Tips For Preventing Trespassing On Your Business Premises

Business owners have many responsibilities that require their attention. However, not all of their focus should be bent on securing profits and nurturing expansion.

The safety of any onsite staff should be a priority at every juncture. Basic principles can not be lost in the management shuffle. Still, even within those parameters, additional oversights can still be incurred.

For example, while many entrepreneurs have fought to keep covid at bay, outside threats still exist in trespassers and criminal activity. Their efforts must be foiled long before they ever set foot on your property. Read on for some tips on how to succeed in this.

Make CCTV Visible

CCTV is essential when warding away criminals. However, some entrepreneurs conceal their CCTV systems, hoping to catch trespassers in the act instead of using their technology as a visual deterrent.

You’ll need to be somewhat strategic in the placement of your cameras. You should consult the installers or other security professionals on where best to position each camera. Unfortunately, some criminals will proceed with their actions anyway, but the footage you can capture here can be detrimental to securing justice.

Additionally, you could also erect signs on perimeter fences and entrance doors to remind visitors that CCTV monitors the premises. Keep the area well lit so that trespassers know they can’t conceal themselves in the shadows and evade detection from the cameras. Combining all of these elements, trespassers will be acutely aware their actions won’t go unnoticed.

Hire Security Guards/Dogs

Machines can be a visual deterrent, but some trespassers may assume they can dupe technology in some capacity. The same logic can’t be applied to trained and attentive security guards, especially if a ferocious-looking guard dog accompanies them.

Take a look at the React K9 security dog services that provide you additional peace of mind around your commercial property. Their teams work with businesses of every size and stature. They’re available for a one-off security arrangement or can provide long-term care and security for your business.

Of course, security dogs add a whole new element to security proceedings. They are keen sniffers, fast and agile, and extremely loud when barking their suspicions. They have unwavering loyalty to their masters and mission, and nothing slips by them. Any trespassers would soon be caught, but most criminals would likely not dare trifle with a security guard and their dog in the first place.

Issue Temporary ID Devices

There are often tiers of security to business premises. Trespassing in a car park or reception area will not be as serious as a breach compared to office spaces and data centres.

Any trespassing occurring during the daytime could be performed by criminals posing as visitors. Therefore, these types of transgressors must be weeded out. This can be done with ID devices and badges issued to guests who were authorised to visit ahead of time.

Scanning devices may also be required to ensure that authorised guests are funnelled to parts of the premises they are permitted to visit and locked out of areas they aren’t. Things like ID cards and badge readers can be effective. Remind staff that affected doors must be kept closed, ensuring that no trespasser slips through the system.


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