Travelling with your Airsoft Gear

Even though it has a lot of things in common with paintball, airsoft is considered a somewhat more dangerous sport. The guns that are commonly utilized for airsoft are capable of shooting pellets at a speed which can reach as many as 400 feet per second, which is why the need of protective equipment is mandatory.

In this article, you’ll find out about some tips and tricks when it comes to traveling with your airsoft equipment. As you might have expected, airlines aren’t really friendly when it comes to this type of gear, and that’s because most of the one used in ‘combat’ resembles real weaponry.

The realistic design of the airsoft gear is a problem

One of the greatest issues when it comes to transporting airsoft equipment is that it actually resembles the real thing. Airsoft guns can’t pass through security without being properly checked, and you can’t place them in your carry-on, or the officials might think that your intentions are evil.

While with other sports, you can always carry your protective gear or any other items with you, you can’t do the same with the equipment you’ve bought for airsoft. You should not even make an effort in this sense because you can always purchase affordable helmets at your travel location, especially if the purpose of the trip is an airsoft adventure.

Airsoft guns look so similar to real ones that security professionals can’t tell whether there’s any difference between the two or not. The x-ray screen used at most airports will point out the unit as a gun, without specifying its exact nature. You’ll end up spending hours at the airport being interrogated, and you’ll definitely miss your flight.

Things you can take with you

You can carry your protective gear without having any second thoughts. These items can range from goggles, special shoes to gloves, as well as your military clothing. If you don’t trust the options you might have available at your travel location, you can carry your good helmet with you. All of these items shouldn’t be frowned upon by any airport officials.

Other gear you should avoid carrying with you

It’s pretty obvious that you are not allowed to carry grenades or mortars, and that’s because you will find it impossible to pass through the security gates at your airport. Both the design and the capabilities of such items make it impossible for officials to tell whether they are the real thing or not.

Because shootings have become a somewhat common occurrence in the United States and terrorism is widespread all over the world, the last thing you might want to do is to get in trouble with the authorities just because you didn’t want to invest in separate gear at the airsoft field you’re traveling to. You can’t place all of these things in your checked baggage, either, because it is illegal.


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