Travelling to Old Trafford for a Football Match

Manchester United may have seen some troubled times over the last couple of seasons, but they still deserve their place as one of the most popular football teams, and indeed sports teams overall, in the world. Their stadium, Old Trafford, is one of the most iconic in the UK, and if you are a football fan, whether you are a red yourself or looking to see your own team play Man Utd, it is definitely a place worth making a trip to for a live game.

Getting tickets can be something of a tricky exercise, and is best done by either being a Manchester United member or buying them through your own football club if you are planning to go as an away fan. You can buy tickets as part of travel packages, corporate hospitality, or buy online from private ticket holders, too. If price isn’t an issue then you can try a ticket exchange, but the prices are often significantly higher than buying direct.

Once you have the tickets you want for the game you plan to go to, making the trip from Shrewsbury to Manchester is the next thing on the agenda.

Going By Car

Taking your own car can be a good option, especially if you have a whole group or family to get to the game – train prices can become high when there are several of you travelling and so driving can keep costs down. Of course, the reverse can be true if you are going by yourself, though you can also consider looking on car sharing websites and apps to see if anyone local is making the journey to Manchester on the day of your match and has a spare spot in their own vehicle.

The downside of driving to the game is that parking can be difficult in Greater Manchester at the best of times, particularly near Old Trafford on game days. Click here to look for parking spaces in Manchester that can be booked and rented in advance online.

By Train

Trains that will take you to Manchester’s main station, Manchester Piccadilly, are frequent. You can save money on these by booking a specific train and seat in advance on Manchester Piccadilly is right in the heart of Manchester, but to get to Old Trafford you’ll need to get a train to a station called Manchester United Football Ground. Trains only stop at this station on match days, so if you are going to Old Trafford for another reason like a stadium tour you will need to look at other options to get there – it takes about 50 minutes on foot, or you can take a cab.

Getting Back

After the game, whether you are in a celebratory mood or your team has been defeated, you’ll find it can be a bit of a stampede to get out of the stadium, and trains and roads will be extremely busy as everybody tries to leave at once. For a more relaxed journey home, it can be better to hang back and enjoy the stadium atmosphere for a little longer, or even head to a nearby pub to join local supporters!

Old Trafford is a stadium where history has been made on many occasions, so if you are a football fan, it really is a place you must experience.


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