Team Shrewsbury Approach Pays Dividends

Shrewsbury Town Council CCTV cameras have assisted West Mercia Police officers in identifying an individual responsible for causing damage to public facilities.

The outside door to Hills Lane toilets, managed by the Council, was damaged by a member of the public on March 22.

After CCTV images of the incident were posted on social media, a female came forward and identified herself to the Police and offered to pay for the damage caused.

Helen Ball, Town Clerk said: “This is a fantastic result and yet another example of Team Shrewsbury partners working together for the good of the town. This sort of mindless vandalism affects us all, facilities may have to be closed to allow for repairs to be carried out, there are also costs to consider which are borne by the public purse. It is encouraging to note, however, that this young woman identified herself to Police, and that she has shown remorse for her actions.”

PC Karena Evans from West Mercia Police added: “We were very pleased that the young lady involved has come forward and has offered to pay for the damage. She is very embarrassed by her actions and wants to make amends. It’s great that we are able to work with our Team Shrewsbury partners to manage incidents such as this, by working together we are able to achieve better results than in isolation.”


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