Tips for Selecting A University

If your high school senior has enlisted your help in selecting a university, you are no doubt a very proud parent – rightfully so. Selecting and applying to college can be a stressful period. Students who are fortunate enough to have their parent’s support are very lucky on many levels. One of the most daunting tasks is to select a university when your student has not yet developed a specific area of study. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for identifying colleges that will be a good food for your rising freshman.

There is an infinite number of websites available that provide questionnaires and checklists to help in the process. Most states boast in state public university systems with realistic tuition rates. If moving away for college is not an option, local universities and community colleges are a great place to start. The advantages of attending a large, in state university go beyond the advantages of in state tuition rates. Larger universities have a greater diversity of students and majors. This will allow your student exposure to many fields of study. Often, when selecting smaller colleges without a defined major, a transfer to another university may be required. This can be avoided when attending a large instate school.

Visiting campuses will give you and your student a better idea of the campus culture, school amenities and different degrees available. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and secure a great data plan from  Sprint. Driving to and from colleges will no doubt result in serious data consumption as the mapping apps and university apps will be is use.

Finally, let the ultimate decision rest will your student. They may not be able to pinpoint or articulate exactly why they have chosen one university over another. It may be the school’s reputation, course offerings or feel they had while on campus. Embrace your student’s choice and remain part of the process as applications for admission and financial aid are completed. Best of luck to you and your student on this huge milestone!


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