Unauthorised Bonfires in Shrewsbury

People lighting unauthorised bonfires on public land in Shrewsbury are being warned they could face fines, or even court action, if they do not seek prior permission.

Any group or individual planning a bonfire on public land within the town is asked to contact Shrewsbury Town Council with their request, which will be considered on the grounds of health and safety and risk of disruption to surrounding areas.

Any unauthorised bonfire built on Town Council land will be treated as fly-tipping, which is illegal and may result in prosecution.

Following warnings and guidance issued by the Town Council in 2013, the number of unauthorised fires fell from seven incidents in 2012, costing more than £1,200 to clean up, to just one in 2013.

Mark Harris, Technical Officer for Shrewsbury Town Council said: “A small number of people see the construction of these bonfires as an opportunity to dump their waste – irrespective of suitability.  Many people do not realise that unauthorised bonfires essentially amount to fly-tipping which is a criminal offence and may incur a fine, or even court action. There is no excuse for dumping or burning rubbish, it is bad for the environment, dangerous to members of the public and a blight on our landscape that costs time and money to clean up.

“We are not out to spoil anyone’s fun, but just ask that people act responsibly and, most importantly, do not put themselves, or others at risk.”

Anyone planning a bonfire within the town centre should contact Mr Harris on 01743 257658 or email [email protected]


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