Top picks for magical Bingo rooms

What’s a better way to pass the time than to play Bingo online? Nothing, that’s what! Bingo has long been regarded as a pastime for the elderly, cooped up in a function room somewhere in their local town. But Bingo is now a modern game, all over the internet and accessible for all!

Fancy a slice of the action? Keep reading, and find out more about our top recommendations for the best online Bingo rooms around.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Room

This game is sure to keep you on your toes, with a leprechaun icon which moves up and down on the rainbow at the end of the game, all depending on the number of Rainbow Clovers that have been drawn. There are two Clovers that can be drawn in a game, so the leprechaun can move forward up to two steps in each game. There are 50 steps in total along the rainbow, and once the jolly little fella has reached the end of the trail, he’ll go back and start from the beginning again.

It’s worth noting that there are also additional prize pots to be found along the rainbow. The bronze prize is the 10th step on the rainbow, the silver reward is the 25th, and the 50th step is the gold prize up for grabs. If the leprechaun lands on any of the prize pots, or passes over when you are a ticket holder, you will receive share of the final prize pot.

The size of the prize will depend on if the leprechaun lands or passes over it, resulting in winnings equalling:

  • Bronze pot - £50 if landed, £25 if passed
  • Silver pot - £150 if landed, £75 if passed
  • Gold pot - £300 if landed, £150 if passed

So, it’s all to play for in this Bingo room.

Cash Cubes Bingo Room

This Bingo variant is quite a unique 36-ball game. To play this game you will have to purchase a ticket with 12 numbers across it. Each ticket is made up of four squares, joined together by trapezoids containing the all-important numbers. When a ball is called that matches up with a number on your ticket, the trapezoid that holds that number will now be highlighted in yellow.

In this game, there are four different ticket prices to choose from, depending on how much you’re willing to stake. These are distinguished by multiple coloured cubes, so you can soon get used to the value of each coloured block.

The prizes offered in each game of Bingo have a minimum guaranteed prize amount, although the actual prize will be determined by the numbers of tickets that have been purchased per game. And, you guessed it, the more tickets that are bought, the bigger the prize pot will end up being! There’s one main prize to be won in this game, as well as a jackpot. The four-cube collection features a different prize to be won for each stake level.

The player who is the first to break the squares on this board and release all four cubes from their ticket will win the big four Cubes prize. All ticket holders have a chance to win a share of the game’s jackpot prize. The Cube Collection prize is up for grabs if you manage to gather 50 cubes all of the same colour!


Now you’ve got a little more of an idea of what’s available to boost up your bankroll, and enjoy a game or two of Bingo! So, grab your tickets and log on now!


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