.

Add Some of Your Own Flavor

It’s never a good idea to follow a guide or strategy to a tee without implementing some of your own unique design ideas. Small town shops are known for having extra flare and personality and those features have a lot to do with the formula that creates that cozy small-town feel. Adding pictures of your family or associates is one way to personalize the space. Ultimately, the little things that you come up with on your own will often be the things that distinguish your shop from other business in the area.


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