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It’s a good gauge of just how fast technology seems to be advancing that just a few short years ago, touch screen technology seemed incredibly futuristic. Now, thanks largely to the soaring popularity of smart phones and tablets, it’s practically ubiquitous. The rise of touch screen tech has brought with it a whole lot of changes, both good and bad. Here are a few of our most heartfelt touch screen loves and hates:

Great gaming: Love!

Touch screen technology has undeniably brought a delightful new dimension to casual video gaming. A touch screen interface would be ill suited to more complex games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, but this method of playing is perfectly suited to titles such as worldwide best-seller Angry Birds, fruit-slashing time-killer Fruit Ninja and the app that’s currently revolutionising pub quiz culture, SpeedQuizzing (to find out more visit Whilst gaming may once have seemed (to some inexcusably lazy people) like a bit of a faff, all it takes nowadays is the swipe of a finger.

Terrible texting: Hate!

This could just be a particular gripe held by the author of this article, but are we right in saying that texting with a touch screen is horribly difficult compared to classic button based typing? The constant challenge of concentrating hard to make sure you hit the right letter is enough to have us reaching desperately for our old Nokia 3210s in search of salvation. When it comes to texting, we miss good old-fashioned buttons like a hole in the head.

Maximum screen real estate: Love!

Having no buttons to cram onto a handset does have its perks… Touch screens allow for maximised screen space on a phone or tablet, meaning that videos can be viewed in a context that seems practically wide-screen compared with the tiny displays that prevailed right up until the start of this decade.

Copying, pasting and selecting text: Hate!

Every now and then, we all find ourselves needing to copy, paste and select text on our devices, for whatever reason. On smart phones in particular, this is infuriating difficult to master. Samsung Galaxy devices - whilst being very good, generally speaking - are simply the worst in this regard. It might be quite difficult to market a detachable mini-mouse for smart phones, but strange as it sounds, one would come in rather handy when it comes to working with text on a touch screen platform!

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