Starting a Boat Storage Business: Everything You Need to Know

It is a no brainer that starting a boat storage business should occur near a body of water. But there is more to it than what most people think. It may sound like a simple business, but the plans you make before starting the business determine the success.

Most boat storage businesses also have clients who want to store their RVs, which they bring to the shore as they take the boats to the sea. So, you might also want to consider creating a parking lot for RVs. Here are important highlights for you.

Create a Business Plan

Just like any other business, your boat storage will not work well if there is no business plan. This is the blueprint and guide to all operations, plans and financial information for your business. A good business plan also captures the predicted challenges and solutions. If possible, have one prepared by a professional business consultant and financial experts.

Finding a Location

If you remember, we began by saying that your boat storage business should be near a body of water. Some boats are big, and they cannot be moved further into land. The nearer to the sea or ocean, the better. While looking for a location, make sure that you find somewhere with numerous water activities that attract people to bring their boats and RVs. Also, the location should have good road access to the beach for boat trailers to operate conveniently.

Building the Storage

This is where most people will be concerned. They want to know the type of boat storage that you have. If they feel like it is not secure, you will have a significant problem. Today, people do not have to build permanent structures that are expensive and hard to extend when the business grows. For you, there is the opportunity of using ideas from to build your boat storage facility. They also provide other features in their structures like dehumidifiers, AC, electricity connection and many others.

Security Features

On top of using a state-of-the-art storage structure, the boat storage will need ample security features to keep intruders at bay. First, the fence should have electric wiring to enhance the security. There should be surveillance cameras all over the compound to monitor all the activities. If possible, have a security response service from a professional company just in case armed robbers attack the facility. Finally, make sure that all your employees are trained in how to improve the security of the location.

Think About Safety

As the boats and RVs are stored in the compound, there should be a safety procedure to prevent all possible tragedies. Most importantly, there should be a procedure to respond to tragedies like fire, floods or any others. Considering fire-fighting procedures is mandatory when designing such a facility. On top of all these, insure the facility is using the right insurance policy to make sure that you have the best protection for all the boats and facilities.


With this information, you are now ready to get the licenses for the business and employ your staff. Marketing the business is also a key factor to success. Keep in mind that the services you offer to the first customers will determine your future reputation and business success. Best of luck!


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