Swap Your Redundant Tax Disc For A Free Ice Scraper In Shrewsbury

With the cold winter nights and frosty mornings upon us, drivers can get themselves a free ice-scraper from a Shropshire business - by swapping it for their now redundant tax disc.

Tens of millions of car tax discs found themselves redundant just over one month ago, as the DVLA launched a fully computerised system for the UK’s road vehicles.

But Shrewsbury businesswoman Pam Williams, who owns Ace Car Care in Battlefield, has called on drivers not to throw them out after taking them off the windscreen, but to bring them in to become part of a mural in her workshop.

And in return for dropping it off, drivers can pick up a free ice-scraper to take the hassle out of defrosting their car on an icy morning.

Mrs Williams said staff had been discussing the new tax disc rules when the issue of what would happen to the now redundant paper discs and their holders came up.

She said: “It dawned on us that millions of tax discs and holders would be taken off vehicles and simply thrown away and one of the team said we should collect them from customers and create a mural on the workshop wall.

“I thought it was a great idea. Tax discs have been something we have seen every day in all sorts of different vehicles so it will be great to have a piece of art on the workshop wall displaying all the different discs and the various holders.

“And as an added bonus, if you drop off your old tax disc and/or holder at our Vanguard Way workshop, we’ll give you a free ice-scraper to help speed up those cold mornings when you’re in a rush and realise the car has frosted over.”

Although the staff at Ace Car Care know a lot about vehicles, they know less about art so are calling for art students to help them out when it comes to creating the mural.

“We thought about having a mural of a car but we are contacting the local colleges to chat about students that may want to get involved as part of their term-time projects and seeing what they think would be best,” added Mrs Williams.

“We moved into our new premises this year and have had the building completely refitted and a huge new workshop created. It will be great to see it finished off with a mural.”

Since 1st October this year, tax discs no longer have to be displayed in vehicles and drivers are welcome to drop their discs and holders into reception at Ace Car Care, Unit 7D and E, Battlefield Enterprise Park in Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury.


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