Training courses launched ahead of 'domestic energy revolution'

A pioneering renewable energy company has launched a series of training courses for 2014 aimed at developing the next generation of green heating installers across the UK.

Organic Energy is targeting plumbers and heating engineers who want to take advantage of the growing demand for renewable heating and hot water systems, which can attract thousands of pounds for customers in Government incentives.

Managing director of Organic Energy, which is based in Welshpool and works with installers across the UK, said: “The Government is expecting to see three quarters of a million renewable heat installations completed by 2020. Energy ministers have hailed it the  start of a 'domestic energy revolution.'

“This is because, in 2014, the Renewable Heat Incentive for domestic properties is being introduced, making it financially attractive for householders, especially those off gas-grid, to install alternative systems, such as wood pellet boilers.

“However, there is an industry-wide concern about whether there is enough installers sufficiently qualified to carry out the installations of these systems which is why Organic Energy is offering these introductory courses to our wood pellet heating systems, which will be to be followed by a series of technical courses.”

Organic Energy is the UK's sole distributor of the leading European range of OkoFEN wood pellet boilers. The company has supplied a vast number of systems across the UK, with commercial installations netting many customers more in incentive payments than the annual cost of the fuel.

Mr Boroughs said: “A report last year revealed plumbers were unprepared for the "drastic change" to the way the UK's homes are heated.

“The heating industry should be addressing this potentially huge skills and qualifications gap and companies, like us, should be looking to ensure their installers have the competency and expertise needed to properly install and maintain renewable energy systems.”

The courses are being held on January 23, February, 27, March 27, May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 23 and November 20 2014. All the courses will be held at Organic Energy's training centre and purpose built showroom in Welshpool.


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