Stepping across the Border from Shrewsbury to Wales - A Lamb Lover’s Paradise

Living in Shrewsbury has its advantages like the highly acclaimed street plan that has been quite the same since medieval times and an amazing number of listed buildings, 660 to be precise, but that isn’t all that recommends Shrewsbury to visitors. It’s just 9 miles, or 14 km if you prefer, to the border of Wales where lovers of lamb will find some of the most delectable lamb in the world that has earned it the coveted status of PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, and always guaranteed to be succulent when prepared properly as it should be. You can visit Shrewsbury on a historical pilgrimage through time and then simply step across the border to Wales to get a taste of heaven when eating Welsh lamb.

Something to Write Home About

Being given the distinction of PGI really is something to write home about and you’ll understand once you’ve seen the pristine fields in which Welsh lambs graze and taste dishes prepared by world famous chefs, Llambassadors, as we lovingly call them. For anyone not familiar with the great honour this bestows on the West Country of England and our neighbour to the west, Wales, it’s an interesting distinction designated by the European Commission on farm products, including meats, fish and poultry, raised within certain conditions.

Being so close to Welsh lamb and Welsh beef is truly an honour for those of us in Shrewsbury who step across the border from time to time to taste delectable dishes prepared in their home country or bring meat back home to enjoy on a Sunday, holiday or for any special event that requires serving the very best. In fact, we often borrow recipes from world renowned chefs who have earned the distinctive title mentioned above, Llambassadors.

A Taste of Heaven with Llambassadors’ Recipes

When you visit Wales, be sure to check out recipes made with PGI lamb because you will immediately fall in love. You’ll be in heaven – a food lover’s paradise for sure! From Thai curried lamb chops to lamb stews, roast leg of lamb and lamb cutlets, there is something for every palate and for everyone who never knew just how delicious PGI lamb could be.

What Exactly Is All the Buzz about a PGI Distinction?

When being awarded PGI status, the European Commission recognises foodstuffs and agricultural products that were produced in their native habitat, this being Wales. The land must meet certain criteria which means that it is also kept in a condition that is native to its geographic location. Welsh Lamb is from cattle who have been allowed to roam and graze freely on heather and fresh grass with the availability of fresh, clear running spring water. From birth to processing, farmers use traditional methods and this earns them distinction as well! If rigid criteria for being awarded the honour of Protected Geographical Indication isn’t met, the EC will never grant this award. They are very, very strict about rules of distinction.

So this is why stepping across the border from Shrewsbury to Wales is a lamb lover’s paradise. Not only do you get to taste a bit of heaven but you get to gaze on the pristine beauty in which the lambs were raised. Enjoy Shrewsbury on your next visit here. Enjoy countless centuries of history but by all means, step across the border with us to Wales, a lamb lover’s paradise and our secret gift to you.


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